Jerry Jones Doesn't Care About the Dallas Cowboys

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Shiloht88, Feb 25, 2013.

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    Jerry Jones Doesn't Care About the Dallas Cowboys

    Owner's Recent Childish Comments at NFL Combine Show Selfishness, Arrogance

    By Danny Webster | Yahoo! Contributor Network – 48 minutes ago

    When do we get to the point where it's okay to pardon Jerry Jones' idiocy because it's in his nature to say something stupid?

    The 70-year-old owner and general manager of the Dallas Cowboys seems like he's in good health, physical wise. But there are times when Jones opens his mouth that you feel the need for some serious evaluation to be done on him.

    And thanks to his recent comments that he made at the NFL Combine on Monday, perhaps it's time to up the ante on those evaluations.

    Danny Webster is a featured columnist for the Dallas Cowboys. You can get in contact with him by following @DannyWebster21 on Twitter.
  2. LowTech

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    Like we really need this article again?
  3. big dog cowboy

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    Someone has been reading CowboysZone again.
  4. Shiloht88

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    First I saw it delete it if this is a repost.
  5. Zordon

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    Known this for years. If he cared about the Cowboys he would have celebrated the 50th anniversary the proper way.
  6. Fletch

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    :horse: :duh:
  7. BoysFan4ever

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    Jerry is an egomaniac.
  8. jazzcat22

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    This is a new stretch on JJ
  9. Boyzmamacita

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    I don't know what to make of Jerry at this point. We're stuck with him so I have to hope that his way yields the results we want no matter how unlikely some think that may be.
  10. dadymat

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    are you kidding?.....nonsense articles like this are gold here at the zone....there can never be too much Jerry hate
  11. dart

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    what rubbish go away dude
  12. speedkilz88

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    Does yahoo have a bleacherreport equivalent now?
  13. Frozen700

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    Boohoo Jewee doesn't care about the Cowboys
  14. CanadianCowboysFan

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    There was an argument when that year came up that we did it in the wrong year. I say it was the right year but some were adamant it wasn't.
  15. DallasCowpoke

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    He is?? to me!

    Since when does this;
    translate into "featured columnist for the Dallas Cowboys"?
  16. Doomsday101

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    If Jerry did not care he would sell the team make a big profit off of it and not have to deal with the daily hate mail.
  17. rocboy22

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  18. Vinnie2u

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    Did Kanye West write the article..
  19. JBond

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    Man, just when I thought the posts were as bad as they could get, someone creates a new low. The OP was too lazy to add the link and the fan/clown that wrote the article does not even mention what Jones said. Sifting through the garbage trying to find solid information regarding my team is getting harder and harder.
  20. BoysFan4ever

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    I don't doubt Jerry "cares" about the Cowboys.

    He just cares about himself & his "legacy" a whole lot more.

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