Jerry Jones: Garrett will be more involved with defense this year

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by TwoDeep3, Feb 23, 2014.

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    Jerry called Jimmy at walk around coach then again BP was a so called walk around coach he was not calling the plays the OC and DC did they oversaw all of it there attention was not soley directed at one area.

    Jerry used the term walk around coach and named Jimmy and BP as that. He then used Gibbs as an example of the HC who was taking on the duel roles and there are other coaches who take on either DC/HC or OC/HC.

    Jimmy advice early on with Jason was he would be better off giving up the duel roles and focuse on team
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    I am ok with that, mainly because it doesn't effect the cap. and jerry can now afford a nice car and his very own private jet.

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    Let me dissect:

    The first sentence so flummoxed me that I cannot think strate.
    "In the end he willl succeed or fail." Duh
    "Your own preconviced notions based on your personal feelings plays no part in any of this."
    "Your own" is redundant. And, of course, my feelings are personal. Again, redundant. and I am bothered by your incorrect use of the verb "plays."
    Come back to me when you can write coherent American language the way it is spoken in Farmers Branch, where true Americaners live.
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    Jerry didn't want a 'walk around' coach when he hired Garrett. He was convinced that a 'walk around' coach was a bad idea after talking to Joe Gibbs. He considered Parcells a 'walk around' coach and Jimmy a 'walk around coach.'

    Not sure on Wade. I think part of the reason Gibbs convinced Jerry is that Wade first tried to be a walk around coach and have Brian Stewart be the D-Coordinator. But Stewart was a colossal bust as a D-Coordinator and Wade eventually took over.

    I've never heard Jimmy say that Jerry wants to be a 'walk around' coach. I've heard Jimmy say that he told Jerry that Garrett should be a 'walk around coach.'

    I can see the benefits and weaknesses of both.

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    Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones admitted Tuesday that he didn’t hear the comments that his former college teammate made on Sunday, but added that Garrett can handle both duties.

    “Jimmy was what I call a walk-around coach.” Jones explained Tuesday during his weekly radio appearance on 105.3 The Fan (KRLD-FM). “[Bill] Parcells was a walk-around coach. Joe Gibbs is a guy who believes that the head coach needs to be in charge of either the offense or the defense and needs to be the coordinator. It brings you stature, it involves you in the game and gives you more respect with the players.

    During FOX’s pregame show, Johnson said Garrett “needs to become a head coach.”

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    Jason is an apprentice HC who is learning on the job, has been stripped of play calling duties on "his side of the ball" and has game day management issues (ask Jerry).

    His execution issues with things that he has supposed expertise in are not an endorsement for expanding into areas where he has no experience.

    Comparing him to veteran coaches that commanded the respect or fear of the staffs that they largely assembled themselves is a head scratcher.
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    As I said if it were my call I would have fired Jason at the end of the year, I don't make it personal, I don't insult these people because I damn well know they have a much better understanding of this game than some message board want to be smart ars who could not coach a flag football
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    No one is comparing their track record my god wake up any time another person name is mentioned you guys act like it is a total comparision it is not. Hell Jimmy was the one who fricken said it.
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    ohhh. that was meant to hurt. And you did.
    Shame on you!
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    Sorry but it is one thing to have intelligent criticism and constructive criticism but when people make these personal attack on players or coaches as if they knew how to do the job better themselves is a joke. Jason thus far as a Full Time HC has not gotten it done with 3 8-8 season and all 3 with playoffs hanging in the balance in week 17 and he has failed to push his team over the top. If it were my call yes I would have fired him. He is now in the last year of his contract Dallas and yes I hope he can get this team over the hump to me it is not personal I don't hate the man and yes I think he is very intelligent and I base that on those who have worked with him, guys like Troy Aikman and Jimmy Johnson. I don't know if Garrett will put it all together or not as a Cowboys fan I hope he does.
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    bp wasnt a walk around hc in 03 and 04. he called the plays
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    The first time Opie tells Marenelli that he is calling the defense wrong, he is going to get that dorky look slapped off his face...........unlike Callahan, Marenelli don't play that. He will tell the "Intern" to sit down and shut the hell up.

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    I see the genius that is Jerry jones.

    Here is a timeline of titles and responsibilities.

    1. Promote the OC to HC.

    2. As HC you will run OC. I will get the DC we need.
    2a. I fire DC after one year.

    3. As HC You are now being stripped of OC Playcalling/duties. (Part of the reason for #1)
    3a. I hire another DC = worst in history.

    4. Now, this the most brilliant part, YOU, yes you, Jason Garrett, I am now getting you involved in the defense. I will, even if it kills me, find something you are good at. It's not offense! it's not head coaching! maybe it's defense?

    If not we can try special teams next!!

    Flippin' IDIOTS!! This sucks!

    6. Garrett could really help the defense simply by putting out a better offensive game plan and doing a better job of head coaching/ball control/run game. Etc...

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