News: Jerry Jones credits Garrett, Ryan for halftime adjustments that 'worked like a charm'

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by RS12, Nov 18, 2012.

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    Cowboys owner Jerry Jones credited the coaching for helping turn around the victory against the Browns.

    He said he saw first-hand at halftime how head coach Jason Garrett and defensive coordinator Rob Ryan worked to counter the effects of Cleveland’s first half.

    “I was here in the locker room at halftime, and I saw the way Rob really made serious adjustments in what we did defensively,” Jones said. “I know that you saw us. I saw us come out and quicken the throws with Romo and just made a difference. Really, this game for me was about the adjustments, about sticking in there, about figuring out a way that at the end to come out on top.”

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    :confused: :lmao:
  3. ScipioCowboy

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    I'm not one to find reason to praise Jerry, but he's making a valid point. The Cowboys outscored the Browns 20-7 in the second half plus overtime.
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    Honestly, we're a second-half team.

    It seems like we come out flat every single game. I can't recall a game this year where we looked like we had a solid gameplan and executed it.

    It seems we struggle a great deal....then, after halftime, we start to string some plays together.

    To me, this screams of our coaches overestimating our talent....especially on the OL. We think there are things we can do offensively that we simply can't do. We won't be able to run the ball early...although, I like that we try. We won't be able to hit the long routes to our WRs.

    We act as if we can go out and impose our will on any team. You'd think, by now, that we would have a gameplan that could mask our greatest weakness.

    I'd love to see us come out and go no-huddle....Go Green Bay on a team. Throw short routes...move the chains with easy throws. Then, we can start to open things up as the game moves on. We're a team that has to throw to be able to run.
  5. Hoofbite

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    With each week it seems Jerry is going more and more into salesman mode about his coach.

    Like there are people who's concerns would be put to rest by such an endorsement.
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    WTH....Someone needs to shut this guy down.... this is really just to much....Jerry Jones is killing his legacy as an owner by RUNNING HIS MOUTH..... :bang2:
  7. Dave_in-NC

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    Why does this brilliant coach need to wait till half time to make adjustments?
    And why start out the same way week after week when it rarely works?
  8. mldardy

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    That's what a good coach does when the game plan isn't working they make adjustments. Would you rather the coaches not make adjustments at all and stick with the same ****ty game plan. People like you can't be happen about anything.
  9. BoysFan4ever

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    He goes into the locker room at halftime? Geez.
  10. Hoov

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    yes, i think the slow starts are not being able to run the ball and Romo and wr needing some time or a few possessions to get into a rhythm .

    Given that and the current state of OLine would like to see dallas come out no huddle at the start - may increase risk of turnovers though
  11. Luckenbach

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    The slow starts are due to a lack of any game plan whatsoever, and an overall lack of accountability. (Note: Garrett's golf clap that appears with TDs for either team, penalties, and poor execution of his even poorer play calls)

    The adjustments are usually consisting of 'kill' 'kill' from Romo. Basically Romo taking over and choosing between run/pass since Garrett clearly has no answers, week in and week out.

    I'm fine with close games, but the Browns GAVE us 10 first downs from penalties. Usually that's our gimmick but leave it to the Browns to improve upon the 'process'.

    This game and the Eagles game were both losses for the Offense (Championed by the fearless leader Garrett)

    We NEEDED 3 Defense/ST TDs vs. the Eagles to win. We NEEDED 10 First downs via penalties vs. the Browns to win. Both of these teams have losing records and are not exactly power houses, yet we NEEDED outlier plays and help in order to win.

    My problem is that even football 101 is ignored EVERY SUNDAY.

    How did we not exploit this skrine kid more? He was called for like 3 penalties in a row, and clearly couldn't keep up with Bryant.

    You'd think 'Joe Haden' is out, might come up in their game plan, instead it was 'RKG' BS. The RKG seems to be one who doesn't mind playing like garbage, and 'improving the process' for next week.

    Notice the Boos and the empty seats in Jerry World. If the fan base keeps it up we can fire Garrett, Jerry may love Garrett but he loves full stadiums and empty merchandise stores much much more...
  12. ConstantReboot

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    I don't get that either. Why not come out on offense with our guns blazing? I know we used to do it before Garrett was OC.

    Seriously, Garrett just needs to look back in time and see all the top plays that made us into an offensive powerhouse.

    Play action pass, bootlegs, moving pockets, delayed draws, crossing patterns, and anyway to get Romo out of the pocket in creating those big plays. I don't see those happen as much anymore. Its because Garrett has switched the offense's philosophy to something more of a ball control, short yardage,type. It just doesn't fit the talent that we got.
  13. BTX

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    I thought we made good halftime adjustments for once.Kudos to Red and Ryan.
  14. Idgit

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    Our first two drives today were derailed by a WR making the wrong route adjustment and by a first-down holding penalty on the second drive.

    I want to see Dwayne Harris at WR3 next week. I'm tired of the miscues.
  15. Dave_in-NC

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    I simply asked a question. Why does it take so long to adjust when clearly what they are doing isn't working? I see you don't have the answer.
  16. Dave_in-NC

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  17. burmafrd

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    well in the real world where there are good coaches they would have a game plan that worked in the first half

    I know that is hard for some people to comprehend
  18. big dog cowboy

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    Socks to the jocks.

  19. marchetta

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    That's the problem! Jimmy would've kicked his *** out! :mad:
  20. Phrozen Phil

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    While some adjustments were made at half-time, we won in large part due to poor play by the Browns. When your opposition commits 12 penalties, you should be beating them. Buster Skrine and Sheldon Brown should have been arrested for mugging. Make no mistake, this was not a good football game. We should not be playing down to a poorer team.

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