Jerry jones is so disrespectful to the fans

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CATCH17, Nov 11, 2013.

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    I've been on the fence about getting tickets to a game this year, checking nflticketexchange every once in a while but never pulling the trigger with basically two home games left. The past few years I have managed to go to at least one game a year in person but I'm really thinking about skipping this year because the price just isn't justifiable.
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    it's amazing what he's been able to get away with for nearly 20 years! this is a quarter of people's lives (as sports fans) that he's wasted away while playing madden with the most prestigious franchise in the nfl. i hate him, i hate his entire family (including his evil looking wife).
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    There is no bigger feeling of being cheated as a Cowboy fan then when you see one of their epic melt downs in person after paying around 200 dollars minimum.

    Don't go to a game. It's just not worth it.

    Taking out your frustration on Cowboyszone is much safer then taking it out on traffic.
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    The sad part
    The sad part is, we no how this will end, just look at the Al Davis Raiders, that is the future of the cowboys. Sad as it is Jerry is taking the team down the same path.......
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    This is why you see Cowboys Stadium full of other team's fans. There were tons of Vikings fans there last week. Vikings fans! Lol. I will always watch the cowboys but its very understandable about the cowboys gear. Would you wear it at all? I will wear what I own. Probably won't buy anything for a while.
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    That is about how one should look at this annual debacle. I don't see any improvement coming.
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    Jerry Jones is the number one Cowboy fan in the world. There is no bigger Cowboy fan than Jerry who put his life savings into this team, the Cowboys. He also happens to be the owner and GM. As an owner, we Cowboy fans have one of the best, if not the best owner in all of sports. The NFL has a hard cap along with the all-equalizing draft and every team has pretty much an equal shot at the ring. At the beginning of this season, most here were quite happy with the team the Cowboys were fielding. The team would (and will) compete for the NFC East just like it had done the previous two years. The rest is up to the coaches and players to perform and you need Lady Luck to be on your side concerning injuries.

    8-8 the past two years and 5-5 so far this year. So, I would say just looking at the results, Jerry Jones is, at worst, an average GM. How do you explain the other GM-ran teams, some with reknowned GMs sucking? I assume Jax has a GM. TB GM? MIA GM? Jets GM? Philly's GM? Cleveland's GM? Oak GM? ATL's GM looks like a total idiot this year. It goes on. How about GB's GM this year? He looks like a genius until Rodgers gets hurt and he trots out Seneca Wallace and Scot Tolzien. Good luck with that.

    No GM is perfect. How do you explain QB Brady going in the 6th rd, Favre getting traded from Atl to GB, etc.? GMs are only accountable to a certain point on the injury front. The Cowboy DL has been rocked with injuries. Is that Jerry's fault? No. Has Jerry made mistakes as a GM? You bet. No one is perfect. But to say Jerry is disrespectful to fans is just plain wrong and disrepectful to the number one Cowboy fan in the world, Jerry Jones.
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    Hey, welcome to my world over 15 years ago.

    He is public enemy #1 to this franchise and any so called fan of this team who doesn't hate him has their head in the sand.
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    I love football too. But it's no fun when you're up and down up and down. Like someone said, I forget who said it. If we win one, we lose one to make it .500. If we win two, we'll give those back as soon as possible just to hang around mediocrity. I supported this team the first 10 years of losing. After that, HECK NO. I watch cause I'm a huge fan, we're all huge fans.
  10. Clove

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    Unfortunately, if Jones hired himself (in third person) he would've fired himself about 15 years ago.
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    honestly I always wondered what would happen if after a blowout game like this last one, NOT ONE SINGLE person showed up to the next home game haha. now that, I would pay to see.
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    The man loves football, and his football team. He's not very different than anyone here in that regard. That's not an excuse, but it's reality. How many here- if given the opportunity- would be able to tear their grimy mitts away from meddling with the team in every executive opportunity possible, in his position? I dare say few, if any. Still, no excuse.

    I agree that he's been shafting this franchise for a long time because of his own preferences/ego. But he's also been great for this franchise as well- and the NFL, as a whole. I suppose my take on the owner and gm are the same as my take on the qb position. Could be worse/careful what you wish for. (some of these other teams are run by buffoons who do what many suggest should happen here- hiring names; 'football' guys, and take a stand-offish approach. And man do some of them suck; the teams and management/coaching choices)
  13. RoyTheHammer

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    ..and you pay it.

    ..and as long as you keep paying it, you can blame yourself.

    The fans enable Jerry to do what he does.. don't blame him.
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    I agree with the OP. I think Jerry pretty much sucks as far as being a human being--certainly in ways that impact the fan base. And for the record I haven't purchased a ticket or any merchandise in years.

    At some point you think he'd look in the mirror and say, "OK, I've had my fun. Now it's time to provide fun for the 4-year olds and the 14-year olds and the 24-year olds who have never had anything to cheer about as Cowboy fans. It's time to get a full-time professional GM for this organization.
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    I've defended Jerry at times but that's largely because he's willing to spend. Well, that advantage is pretty much out the window with the cash floor coming into effect soon so the only real advantage I thought he provided is pretty much erased.

    Here's a quick stat for thought.

    Since 1996, Dallas has won 6 more games than the Jaguars.

    Dallas: 143 - 139

    Jacksonville: 137 - 144
  16. T-RO

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    And I don't see how this team could even play at a .500 clip over the next few years.
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    If he didn't buy the team, we might still be sitting at only two Super Bowl trophies, now we have five. I'd say that's a pretty good run as an owner. 44% of the teams in the NFL that have never won a Super Bowl.

    With that said, I love Jimmy Johnson, but you had a symbiotic relationship until the end.
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    This is what I think people forget. Cowboys fans who are are about 30 years and older are the people responsible for making JJ rich beyond measure. However, as the older life long fans begin to pass, and the next generation begins to be the ones who will have to spend money, I don't believe the current status of the Cowboys will cut it. Today's generation is a very self centered, what have you done for me lately, give me something for my money culture. JJ is living on borrowed time, and will suck it for everything he can. If the team continues to not be competitive year in and year out, the future of the Cowboys will not be like the days of old...
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    Already paid for screwing with games.
  20. T-RO

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    If you love the Cowboys you can't fail to hate Jerry Jones. He is our destroyer...our disease...and the death of our dreams.

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