News: Jerome Henderson, Wade Wilson returning to Cowboys

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    By Calvin Watkins |

    As the Cowboys scouts put the finishing touches on the practices from East-West Shrine game and prepare to get ready for next week's Senior Bowl practices, the front office is finalizing the coaching staff for 2013.

    Multiple sources have indicated secondary coach Jerome Henderson and quarterbacks coach Wade Wilson will return to the coaching staff in 2013.

    Henderson joined the Cowboys staff last season and impressed the front office with his ability to improve the secondary play of several players including rookie cornerback Morris Claiborne and safety Barry Church.

    Wilson has been the quarterbacks coach since 2007 and has been a positive influence in the development of quarterback Tony Romo.

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    The number of Quarterbacks Wade Wilson has developed in his career? 0.

    Cowboys QB coach from 2000-2002
    Aikman (2000)
    Carter (2001)
    Hutchinson (2002)

    Chicago Bears (2004-2006)
    Chad Hutchinson (2004)
    Kyle Orton (2005)
    Grossman (2006)

    Dallas Cowboys (2007-Present)

    Not sure how Henderson improved Claiborne, it was his first year here. As for Barry Church how many games did he play before getting hurt? I believe his improvement had nothing to do with henderson.
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    Thanks WG...good to see this. I think with Marinelli now coming in as DL coach, I'm happy with the Defensive coaching staff.

    Get maybe Steve Hoffman as ST coach, and if Nutt is hired as RB's or TE's coach, it looks much better.

    I'm still not sure about Garrett and the play calling issue, but looks more like it will be Garrett or if Callahan is given that responsibility now. I may be ok with it. Not sure right now, as it depends who is out there to be hired for a play caller. Someone new, up and coming is a possiblility, as they did with Norv Turner.

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