Recap: Jerry Jones 1053thefan recap - 12/3/13

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    Jerry, went hunting, had good time
    Jerry: look ahead and given us good time extra days for rest, and to prepare, know we need to get a win and get it done here:
    Jerry, its real, dont mean to be trite, but u could tie that to why we have had disappointments in december, and to play at that level and need to have arrow going up and not down, good for jason garrett to discuss these issues

    Jerry: I dont know of any 1 or 2 other things of disappointment ive had last 2 years and not win more than just 2 games, we need to play better and had romo playing well last 2 years, and one of biggest disappointments and have romo and not be in good shape to win, weve got chance to do something about it this yr with romo having and doing great and not winning these last 2 years

    Jerry:eek:n jason 3rd yr, in december, to come back question, i think he would be first to tell u, have a lot of disappointment like rest of us if we dont do better in december, in general that hasnt been resons why i made coaching changes when i changed headcoaches

    Jerry:eek:n qb play of romo, for last yrs, and now, defense to be in general going to get healthy at LB and healtiier in defensive line and great coaching from rob m. and last yr, no question we were rendered helpless last yr, due to injuries but we have guys ready, yes lee will return he thinks but mo is questionable, adding some guys possibly that can play fullback, and some dl, and a rb off street possibly to help us, looking at 7 guys, dunbar has aspects to fire a offense up, and was a real loss for us:
    Jerry: i think he had injury dunbar in preseason, but when he got healthy was out for a month, and tried to get some packages and we didnt get to packages in the ball games, but looking at it now, really should have been in lineup earlier, and might have used him more

    Jerry: officiating, some games were affected by refs, last week jason garrett had said , jerry- i say in tongue in cheek, if subsitute officials they would have been riden out on a rail, but we have officials in top shape in training, negotationg labor aggreement, and confident room for improvement and best ive seen it in 25 years in nfl
    Jerry: on jay ratliff issue=- im sure jay will be fired up about playing his old team and i wish him best on individual basis, and bothersome if he comes in plays well against us when we thought he couldnt play this year, far as im concerned he needs to be helping the dallas cowboys

    jerry on hatcher, when will u lock him in, has had a great yr, and leadership role, and phnemonomial and ability to have quick twitch, and has covered rob m. and our defense, so if he can get a pass rush from outside, we could really see improvement on defense is ware comes on
    jerry im excited about wilber, had highest grade of any lb in giant game and might have him in place where he can really excel, that really to setup at this level, going to be big factor for us on defense but on durant and wilber i wouldnt want to say who is going to be the starter
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    There will be some bellyaching over Jerry giving up these tidbits...


    Calvin Watkins ‏@calvinwatkins 8m
    Jerry Jones on Tony Romo 11-15 Dec record: "It's real."
    Jerry Jones said defense needs to improve and he expects LB position to get healthy this week.
    Jerry Jones said the Cowboys are working out 7 RBs today along with some FB.
    Cowboys are looking for a RB who can play some special teams.
    Jerry Jones said it would be "very frustrating" to see Jay Ratliff play on Mon. considering his health this season when in Dallas.
    Jerry Jones expressed excitement regarding Kyle Wilber getting more playing time over Justin Durant at SLB

    Tim MacMahon ‏@espn_macmahon 1m
    Jerry on Jay Ratliff: "The shape we're in on the D line, as far as I'm concerned, he needs to be over here helping out the Dallas Cowboys."
    Jerry on KRLD-FM basically says Kyle Wilber won the starting Sam LB job for good.

    Carlos A. Mendez ‏@calexmendez 5m
    Jerry radio show. Says Cowboys are working out seven running backs today
    Jerry on KRLD: Dunbar should have been 'forced' into the plan.
    Jerry wishes Ratliff well on individual basis but says it will be 'frustrating' to see him play when 'so many' thought he couldn't.
    Jerry on KRLD hints it's going to be Wilber over Durant at SAM. Starter doesn't lose job to injury? 'So much for that.'

    Clarence Hill ‏@clarencehilljr 5m
    Sean Lee will return this week, per Jerry Jones
    Mo Claiborne remains questionable
    Jerry jones on Tony Romo's 11-15 mark in Dec: It's real. You can tie that to why we have had disappointments in December
    Jerry jones intimated that kyle Wilber will keep the starting job at strong side linebacker

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    jerry said that he wouldnt speculate who is the starting lb or starter with wilber or durant, but did hint on how well wilber has played
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    Can anyone help me as to what this means....Is he saying he should've been getting more touches?

    Jerry on KRLD: Dunbar should have been 'forced' into the plan.
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    That's pretty amazing for Wilber to step in and get the highest rating at LB.
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    I am interested in seeing Wilber more at LB.

    Hopefully we can salvage the player.
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    Cowboys working out 7 RB's?

    Kinda tells you what they think about Tanner and Randle.
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    Refs the best you've seen in 25 years?


    Shame about Dunbar. He's a nice change of pace.
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    I will never understand why dunbar wasn't used. It was nuts. they spent the whole spring and summer talking about what the guy could do and how he could bring an element we do not have and then he never played.

    now all of a sudden a fullback is important?

    this staff has no idea what its doing. I really hope romo can do enough on his own to get us the east. he is not going to get much help from the guys on the sideline that is pretty clear.
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    One thing you can be sure from Jerry. He loves himself some Romo...

    The answer provided above about Garrett and December seems to me to indicate a make-or-break for him. He was kind of vague and waiting to see...
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    yep that is a big part of that record. Since 09 I don't think his December's have been bad and even at that he did enough to beat the chargers and giants in 09 but the defense couldn't hold up as usual....those losses go on his record but he didn't get us beat. Just like new Orleans last year, the giants in 11 etc.....

    he has had some bad games where we got in a hole because of turnovers like last year in Washington, but when he throws for 3 td and 400 yards in ny in December and the team loses it kind of makes that 11-15 mark irrelevant.
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    I remember when Parcells was here and they had that really bad December and the defense couldn' stop a basic screen pass against the Saints. Then Kitna was telling us how he pretty much just threw at Bradie James when Detroit played us. I think a lot of Romo's early December 'woes' were Romo trying to do too much in games that were getting out of hand. That' why I take his December record woes as a total not reflecting actual reality of Romo's play. They've been pretty decent in December, and Romo has been just phenomenal in November. The problem is, the mdia just keeps shifting the standards as the years go...
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    Doesn't sound like Jerry really knew what was happening with Rat. He must have gone of off information from team docs and trainers indicating Rat wouldn't play this year due to injury so they released him. Unless he's just playing dumb, which he does well.
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    Between Dunbars fumbleitis, his injuries and pass protection issues, the coaches were clearly hesitant to put him in early in the year. He has lots of potential, but it looks like we have yet another player who can't stay healthy.

    As for the FB, it looks like Garrett is abandoning to 2 TE sets and putting a FB in front of Murray. So either Garrett is making adjustments that many say he doesn't do enough of or he doesn't have a plan.

    Depends on your perspective.
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    Isn't Tony Romo among the leaders in QB rating in December? I believe he is.

    Romo has been working with a sieve defense for years. If he had even an average defense ( or, gulp, a really good defense) since '06, he probably would have played in a couple of Super Bowls by now.
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    So funny how Dunbar got labeled as a fumbler for putting the ball down once.
  17. RXP

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    As for Ratliff IMO, he decided he wasn't going to play for Jerry Jones after that locker room incident last year. He was going to play up his injuries to the hilt and take Jerry money.

    Once Ratliff was released, he was free to get in shape and start playing again. If Ratliff was still on this roster, he would not be playing this Monday night. I guarantee it.
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    Actually it was twice: once in the preseason and once against KC.

    Coaches don't like using players who don't take care of the ball. Steven Ridley was riding the pine on Sunday after fumbling against Denver. If Dez Bryant wasn't our best and mst dangerous player, he'd be watching the game from the sidelines given his lack of ball protection.
  19. theebs

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    romo struggled in 06 in December. the only games here really played well in were at Atlanta and at seattle in the playoff game though no one remembers that he marched us right down the field to win the game because of the botched field goal try.

    since December of 09 romo's December numbers are 27 td, 5 int with a 106.3 rating and the team is 6-7 in those games.

    its the defense here and always has been. It flat stinks and has for years.
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    I got you, but preseason doesn't count, and even if it did, it's still only two. The way people talk about him you would have thought he lost over 10. Murray has to have more than two.

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