News: Jerry & Co. Post Round 1 Presser Tweets

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    Jon Machota ‏@********** 12m
    Stephen Jones on what the #Cowboys received in the trade: "We actually did better than the chart."

    Jerry Jones was not interested in Shariff Floyd at No. 18 because they are already strong on the defensive line.

    Carlos A. Mendez ‏@calexmendez 12m
    Jerry, Stephen, Garrett say the drafft value chart that says they lost by 80 points is not accurate. 'Not accurate,' is their quote.

    Jerry says Cowboys stayed away from Floyd because of scheme. Saw him as a 3-4 nose. 'First of all, DL a position of strength for us.'

    Jerry says Cowboys had their mind on interior offensive line.

    Jerry says he is happy because he got to pick a first-round player and gained a third-round pick.

    Nick Eatman ‏@nickeatman 11m
    Jerry, stephen and jason all said "it's not accurate" the cowboys could've gotten more in trade ... Stephen said they did better than chart

    Blogging The Boys ‏@BloggingTheBoys 12m
    Jerry Jones: "We didn't see a player that we wanted to spend the 18th pick on."

    Stephen Jones: "We actually did better than the chart" in response to TVC 80 pt differential

    Garrett on Frederick: "Football character and integrity outstanding. Highest rated player on our board when we took him."

    Garrett: "He has position flex... we feel good about plugging him in at either spot... we haven't made that determination"

    Jones: "put an emphasis on the interior of our offensive line... two players there that could be interior linemen when we traded down"

    Jones: "In our system, we probably would put a premium on a potential quick-twitch three technique" saying Floyd wasn't that

    It sounded like Jones was about to say they would've taken Frederick at 18 but a reporter cut him off

    Jones: "We have 19 players in the first round"

    "That's a grading of players, not a board of strategy" Jones on their draft board

    On Reid at 18: "Thought it was too rich for him" - Stephen Jones

    Calvin Watkins ‏@calvinwatkins 11m
    When told cowboys could have gotten more in trade, Stephen jones said that wasn't accurate. "Did better than the chart."

    Jason Garrett said Frederick was the highest rated player on the board at 31.

    Cowboys had 19 players with first-round grades.

    Stephen Jones said the Cowboys like Eric Reid but the value of getting an extra 3rd pick was better than getting him.

    Rowan Kavner ‏@KavnerDC 10m
    When asked why not take Floyd, Jerry Jones said he felt like defensive line was a position of strength for Cowboys

    Tim MacMahon ‏@espn_macmahon 9m
    Jerry on passing on Shariff Floyd: "We feel like defensive line is a position of strength for us." Also said Floyd not "quick-twitch"
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    Well, they are addressing everything that was questioned in the chat room.
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    so basically they wanted cooper, warmack or richardson.

    like me and most people....

    i blame romo for allowing us to win too many games last year, lol.
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    I think I heard they wanted Vaccaro or Richardson at 18. When they were picked, they wanted to trade down.
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    With Rat being part-time and losing Brent its hard to consider the DL a "strength". Surely they plan on adding a DL this offseason.

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