Jerry Jones: When we win a Super Bowl, give me the credit as G.M.

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by erod, Feb 25, 2013.

  1. erod

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    “I pretty much go with what I did the night I bought the team,” Jones said, via the Star-Telegram. “I said I was going to be the GM. . . . It would be a facade if someone else was sitting in my shoes and someone thought they were spending the money. It would be deception. . . . I would grant you the decisions that have been made over the years have not produced a Super Bowl, two Super Bowls or three Super Bowls that I would like to have been a part of. And the only thing I am going to do there is keep trying and then make sure I get the credit when we do get that one. Y’all are going to give it to me, aren’t you?

    Another day, another delusional stumble from Captain Hillbilly.

    This is actually good. Jerry is so out-of-touch these days, I think the players and coaches now make fun of him constantly when he's not looking.

    No one takes him seriously anymore. Now, if we can just make sure he's locked in his outhouse on draft day.
  2. DFWJC

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    The highlighted sentence is the core to all of our problems. That sums it up in one sentence. Ego
  3. Risen Star

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    It's that fixation and obsession on credit and respect that has the team in this situation.

    It's not sane.
  4. mmillman

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    I will be as happy as anyone when Dallas wins a superbowl.

    The standard can't be one playoff win in 16 years, go another 5 years without being a contender, win one and your a genius Jerruh.

    what an egomaniacal moron.
  5. noshame

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    Thanks Jerry, while you're at it, just get it all out. It's a facade to say this team has a HC, OC,DC, waterboy, and groundskeeper. The only HC this team has ever had since Jimmy was Parcells, and that only lasted for a couple years till you had to stick your nose in there also.

    As they say, it's one thing to appear a fool; it's another thing to open you trap and remove all doubt. :laugh1:
  6. Doomsday

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    Sure as long as you take the blame for the last 15 years of dysfunction and chaos.
  7. BrAinPaiNt

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    I don't care how ardent a defender of Jerry someone might be...there is no way they can read stuff like this, without being in denial or delusional, and have a good feeling about this team.



  8. DFWJC

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    Was the driver killed in that last one? Looks like it.
  9. erod

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    Oddly, I think it is working in our favor to a degree these days.

    Gone are the knuckleheads from the roster for the most part, and I don't think this group pays much mind to their wonky owner these days.

    There used to be a comraderie and respect for Jerry. Not anymore. They just tolerate him like the the handsy drunk uncle at the wedding.

    Garrett kinda keeps his mouth shut and rolls his eyes, and the players follow suit.

    Jerry's been reduced to a sad mascot.
  10. Wood

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    Your all getting glimpse inside the head of mentally ill man. I work in hospital so its second nature to me at this point. But for some of you who don't see it all the time...I feel you. It can't be comfortable.
  11. tantrix1969

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    :banghead: only thing now is to hope Stephen has some sense
  12. BringBackThatOleTimeBoys

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    This article gives me an out to speak about my #1 frustration.

    How can someone so brilliant in the oil business, excel in the sports owner role insist on failing as a general manager well into a second decade? I mean, Jerry had enough oil business sense not to be the lead geologist, yet crazy voices in his head still tell him he is an elite sports talent acquisition man.

    I remember the local sports media boasting up until 1989 that the Cowboys were a model organization because unlike other teams they did NOT have a meddling owner doing too many things. Then the curse happened.

    We are lucky the fan base has not become this frustrated years ago. The Cowboys are one of those rare brands that have consumer loyalty that will tolerate mediocrity longer than they should - it's enabled Jerry's attempt at GM and undermining coaches. He was fortunate Jimmy Johnson was great with a fi****l of draft choices. I will give Jerry credit for the Herschel Walker trade, but it's greatly outweighed by the failures at finding talent and allowing coaches to control their own destiny.

    Since Jimmy, it's mediocrity with the exception of hiring Parcells and only to get a new stadium. Some say Big Bill lost his touch - I say Jerry did not completely let him control things....remember Parcells was not allowed to clean house on his assistants, had to suffer Quincy Carter one more year, definitely did not want TO brought onboard. Having said all that, it does tell me Jerry does respond to fan/sponsor pressure. A decade ago, he WAS afraid the Cowboys would become like the Raiders and to secure a billion-dollar stadium/keep the team relevant, was willing to toy with the Cowboys a lot less.

    Since he responded to fan/sponsor pressure back in 2002, I do think it's possible if the discontent returns to those levels or higher, Jerry's business sense would start to overcome those voices in his head.

    One last thought: how can one truly be egotistical being the center of attention, yet preside over a .500 team the past 17 years? My definition of egotism is delegate to the best, be quiet then have 2-3 more times to showboat when Goodell hands the Lombardi Trophy. ;)
  13. noshame

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    At this rate casinos will start laying odds on what comes out of his mouth next.:laugh2:
  14. Alexander

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    I wonder how people can continue to justify and rationalize his behavior because he "wants to win".

    The motivation for him winning is overruled by the burning desire to do it his way.

    If he truly wanted nothing but another Lombardi, he would have tried something new by now.

    He is completely immune to criticism to the point it emboldens him even more and feeds this rather disturbing craving for attention. It is what makes him talk as much as he does.

    I just do not understand how one of the richest men in the world could show such histrionic behavior. It is not healthy.
  15. bbailey423

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    You guys that know my posting history know I have been saying this for I am at peace...because Jerry has finally come out and said what SOME of us already knew. This might be a sobering day for all the Jerry Jones defenders. To be smacked into reality. Those that thought ALL Jerry cared about was winning. The reality is...Jerry cares about winning HIS way....and he will go to the grave trying to prove he can build a winner.

    Here is the irony...WE...the fans....allow him to get away with this. The stadium is full...the jerseys are flying off the shelf...the beer is flowing...the parking lot is overflowing...we are still granted primetime Jerry is playing with house money.
  16. 5Stars

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    Yep, that was a pretty stupid thing to say...
  17. bbailey423

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    I actually prefer that he says what he really feels.....which was obvious to some of us...but maybe now the others that have been blind will accept what we are up against!
  18. jnday

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    Each and every article that questions his decisions makes Jerry dig his heels in more. As Switzer said, " we did it our way baby". Jerry wants to do it his way and wants all the credit. He wants to be a respected GM so much that it is now an obsession. Jerry's has been proven to be a failure. Enjoy Cowboy fans. Landry is spinning like a ceiling fan in his grave watching the destruction of his beloved Cowboys.
  19. big dog cowboy

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    I think we passed that point a long time ago.
  20. HoustonFrog

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    It really is scary because if we win another SB soon that is the first thing your going to hear...its going to be all about him and not the team. That is how is wired. He is still trying to talk himself into the the fantasy that he was running things for Jimmy. It's gotten sad really.

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