News: Jerry Jones: I'll stir things up before fans grow apathetic

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by RS12, Nov 3, 2012.

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    I just saw Cirque du Soleil with my wife in Orlando. Unbelievable, really. They had clowns. Many distractions between acts to draw your attention.

    Jerry has been stirring things up for 17 years now to draw our attention away from the main act - winning championships. His first act was so long ago that many of the young ones in the audience didn't even see it.

    Maybe he would be successful as a coreographer at Cirque du Soleil in the Cowboys stadium. He certainly isn't as a GM of a professional football team.
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    Sorry Jethro, apathy is what I am already toward you're team of schemes. My apathy will disappear once you are gone.
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    before apathy sets in........... :lmao2:

    (jerry's got him one of those 'word of the day' apps.)

    Apathy.......... :lmao: That's so '01-ish. Way past that, dude. :lmao2:
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    What to say to this? Like so many of you, I show up in front of the TV every week but I find myself viewing these Cowboys with a lot of cynicism these days...and I've come to realize that it's been that way for awhile. I don't really expect much from them, and that way, they don't really disappoint me.

    But I really MISS the days when I couldn't wait for football season...counting down the days every July until training camp. And then living Sunday-to-Sunday (or Monday night) just to see my Cowboys...I was always so darned proud of them.

    Something, or someone, has stolen that from me, and I really believe it is Jerry. So now he says he'll "stir things up before fans grow apathetic?" That ship sailed a few years ago, Jerry.

    I hope you stir things up, and in a good way, before I decide I've had enough.
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    Payton's number should be on your contact list.
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    Are you not entertained?
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    "Before we have apathy"? Already there Jerry.....
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    Oh please. Tell me one coach that "stands up" to any owner. You don't stand up to the man signing your checks. It doesn't happen. Only in the fan created version of the NFL. Jerry has tried many different formulas, he signed Bigg, he signed rivera, etc. As far as special teams, we really haven't had a problem with kickers recently. So are you advocating that we pay 5 mil a year for a good ST player? Drafting huh? Ware? Ratliff? Lee? Carter? Claiborne? Spencer? Murry? I am sure you think Parcells was a pushover right?
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    Ok please tell me exactly how having dancers at the stadium detracts from the players on the field? Don't worry I will wait.
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    Having pole dancers belongs in an NFL stadium? Uh ok!

    That kind of stuff is just so silly. I get they wanted a unique stadium but..

    Why do you think they call it Jerryworld?
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    It's the entertainment factor of the team and says more about the owner's mindset to the franchise than anything. It's the traveling circus. Need to take care of sponsors and make money? Uproot and move your training camp even though that's not what's best for the football side of the house. Jerry runs the franchise like the WWE. These things do affect what we see on the field and there's more than enough evidence that the product has been sub-par for years.
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    this is the essence of what jerry believes

    keep the masses entertained and make money

    winning football is a poor last on his priority list
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    You missed the #1 item on his list:

    1. Look important and feed the ego.
  18. visionary

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    i know EGO is #1 #2 and #3 on jerry's list
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    Running the Stadium is completely separate than running the team. It has absolutely no effect on the players. But I guess some fans just like to complain to complain no matter how wrong they are. Guess football is all about making money. I am not sure why people are confused by that. As far as uprooting the training camp, which time? To Austin or to Oxnard? Neither places is bad. These things have NO affect on what is occurring on the field. DO you seriously believe that Jerry charging $10 for a beer really affects players?
  20. Dodger12

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    I don't just like to complain for the sake of complaining. It's not like we're coming off a great season and this one just took a turn for the worse. People's patience are wearing thin with the routine. If you feel that none of what you see has any affect on the field, then that's your opinion and I have mine.

    The Yankees make money, valued equal to the Cowboys. They built a nice stadium for the fans; I don't see pole dancers.

    But don't worry, Jerry will bring someone out of retirement or make a splashy move that will draw everyone's interest again until the product has to take the field and play football and suck (again). This is football. People can make money and I get that's why they buy a sports team. But football should come first and the money will follow.

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