Jerramy Stevens arrested... again

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Achilleslastand, Nov 13, 2012.

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    It may be a while before all the facts are unearthed, but Stevens has passed through the last decade-and-a-half in a haze of criminal confrontations and eventual escape routes based on his athletic ability. He was charged with felony assault in high school, violated the terms of his home confinement with a marijuana charge, and was eventually able to plead that charge out to misdemeanor assault and time served.
    You see, the University of Washington had a rising star on its hands.
    In 2000, Stevens was not charged in an alleged rape that still burns a lot of people familiar with the incident. Then-King County prosecutor Norm Maleng, who had a history of letting football players off with slaps on the wrist in potential criminal situations, said that there was "insufficient evidence" to charge Stevens.

    Just lock him up and throw away the key.
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    Its unfortunate that so many that are in a position to make a positive impact and be a role model, not to mention make tons of money, just want to be slime balls.
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    They got engaged after a couple months of dating?

    Hope Solo must be one lonely/desperate woman.
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    Hope Solo sounds like a name that is destined to be a spinster.
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    I surprised she would be involved with a dude like that anyways.
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    Like she's some saint.
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    My daughter trains with one of Hope's coaches (keeper coach) and I so wanted to ask him *** last night but he is a great guy and did not want to pry. It is an odd choice for her IMO but everyone has their own life and they did go to UW at the sametime, maybe they have history. Still weird though
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    Stevens has been able to get away with it forever. But he apparantly has learned anything from it. He will doubtless continue to screw up until he finally does something so dumb that he (finally) gets thrown in the slammer.

    At least we didn't fall for it and draft him; the Cowboys left that feckless task to genius GM Holmgren.
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    Her brother, Hans, is going to be pissed.
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    Han is a bit of a rogue too so no surprise.

    Hope, your choice in men leaves a little to be desired but not like she is a classy woman anyway.
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    Never would have pictured those two together
  12. Muhast

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    It turns out they got married after the arrest. Must make for a good wedding story.
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    This guy is crazy, i read somewhere that his high school girlfriend died while they were both at the same college, police always thought that Stevens knew more than he said.

    Also, this little piece of info.

    "During his senior year in high school, he and another student were accused of beating a schoolmate over his head with a baseball bat and stomping on his face. The victim suffered a broken jaw and ate with a straw for six months."

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