Jerry listens to the fans, but not in the best way....

Discussion in 'Drama Zone' started by BringBackThatOleTimeBoys, Mar 14, 2014.

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    Jerry listens, but is deaf at some frequencies.

    He will draft ball carriers and names that fill the stadium - that makes money. He will also make moves that "shows" he is serious such as firing Rob Ryan - it's about perception. Jerry listens to the fans in the respect he wants them to continue to by tickets and enable his behavior. But this is not the same as building a champion over the long-term.

    Any sports owner is going to have their detractors - Jerry has plenty. Since he has a lot of hate directed at him, why not think like Drew Pearson and do the right thing? What I mean is DP knew the cornerback was going to hurt him as much as possible with a hit, so heck just catch the ball. My point is Jerry is going to be hated - he has two choices:
    1. Acquire name players, fire coaches when fans are foaming merely to keep attendance up.
    2. ...or rebuild the team for the long-term and take the heat for a few seasons. Yes, that would include hiring a GM and allowing the HC to be the ultimate say with players and direction. Forget the mentality of we're 1-2 players from arriving.
    It's time Jerry tried option #2, and be hated for the right reasons.

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