Jerry Jones: Romo will play five more years and believes he will be a QB on a SB

Discussion in 'Coaches/Front Office Zone' started by MarionBarberThe4th, Nov 17, 2016.

  1. MarionBarberThe4th

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    He can beat dak out but in the NFL you want your young cheap talent to win jobs so the deck will be stacked against him. They'll probably negotiate a team for him together and also keep the compensation minimum and based on games played and playoff success.
  2. Dale

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    It's interesting how even a year or two into the five-year claim, the number remains at five.
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  3. theranchsucks

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  4. PA Cowboy Fan

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    Well that's because Romo hasn't played the last 2 years so it's still five.
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  5. Bowdown27

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    I think he's just trying to sell it. Some team offers a second or even a late first. Eagles got a first for Bradford who's god awful
  6. slick325

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    SMH...Mr. Jones...Mr. Jones...Mr. Jones. Always hedging his bets.

    Prescott is now your team's QB. If he regresses, so be it. If he improves, so be it. You are all in on him. Let my QB go be a starter on a contender in 2017 please! Geez! Hopefully Dallas gets a couple of premium picks for Romo (one in 2017 and one in 2018) if not, release him and get the cap space Sir.
  7. phildadon86

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    Maybe he should just shut up. Especially about the QB situation.
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  8. LittleD

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    No team is going to give up premium picks for Tony because of age and health just like no team gave up picks for Demarcus Ware. Just not
    going to happen. A team will give up picks for a good QB on the sunny side of 30. Indy had to release Manning too. Tony will be kept at
    current salary or released by June 1st next year and if released, Tony will pick his new team.
  9. slick325

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    I think someone will as long as he re-works his current deal prior to any trade. Won't be a 1st. I can see a 2nd and a conditional 3rd that could become a 2nd. Contingent upon him staying healthy obviously and playing a certain percentage of the snaps.

    We'll see Little D. Cross that bridge in the offseason. In the meantime, let's keep this 8-1 train steamrollin' down the tracks.

    Go Cowboys
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  10. LittleD

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    No reason to re-work his deal. Jerry most likely won't want to pay that salary next year and Tony would like to negotiate his
    own deal with whatever team he chooses just like Manning did. Jerry's only moves are to keep him or let him go. Tony just
    has to let his agent find his next team and hopefully a bidding war ensues.
  11. slick325

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    I was speaking from a potential suitors perspective. They would probably want to re-work his contract if they are trading for him.
  12. DFWJC

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    Sounds like Jerry's already trying to maximize trade value.:muttley:
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  13. SDCowboy85

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    Now that would be nice.
  14. LittleD

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    I'm sure if the Cowboys wanted to trade Tony they would like for him to re-work his contract. Why on earth would Tony do that?
    If I'm Tony or his agent, I want Tony to be free to negotiate with any team that comes calling without any input from the Cowboys.
    There is no way I can see Tony staying with the Cowboys next year and being satisfied as a backup. He wants to play and for
    a team that can make it to the big show. There will be no trades for Tony.
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  15. Hoov

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    possibly, I was thinking he is saying that for Romo's benefit ....if.... Tony wants to go play for another team next year.
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  16. haleyrules

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    No NFL FO is going to offer too much for Tony...he is going on 37 with a serious injury problems and a bloated contract. He can not stay as a 15 million dollar back up. Tony will retire after the June 1st release.
  17. Elusive6thRing

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    Maybe Jerry plans to give him another 100 million dollar contract.
  18. Sarge

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    Fixed that for you. ;)
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  19. Frozen700

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    I'm convinced Romo has agreed to take a backseat, in exchange for a trade next year.

    I believe they came to some type of agreement surrounding this.
  20. Elusive6thRing

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    I may be the only one thinking this but I have an odd feeling Jerry is being 100% truthful that they are riding a hot hand now with Dak but this is still Romo's team and he will start next season or even this season if Dak struggles. It feels to me like Jerry and Garrett consider Romo almost family and want him starting, the only reason Dak is still starting is because of Stephen Jones.

    I do not think that speech came from the team it came from Romo because he's a good guy and doesn't want to be a distraction, but it doesn't mean his time being a starter in Dallas is done.

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