Jerry jones is so disrespectful to the fans

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CATCH17, Nov 11, 2013.

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    He charges insane prices at the games and we pay it, we give him incredible tv ratings, we make him one of the top 5 richest franchises in all of sports but yet when it comes to putting this team in the best position to actually win he absolutely half ***** the thing.

    He won't hire a GM because for some reason his ego doesn't let him and he won't even go out and hire a top NFL coach because he doesn't feel comfortable with it and honestly I don't even think he believes coaching is important.

    Barely getting in the playoffs has become the goal and I'm so sick of the lack of effort to win and all of the other mistakes this guy makes.

    We are not ran like one of the best franchises in the world. The barcelonas, the real madrids, the Yankees and the Lakers would never settle like this for this long.

    It's disgusting and millions of fans shouldn't have to suffer because of 1 mans ego.
  2. hsfolk

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    he will get away with charging the prices as long as people continue to buy tickets
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  3. links18

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    He's got that billion dollar stadium to pay for, or rather Stephen does.
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  4. Clove

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    I don't understand why people keep showing up. I guess flashy players and a cute dome is the reason.
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  5. theebs

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    yep, pretty much.

    I don't think fans deserving anything personally. We have all been spoiled by the success of this franchise to be quite honest.

    But I think at this point the refusal to hire real nfl people and have them run the football operations from top to bottom is just wrong for the reasons you stated.

    The fans have given the Jones family everything they could ever want. We bought tickets and showed up and bought merchandise through all the terrible years, ticket, parking and merchandising prices continually go up and we keep paying them.
    They put the new stadium to a vote and the city and the fans voted yes. So they got their stadium, then they put prices at incredible level and concession and parking at outrageous prices.

    and the fans still keep coming, people like me.

    I don't think there is a magic formula and I don't think one person can fix what is wrong here but I know for a fact its one person(family) from even giving it a chance to succeed......even though we have made him rich beyond his wildest expectations.

    like most rich people in power the jones family keeps asking for more from the fans (the poor) and gives nothing of value back in return.

    it sucks and it wont get better anytime soon until the family steps aside.
  6. CATCH17

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    Theebs, That was the standard we set and through that standard we built a freaking dynasty and one of the most valuable franchises in all of sports.

    We didn't set the bar that high by trying to run the team like we're the Arizona Cardinals.

    The support for this team is high, the standard used to be high, but people in charge aren't willing to sacrifice for what it takes to win because it may harm their stupid ego.

    A team like the Lakers hire Phil Jackson and they go on and win some titles... Ego gets involved and they go and hire a guy like Mike Dantoni and now look at them.

    Jerry Jones needs to forget about his stupid ego and go find the best in the business at building teams, pay him, and let him start calling the shots.

    Leave the scrubs like Monte Kiffen and Bill Callahan jobless and keep guys like Garrett as QB coaches and go out and start hiring some real coaches and real player evaluators that know how to build a flippin team.
  7. CATCH17

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    I ask myself this all the time. It's not a good time anymore. I guess I just love football.
  8. BrAinPaiNt

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    So the Refs, ESPN and the rest of the media hate the Cowboys.
    The Cowboys Fans hate the Refs, ESPN and the rest of the Cowboys.
    And therefore Jerry Jones hates the fans.

    Woot...scooby doo mystery solved.
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  9. ShiningStar

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    how is he disrespectful to fans? he never told you or promised you anything except for the fact he loves money. You can either get that through your head or you cant, thats on him. Thats like Philly fans saying their FO doesnt care about winnnig the SB? Thats so true, so many times that the Philly FO shows their fans they are NOT looking to win it all, if they do great, if not, its not their main concern.

    Jerry hasnt promised or said anything that the rest of us dont understand. Its up to us to understand it or find another team. As long as hes here its about money and if that means stadiums, tickets, or the media he will do it. Yes hes been commited to winning, that doesnt mean he understands how to do it or has the pride to back away.

    We has fans have to see the intent of our teams and realize it for what it is for. If we cannot do that, we have no right to say such and such is at fault. jerry is not at fault, he loves money, i can show you a hand full of hypocrits who think the same thing. Its not their fault if people understand it, its ours.

    Jerry is blameless in a lot of things, we as people need to realize what he stands for.
  10. ShiningStar

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    And i would have gotten away with it if it wasnt for you meddling mods.
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  11. scottsp

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    I still remember the presser to introduce Bill Parcells as the new coach. Jerry, fresh off three years of Dave Campo, begins by assuring us all that he finally sees the light.

    "I get it!" he said.

    Can't believe I paused long enough to bite, much less buy it. Anyone still willing to get stung deserves exactly what they get.
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  12. CATCH17

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    Don't be ridiculous. I hear a weekly sales pitch from this guy trying to get the fans to buy into his remedies and reasonings. I've seen plenty of predictions and such. I've been told about secret sauces, glory holes, and all other kinds of spew from this guy.

    The fans have done everything they needed to financially to make the Cowboys the best again.

    Screw the stupid stadium. I hate it anyways and would rather have stayed at Texas stadium then play at that circus.
  13. rat2k8

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    Buying tickets, have you seen AT&T stadium lately? Where did all the Cowboy fans go? I see more non Cowboy fans at Jerry's World than ever.
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  14. Seven

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    The fan base for Dallas has always been high. jerry walked into a sweet deal, IMO. He just had to decorate a bit. He rode into football fame on the back of Jimmy Johnson.

    jerry is nothing more than a common thief. He stole a storied franchise from us fans. He used us to sell hope as he rakes in the dough and snickers in privacy.

    We were a storied franchise, one huge entity in the NFL world with the likes of the Steelers, the Packers, the Bears and the Giants. Always there at the end even if to make other teams look over their shoulders.

    Dallas isn't even in a legitimate football conversation. The days of Americas Team are long gone.

    jerry sold it.........
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  15. Chocolate Lab

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    And the kicker is, he KNOWS he isn't good at football. He basically admitted that when he hired Parcells to run things.

    But of course he only did that because he had to in order to build his Monument to Himself. Now that it's built, he has no incentive to change.

    When he says things such as, "The Cowboys are like Notre Dame, an institution. You don't really own them, you're just a caretaker for millions of fans," it's an absolute lie. The Cowboys are just a vehicle for him to generate fame and fortune for himself, and on that he's been immensely successful. That's really all there is to it.
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  16. DFWJC

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    I've always despised how Jerry won't hire a GM.

    I do not, however, think that Jerry lacks a deep passion to win or that he nickels and dimes with his spending.
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  17. durrrr

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    This. It's bad decision-making, not a lack of effort or want or whatever you want to call it.
  18. Sarge

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    The problem is Jerry is as much interested in being the GM of this team as he is the owner. He will not give the reigns over to anyone, including his son, until he has to. That is gonna be a while.

    Buckle in.
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  19. Alexander

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    Spot on.

    Especially the part about the stadium.
    Texas Stadium was a dump near the end. But at least it was not a perverse grotesque monument to Jerry Jones and his greed.
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  20. JakeCamp12

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    This is the truth, so if you want to change it, stop buying Cowboys gear, stop going to the games and don't watch it on tv. When revenue falls, Jerry comes out of his drunken haze and begins to make changes. The changes he makes never seem to work, but it did bring Parcells here the last time, which was entertaining for awhile.

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