Jerry must have hired someone new in the front office

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by theranchsucks, Sep 25, 2013.

  1. theranchsucks

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    because I am loving all these small inseason moves that have been made, and the Selvie and Waters signings and throw in the trade with the colts for the DE(even though he hasn't played much if any). This just doesn't seem like our normal front office. Whoever it is keep it going.
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  2. Aven8

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    Call it, desperation. :)
  3. Cowboy from New York

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    A lot of defensive moves, out of necessity ofcourse. I have to believe Kiffin and Marinelli knew where to look for these players through their extensive contacts. Made it pretty easy for Jerry.
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  4. Doomsay

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    Most of the moves have been on defense, I think that one can draw some conclusions there. Obviously injuries have dictated a number of those moves, but the new staff seems to have a pretty good sense of what type of player will work in their system vs. just somebody that that has played with them previously.

    Then there is always the Nirvana spy angle.....
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  5. CyberB0b

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    They have had a good pro scouting department for years.
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  6. Apollo Creed

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    Moneyball sauce.
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  7. RoyTheHammer

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    I don't think its any suprise who is behind all of this in season roster churning.. and it has nothing to do with the front office.
  8. rocyaice

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    Its never been about what Jerry has done or hasn't done. He's always been the scapegoat because he's been the only one here since '96 until now. But Jerry's hires people. He's not making decisions based on his own input. That's why I always found it funny how people used Jerry as the scapegoat for this team underachieving. He plays players, coaches and scouts to do their jobs and they didn't do it. He's hired some new guys and now they are getting the best out of their players.
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  9. coult44

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    You just keep on believing that brother. This IS, HAS, and ALWAYS will be JJ's baby. And ever since the other JJ left, the field, the coaches, the players, and even some of the schemes have been his...he's the definition of the "yes boss" type. I think we have enough talent (that he should get credit for) and enough good defensive coaches (which he should get credit for) and are good enough to win now "in spite" of JJ.
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  10. tico

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    No big offseason splash, but I'm loving the black-Friday Bargains.. good job JJ
  11. Bullflop

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    I'm of the belief that the recent activity to acquire players recently are mainly due to the entire organization accomodating JG, Kiffin and Marinelli to afford them the best chance possible to succeed. Look at it this way -- if they look good, it reflects upon the entire organization and that includes the front office, Garrett, the scouting and coaching staffs and of course, Kiffin and Marinelli as well.

    This year, the entire organization and the team have an outstanding opportunity to excel moreso than they have in many a year. Management and the organization as a whole would be monumentally foolish to ignore the handwriting that's now on the wall. I'm confident everyone in the organization is sensing as much.

    I don't believe this is your average run-of-the-mill opportunity in 2013. It's turning out to be quite a special one, indeed. I'm sure we're all enjoying seeing this team doing what they are both on and off the field of play. Let's just hope the hustling we're seeing now continues well into the postseason. It's about time and none too soon.
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  12. rocyaice

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    So you're going to excuse the people he has hired? Its ridiculous to assume that Jerry sits there at college games and scouts young talent entering into the league next season. Its ridiculous. Fact is, he has input from scouts. Now whether he's listened to them I don't know. But even with the 2009 draft debacle i've NEVER heard anyone say this Cowboy's team lacked talent. I've NEVER heard anyone say that Wade Phillips and Bill Parcells can't coach football. At some point you have to hold the players, coaches and scouts accountable. The same ones Jerry pays handsomely who have had success in the past.....

    So when I hear someone say what's the difference now and 2 or 3 years ago? The scouts, players and coaches are living up to their potential and doing their job.

    And I do believe this team has inherited the personality of its head coach. Not its owner like in years past.
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  13. waving monkey

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    I can see what you mean JJ has hired the right guys and got in the talent and we should win because JJ has done a good job.
  14. Ntegrase96

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    Tom Ciskowski is no longer pulling pro scout duty and is able to focus more on prospects coming out of college. Will McClay has taken over the pro-scouting duties as assistant director of player personnel. All of this actually happened before the draft.

    I think this explains the reason why we've had such a successful draft this year (or it appears so far) and why our pro-scouting department has been able to be so aggressive.

    WoodysGirl actually posted a thread a while back that seemed to go largely unnoticed regarding this, but for some reason it will not let me link it here.
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  15. big dog cowboy

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    Outstnding post.
  16. theebs

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    Yep. McClay was promoted. He has been doing good work the last few years finding players and earned a promotion.

    He held ciskowski's job in Jacksonville in the early 2000's.

    Parcells bypassed ciskowski and found tons of players. He left ciskowski took over as the guy and we ended up with some poor drafts and signings.

    Hopefully the Garrett mcclay and whoever has the biggest say next continues. Yes I know Stephen and Jerry have the biggest say.
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  17. dmq

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    I believe the success of Selvie has a lot to do with the scheme and finding guys that can run it. Waters will provide good depth, but I'm not ready to call it a great move yet.
  18. Doomsday101

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    I think dallas scouting department is paying off they went after guys like Selvie and he is showing they were right. They have gone after team guys not a bunch of me frist guys it is paying off. Front office has not changed, you hire good people and listen to those people and things will improve on the field
  19. Yakuza Rich

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    I think Jerry has always given his head coach just about everything they wanted. Jerry has his pet cats and preferred philosophies. But, so does every GM, Director of Personnel, Director of Scouting, scouts, etc. It's up to the coaching staff to negate players that Jerry likes but they don't like. And more importantly, it's up to the coaching staff to develop players.

    Gailey wanted players to fit his offensive scheme, so we brought in Galloway and Ismail. Campo wanted a defense first team with players to fit the scheme, so in '02 we brought in La'Roi Glover, Kevin Hardy, Westbrook and drafted Roy Williams at safety. We did a massive overhaul for Parcells and obliged Wade at every chance.

    If things stay on the same pace as they look so far this season, I think it's just safe to say that Garrett is a far better head coach than Gailey, Campo and Wade. And given *this* situation, he's better than Parcells (younger, more into being here for the long haul, more up-to-date with NFL schemes, etc).

    If Campo didn't want Quincy (clearly a JJ pet cat), then he needed to say so. If he did, Jerry would have accommodated him. If Parcells didn't want T.O. (who still had 33 TD's in 3 years here), then he needed to make it clear that he didn't want him. If Wade didn't want Roy Williams, then he should have made it clear.

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  20. Yakuza Rich

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    It has to do with scheme and Marinelli, long held as the best D-Line coach, by far, in all of football. However, it's funny that when Kiffin was hired it was panned by so many as a 'Jerry forced Garrett to do it.'

    I think it was Garrett's idea and it's just a case of a good coach being able to spot a player and coach him to where he's a very productive member of the team. It's amazing what good coaching can do.

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