Jerry cuts last tie to old Cowboys

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    In a cost-cutting move, Jerry moved training camp from Thousand Oaks to Austin in 1990.

    To generate even more stadium suite revenue, Jerry moved the Cowboys from Texas Stadium to Cowboys Stadium (now AT&T Stadium) in 2009. Now, to expand the practice field beyond the bounds allowed by Valley Ranch, Jerry has built a new team headquarters at the Star complex in Frisco.

    There are smaller signs of the inevitable change: the Dallas Cowboys Weekly was renamed "Star Magazine" and went from a newspaper format to a magazine format. Each move was correct, given the circumstances at the time, still I can't help but feel nostalgic for the Murchison-Schramm-Landry-Brandt era Cowboys.

    With the departure from Valley Ranch, Jerry has now severed all ties with the old Cowboys. It is truly Jerry's team now (as if they weren't already).
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    It still feels odd to drive down loop 12 and not see Texas stadium
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    I hear ya. I only go the there once a year or so. I almost get lost cause that was the landmark for so long.
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