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News: Jerry Jones: 'I expect success'

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by RS12, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. Boys122

    Boys122 Well-Known Member

    1,382 Messages
    36 Likes Received
    If we go 8-8, Garrett will keep his job. It's what we're all about, being mediocre. The Jerry way.

    Then, Jerry will say due to all the injuries we could have made the playoffs. Eeeeerrr.
  2. rwalters31

    rwalters31 Well-Known Member

    1,026 Messages
    273 Likes Received
    When you hood wink the fans and still make a killing at the ticket booth and millions at the merchandise counter, you would be smiling too!!:eek::
  3. The Realist

    The Realist Well-Known Member

    4,135 Messages
    508 Likes Received
    Love your O stats with Garrett minus Sparano.

    Garrett is clearly clueless as HC and can't even handle OC duties.

    Jerry and Garrett.....

    If the blind lead the blind...........
  4. rickjameschinaclub

    rickjameschinaclub Benched

    1,222 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    Uh, Jerry admitting that JG is not the answer is implicating himself.. Cause he's put everything into helping this guy succeed, including bringing his whole family here...
  5. SilverStarCowboy

    SilverStarCowboy The Actualist

    9,857 Messages
    1,467 Likes Received

    There isn't a better suggestion.
  6. KevinU

    KevinU Active Member

    515 Messages
    125 Likes Received
    Lets be honest, there is no accountability to this team. JJ is his worst enemy. He expects success, well no GM with any serious playoff runs since the 90s would be employed as well. As for JG, he may be up and coming head coach in the future, however I have serious questions his coaching success will be with the Dallas Cowboys. He is a great person with character, however his play calling is pass-happy offense. Dallas performs well when the percentages are more level between the run and pass.

    I expect a coaching move at the end of the season, because well the GM will not be replaced.

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