Jerry and Stephen's 1st Rd Plan

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by dantheman41, Jan 22, 2012.

  1. dantheman41

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    If I were Jerry and Stephen, this is what my plan would be:

    Plan A: See if either Kirkpatrick or DeCastro falls to 14, if not

    Plan B: Trade down in 1st round pick up extra 2nd or 3rd, and take either Perry or Ingram with 1st rd pick

  2. cruz_aedo861

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    I dont see us trading down i think there will be enough talent at 14 to stay put and get somebody to fill onr of the many holes this team has. Decastro is my choice if hes there but i think he might be gone but also i would be happy with Brockers Kirkpatrick Upshaw or martin. Also would not surprise me one bit if either Barron and Dennard climb up the draft boards after workouts and the combine.
  3. Cowboy Brian

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    Pretty much exactly what my plan would be.
  4. cbow44

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    on average you have around 20 players that have 1st round grades. Some years a few more some years a few less. I would stay at 14 and take a player with star potential.
  5. DA FAN

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    I would hire a real football man as my GM...

    It's been proven over and over that Jerruy can't evaluate talent
  6. supercowboy8

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    Ingram will go top 15 his versatility is to be great

    But I agree with the idea, I would trade back for either Burfict or Hightower and use the extra 2nd on a og and my other 2nd on a cb, and if there is a guy we like at the bottom of the 2nd or early 3rd, if like a center then I would package my 3rd and 4th to get up and get that player. The we need starters in this draft.
  7. Tex

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    Jerry doesn't evaluate talent. His scouts and coachs. Do. he mat well discuss with them what they feel is their primary need. And he as final say but Jerry is not the one scouting and picking draft choices.

    He gets to stand up and give everyone in the war room high fives after they make a trade or make a pick. He is the one trying to make a trade if their guy isnt there and they trade down etc...

    Jerry is a figurehead. you can blame him for hiring bad coachs and scouts though! But jerry is not personally evaluating jack zhit. He gathers information like most managers in any organization would. His job is to put the right people in place that he trusts to feed him solid information. If he is a failure then THATS where you should be blaming him.

    I honestly think he does try to give his coaches what they ask for. Just like M. Cuban does. Both are far more responsible for the fiscal side of things and both get way to mush blame for meddling in talent evaluation.

    The phuckups are more the scouts and coaches recommendations. Do you really think the stupid Roy Williams trade for example was not talked about and discussed at length with staff? That someone by now that was in that decision making process since many are now gone, would not say "Hey I tried to stop the idiot but he just would not listen to sane people!"

    No one has. It was a screw up for sure but seems to of had the approval of many of the football minds he trusted. THAT is the problem you can blame on jerry.

    But we have had a few very solid drafts by the same guys you think are all butt heads also.

  8. DBOY3141

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    Hell to the no on Burfict. He's a clown and not somebody we need on this team.

    Brockers, Ingram or Upshaw I bet are on the top of the list. Kirpatrick will not be the pick. Complete knuckle head and I'm sure if all the stuff on Dez is true. They do not want another one of those players to deal with.
  9. Gaede

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    I'm not a big fan of Perry or Upshaw. They seem average to me. If we were picking in the late 20s, then I'd be all for it. But we have a reasonably high pick and need to come away with an impact player.

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