Jerry is about to make a big mistake

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by REDVOLUTION, Jan 3, 2013.

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    Heh. Yeah, no idea what team that guy had been watching all season but it sure as hell wasn't the Cowboys.
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    I think once people get a mindset about something they begin to oversell what they see. For example. I think they DID cut back on presnap penalties as the season got into crunch time. Were there some? Of course. I know you watch the NFL, there are some every week.

    My opinion about what ails/can help this team?

    #1 Offensive line.
    #2 Another good draft
    #3 Realize that some of these players are WAY overvalued (Austin is a glaring one)

    I think Garrett is rebuilding the roster. I think he is establishing a culture (contrary to all the talking heads) that will produce winning football (evidenced by the 4th quarter comebacks). I think they will get back their defense next year off of IR. And I think we will turn the corner and be good for some time to come.
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    By the way, another example. Game management... tell me what all these gaffes were this year? All the ones that were unmistakable, UNDEBATABLE gaffes?

    Because he doesn't do what fans think he should, he doesn't know what he is doing?

    Best recent example? Not taking the shot at the 52 yard FG in Washington.

    I'm sorry, to think that is a mistake is just crazy. You can make an argument for taking a shot at it...sure. But I can make an argument for not taking a shot at it, and in fact, most commentators I heard said they agreed with him. But on this board he was called stupid, moronic, and all the rest.

    Most of the negative stuff I read on here about Garrett is sophomoric, arm chair, Xbox level criticism. And after awhile it gets old.
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    I think he was talking about the first half points topic that was brought up a few weeks back.
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    There have been many examples this season. The end of the 1st half of the Saints game is the most recent one.

    And arm chair, X-Box level criticism? Huh? There are guys like Lombardi and Jaws that are saying the same thing.

    This isn't something casual fans are saying. The guy is clueless about clock management.
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    Ok, lets take your GLARING example. You would have had him do what? Run the ball... right? Not give the Saints, at the end of the half, an opportunity to score points... right?

    Well, I can make a case that up to that point:

    a. We were 9-10 through the air and had just scored 2 TD's.
    b. Were in a shoot out and going after points was not a bad idea.

    There is NO WAY that you can say that it was an UNDEBATABLE gaffe on the part of Garrett, unless you want to argue from an omniscient, 20/20 hindsight point of view.

    Further, the very people jumping up and down screaming about the Saints decision, criticized Garrett for not going for the FG in Washington at the end of the 1st half.

    Its pure hypocrisy and juvenile.
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    Huh? We were on our own 27, had 2 chances to get 3 yards and NO still had 2 TOs. (which they ended up using, to no shock to anyone) Oh yeah, we were also getting the ball 1st in the 2nd half. Isn't that exactly why he punted on Sunday? So he'll play agressive on his own 27 but play conservative on his opp. 34 with the season on the line?

    Seriously are you his relative or good friend?

    What's your excuse for his debacle at the end of the Ravens game? I could use a good laugh. :)
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    :bow: :bow: :bow:
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    10 in a single half and we're the ONLY team not to do so.
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    Uggg...I'm really done with the whole 3 year thing.

    You need about 2-3 weeks to cure false starts, this guy can't even get that handled, he's in over his head. I'm sure there's a good college where he can groom his coaching and learn about delegation.:rolleyes:
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    This coming from a staunch Garrett supporter defending consecutive 8-8 seasons as improvement?

    Oh the irony!

    They weren't playing well when they had those players. They actually had a better record after the injuries kicked in. They were 3-5 to start, and finished 5-3. The injury 'excuse' doesn't add up.

    And that's what it always comes down to with the Garrett supporters, "I think", "I believe", "I feel".

    Nothing tangible to point to, just gut feelings, hopes, and dreams.
  12. stasheroo

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    Not to mention Ware and Witten.

    The prime of their careers have been wasted.

    Jerry was making 'window closing' comments before this season, how do you think he feels now?

    I think they further fool themselves into thinking the window will be open a lot longer than it actually will be - if it ever was.
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    So Garrett needs to rebuild the offense and get rid of guys that can't play.

    But these guys who can't play are HIS guys. So he built this horrible roster? And now the reason he can't succeed?
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    The Garrett fan club change their story as it is convenient. When the offense fails it is the stupid players that can't execute. When people question whether Jerry gives him any power, we find out Jason is fully in charge and picks the players. Yet they never want to connect the two to blame Garrett for choosing players that ultimately cannot execute. Nor do they want to even begin to look at his time management issues and inability to adjust.

    If the players were any good, they wouldn't need to adjust from the perfect process. Just execute and no matter what it will work :rolleyes:
  15. reddyuta

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    The skins blitzed up the middle on every important down and garrett never adjusted to it the entire game,he let a beat defense beat us.
  16. Joe Rod

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    To be fair to the defensive side of the ball, they were the major reason that Dallas was even 3-5, because the offense was hot garbage for the majority of first eight games of the season. Tampa Bay and Carolina were wins due to the defense keeping the score low enough that that pathetic offense could rack up a few scores. They could have easily been 1-7 without those efforts.

    Now, do they need to be better at producing game changing plays (sacks and turnovers)? Heck yes! Those numbers were unacceptable.

    Garrett needs to figure out how to get the team, particularly the offense clicking from the first day of training camp. Dallas can't play that pathetic out of the box in 2013 or Jerry will give him the Wade Phillips treatment.
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    A great example of stuff, if repeated by enough people, MUST be true. :)

    I just don't argue about it anymore. You guys believe what you wish.
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    I can't tell if this is uninformed nonsense or cleverly disguised sarcasm.

    Never scored more than 10 points? Has to be sarcasm.
  19. rcaldw

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    If I remember right, that is the game that Bailey missed the FG that would have won the game?

    And you think he should have called some different plays to get us closer, correct?

    And that is because we never take an 18 yard sack.... never (cue Washington tape)

    Again, I think you are missing my point. Do I wish he would have called different plays at the end of the Baltimore game? Yep. Do I criticize him for the Saints game? Nope. (again, you conveniently ignore that we were 9-10 throwing the ball starting that drive)

    These are debatable situations. And all it takes is one, know-it-all talking head being really vocal about it (hello Brian Billick who got is own share of criticism when he was a coach), and all you boys starting screaming and jumping up and down.
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    Oh great-the I know whats going on defense(the same one garrett uses).

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