Jerry Jones Bashing is ridiculous

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by LatinMind, Dec 31, 2012.

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    Jimmy was forced a hand that he didn't want. Dan Marino was god in South Florida and the owner was not about to ship Dan out of town so Jimmy could get the players and offensive scheme he wanted to implement.

    As much as I hated the Cowboys back in the 90's, Jimmy was the man responsible for that Cowboys team getting built. You can't deny that.
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    Except on the 3 INT's where there was a free rusher at Tony's face. Sometimes, I wish Tony pulled a Tom Brady. Every time an offensive lineman misses a block or lets a free rusher run after him, he falls down for the sack. Brady will make his line take the blame for a bad play. Too often Tony tries to bail them out and most of the time he does it, but sometimes he doesn't.

    Eventually, Romo would take enough sacks for someone in the organization to realize that Center is an actual need. As of right now, they are okay filling that position with 7th rounders and UDFA.
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    Post of the day! :lmao:
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    Same thing Rodgers does really. Rodgers takes a boatload of sacks because he plays the percentages and decides not to try to make a big play when things are breaking down. Same thing with Brady.

    No shame in taking sacks as opposed to throwing INTs.
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    ...and jimmuh was fired.
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    Jerry s THE problem. It is nice having a coach that finally seems to have the players speaking his philosophy, rather than Jerry's drivel. Now we need a play caller.

    Jerry remains the clown of Texas.
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    For the truth?


    Did you not watch last night?That is what we are stuck with.How about the fact that our offense moves at a snails pace with this guy.The only time he's effective(truely) is in the hurry up, but Garrett takes the blame because this bum can't function in a structured offense.Every thing has to be helter skelter for this bum to feel comfortable.I hate that Bill Parcells left us with this trash.
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    Really, thats what you saw? Wow!!! Ok!!!
  9. erod

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    He took a horrible team and built one of the top defenses in football. He couldn't squeeze any more football out of an old Marino.
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    ...we are all serching for answers and turning every stone.

    I think given the record the team has had Jerry should be turning up his stone.

    No one truly knows the answer that will get this team over the hump, but possibly it is a series of moves that formulates the answers.

    The reason for the focus on Jerry is the fact that he is the only long standing part of the ACTIVE mgmt team still in place for the past decade and a half.

    You can only blame these players and coaches for the years they have been involved with the team, but you can't saddle them with the decade and a half legacy.

    It's not all Jones' fault, but maybe he would be willing to try something new with Garrett? Give Garrett the keys to the Cowboys and say I will give you the authority I gave Parcells and more and let's see how you and your team works out.
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    .........and don't forget the HORRIBLE deals given to Jrat and Free: NO OTHER GM in football would be so STUPID as to think of those deals. Throw in Austin for good measure and it's just well below average. Al Davis Jr isn't going anywhere for 1 reason: he owns the team. Lemming like the poster that started this thread don't help at all. To give JJ a pass as GM is beyond MORONIC. :banghead:
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    Jimmy walked out nobody forced him out. He thought he was this genius. But what he found out was Jerrys money made him look good.
  13. newlander

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    ......the foreskins defense that was missing Orakpo? One of it's best players and they had others nicked too; but they found a way to win 10 with a rookie QB...excuses.....and more excuses....
  14. newlander

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    ........are you for REAL today? Jimmy was ONLY reason JJ won anything: he drafted all our best players we won super bowls with and you KNOW it.. Stop embarrassing yourself man: JJ is a clown and you defending him is:lmao2:

    ....matter of fact: is that YOU Stephen?:laugh2:
  15. LatinMind

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    If Jimmy was the only reason how come he didnt win in miami? They still want their money back :rolleyes:
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    Yep that's what I saw.

    The only thing making them look bad was there were more people rushing then we could account for and all of our receivers were running 20 yard routes trying to get open.

    Romo was protected about as good as you could ever expect him to be.
  17. newlander

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    ...we're talking about :starspin and the fact Jimmy drafted 90% of our core players with the notable exception of Troy and Michael: both lines were put together :starspin by him and Al JR. was a spectator: fact. What has Al Jr. done since? Absolutely NOTHING:starspin : also a fact:rolleyes:
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    No he is bad.

    Any GM with an ounce of sense would have fixed the OL, end of story.

    The difference between Jerry at the beginning of the 2000s to right now is simple.

    Jerry back then would ignore team needs to pick players like Quincy Carter and his merry men. Basically picking hot garbage on top of ignoring team needs.

    Jerry now ignores team needs but it seems like he's at least picking guys who are quality NFL starters.

    Pretty much the same guy. No real idea on how to run a team but it seems like whichever person is whispering in his ear regarding talent is much improved over the same chronie that was doing it back then.
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    He walked out as a direct result of Jerry's ego and undermining selfish actions.


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