News: Jerry Jones: I'll stir things up before fans grow apathetic

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by RS12, Nov 3, 2012.

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    09:37 AM ET 11.03 | Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones has his decisions questioned publicly probably more than any other owner or GM in the NFL. But Cowboys fans probably wonder who is questioning Jones to his face. Unlike other general managers, Jones answers to himself. Jones doesn't want the Cowboys fan base to think that he's not trying because that could cause them to become one of his worst fears -- disinterested. "As to being criticized, I'm not going to say that I'm used to it, but there have been criticisms since the day that I got involved with the Cowboys," Jones said. "Serious criticism, but that's part of the interest. That's part of having people involved. What you don't want is apathy. And we're not going to have apathy. I promise you that. I'll stir something up before we have apathy. I say that tongue-in-cheek.

    Dallas Morning News
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    Hey Jer: In the words of Charlie Sheen "winning duh"
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    Guess maybe those TV ratings do have a little power. Now all we need is some sponsors and alot of season ticket holders to spend their money else where.
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    A great circus master knows when to call the clowns in and how to make sure the crowd is always entertained....never letting them get bored.
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    Jerry, I'm interested in championships. I'm not interested in the team just being interesting.
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    The Cowboys are worth more today than they were yesterday .. just saying :D

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    The season tickets are already sold, as are the seat licenses for those seats. These poor saps don't have a choice but to watch the mediocrity from the front row. They're the ones that will get burned since Jerry already has his money.

    This. Jerry's a salesman and he runs this team like the WWE. Just like Hulk Hogan came out of retirement for a ratings boost, so will Jerry do something that will have no bearing on winning but will draw interest in the entertainment factor.

    The Cowboys used to be the top draw because they were winning. Now we have a soap opera and a situation more akin to the series Dynasty where no one knows what Jerry (a.k.a. JR) will do next. Stay tuned. He's a joke........
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    Jerry most your fans are already apathetic. Yet we continue to run out guys like Olgtree instead of giving other guys chances.

    To be fair I see this far to often in the NFL the teams keep losing but refuse to put young guys in because the vet may know more or still gives us the best chance to win mantra. Big Bill did it with Viny and some other guys and i seen other coaches do things like that.
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    Jerry is a marketing genius... But has failed miserably trying to be the GM of the Cowboys...

    Almost 20years of crappy football has only made Jerry Jones filthy RICH..... The choice for Jerry is/was simple....get Rich or win championships....Jerry plain and simple chose money over the winning championships....
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    Jones is a salesmen first and foremost. He "stirs up interest" when the team is not well thought of by the big trade (Galloway, Roy Williams) or the big signing T.O.

    This keeps the lemming fans "interested"

    I think this is fading as the fans are starting to understand this shell game he is playing. Mediocrity is the common denominator in Dallas and has been for the last decade or more.

    Until the fans start voting with their wallets Jerruh won't change. I said this a couple of years ago and I think it is more evident today.

    Jerry gets cheap coaches that won't stand up to him. He signs flashy players and goes cheap on the big uglies on both sides of the ball. He goes cheap at kicker and special teams. His drafting, trades and cap management are terrible. The product on the field is embarassing at times.

    Don't buy these overpriced seats until the team is professionally ran. Not ran like an oil guy playing fantasy football.

    Jerry will then get the hint that the fans know which shell is hiding the pea.

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    Blah blah Jerry Blah - who cares? (Apathy beginning to set in).
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    Stir things up? :lmao2:
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    Yep and there in lies the problem. The more things stay the same the more they will continue to stay the same.
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    Not too much he can do other than a trade & Stephen says none this year.

    I doubt Jason is going anywhere although a coaching change would "stir things up."
  16. PA Cowboy Fan

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    That would only stir things up if he brought in a real coach and I don't mean Norv Turner.
  17. Wolfpack

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    Ah ye of little faith.

    Jerry is adding more stripper poles to the stadium as we speak, to promote the Papa John Dancers!!!

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    What is saddest to me, as an older guy and a LONG time fan of the Cowboys is that most of our younger fan base doesn't really relate to what WAS our history. All that they have known for the years that they have followed the Cowboys is this clown of a GM. His best years were his first 5 for a very specific reason. Jimmy Johnson. Ever since it has been a pattern of mediocrity. We have changed coaches, QB's, players, schemes, and the one thing that never changes is the circus master. What is worse is that because he owns the team the fan base is powerless, unless it is really willing to quit being involved with the Cowboys. If ever a team was held hostage it is this one.

    Jerry is a good business man, he is a good promoter, he is good at growing his own wealth, but he is an abject failure as a GM.
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    You described me. I can't remember us having THE I watch videos & listen to my dad talk about the great teams.
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    I still can't believe he put those in with those dancers. :rolleyes:

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