News: Jerry Jones: “Our cap is requiring us to do the things that are good for our future”

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Mr Cowboy, Mar 25, 2014.

  1. TheDallasDon

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    That was fate :) lol
  2. jnday

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    This is exactly what happened. They can't spend money foolishly due to the cap, so now it is a plan for the future.
  3. Zordon

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    Not true. They're doing it on their own accord. I've read on here for 2 years that the cap is not a problem. That it is in fact imaginary and always manipulable.

  4. McLovin

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    Have you seen Matt Johnsons 3cone time?
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  5. bkight13

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    Finally someone is listening and learning
  6. BlindFaith

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    The problem with Jerry is that he talks out both sides of his mouth, and not so occasionally...his arse. And he's probably drunk when doing so.

    He also said that we are not rebuilding and with an offense and QB like we have, we should have a a real chance at the playoffs and beyond.

    What he means is that they blew their wad to max out the cap, and it didn't result in anything more than 8-8 three consecutive years. Now it's time to pay the piper and get back to a more in line cap figure. Problem is, they still have Romo at a huge cap hit for a couple more years.

    Until they move Romo, I wouldn't look to start "borrowing" against the cap again.
  7. BlindFaith

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    Really? Jimmy had a rookie QB, an aging team, a hurt #1 WR, no running back and went 1-16. End of year three he had an 11-5 team that had won a playoff game.

    Garrett took a playoff team and made them 8-8. Nice comparison.

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