Jerry Jones Bashing is ridiculous

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by LatinMind, Dec 31, 2012.

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    Has Jerry been a bad GM yes he HAS been. But he isnt now. Is he GM of the yr? Hell no. But he by far not the worst. The Dallas Cowboys were playing for a division title with off the street players playing and doing good enough to keep this team right in the thick of it. Dez and Austin were out and the team kept fighting. And got within 3 points. With a group that some people on this forum call worthless.

    Is he winning? NO, but he has something in Dallas. Yes Romo threw a bad pass when 2/3rds of his go to guys were out. How much is supposed to do? Im by no means a Romo supporter, actually i dont even like him but the idiotic statements people are running on with are just ridiculous. Jerry proved he and scouts and the organization know what theyre doing. Because they were 4 mins and 3 points from going to where they wanted to go. But the odds ran out on them and their mash unit

    Sure tweeks need to be done, New OC or HC whichever is done hell ill welcome it. Some work on the OL and a player or two along the DL. And a whole lot of players putting injuries that ended their 2012 season behind them. Repeat that and see if it computes. This team doesnt need to blown up, it doesnt need to trade Romo or release Austin. It needs to tweek and welcome back the injured.

    The simple fact that this team didnt give up despite all the injuries they had shows that the front office isnt clueless. Im not happy about the outcome, But im not ashamed of this team. They played with what they had and the odds just beat them. A part of me actually hopes minimal change is don this offseason so it can as you guys call it "push you over the edge" so we can get rid of some of you.
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    my user name.
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    Not sure I consider a new HC or OC a tweek. If you're changing that, it means a bad GM decision was made.
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    Haha man, what does JJ or some of these players have to do to draw actual criticism from some of you guys? Sleep with your mothers? Girlfriends?
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    And what no coach has ever gotten fired?
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    There is something to be said for not quitting and playing hard even with your backs against the wall.

    I think the biggest mistake we made in the off-season was not addressing the OL adequately during the off-season.

    Injuries happen, and hopefully the worst will be behind us. But the OL issues were a problem all season and we didn't do enough to fix it.

    I agree that we don't need to blow up the team. But there are some things that need to be done.

    If Garrett is a better leader of men, can change the culture within the organisation, get guys to play hard, etc. Then let him focus on that.

    Let's hire an OC full-time so Garrett can work more on the big picture.

    And let's really focus on the trenches, both OL and DL, this off-season.
  7. CATCH17

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    He gave his friend the head coaching job here without anything to go on but a hunch.

    Now we have a crap coach, a mediocre record, and a bunch of annoying & delusional fans to show for it.
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    If you look at the OL and DL collectively -- I'm not sure there is a single team in the NFL that was worse than the Cowboys. At best, they were in the bottom 5.

    So they loaded up on the defense backfield in the last two years or so -- contract extensions for Scandrick and Sensy. Signed Carr to a $50m contract. Moved up in the draft and took Mo. They invested HUGE in defensive backs -- at the expense of other platoons on the team.

    It's essentially whack-a-mole GM'ing.

    I don't think the front-office has done a good job overall.
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    Which GM has kept their job for 17 seasons without a sniff of a championship? Are we on a 20 year plan for success? If so, then Jerry has another marketing idea. A book.

    "How to Build Championships in 25 short years"
    By Jerry Jones
  12. TheCoolFan

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    This fan base is cursed with the highest lowest expectations.

    We only accept the team to win Super Bowls but then accept our gm to field non-playoff teams.
  14. Frozen700

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    JJ is not the problem......
  15. Gameover

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    Tony Romo makes Jerry Jones and the entire organization look worse than they actually are.

    I've said it since July.I'm not fooled by his low impact brilliance
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    To the OP, I totally agree and well said. Our injured coming back will change this team for the better in a huge way. Get that oline fixed and we'll be ready to roll in 2013. I like what JG is doing with this team, it can't be blamed for the injuries.
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    I would love to get another infraction for this post.
  18. CATCH17

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    His oline played pretty good last night. We had no answers for the Skins defense.
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    Well given the fact that the post Jimmy Johnson era Jerry has made some bonehead personel moves that would have had any GM fired. The Joey Galloway and Roy Williams signings were bad. I am still scratching my head as to why he got rid of Robinson which in my opinion was a good WR. For the most part his draft selections have been awful specificly at the skill player position.

    Jerry deserves the bashing at this point.
  20. LatinMind

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    How did Jimmy do after his Jerry era?

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