Jerry must have hired someone new in the front office

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by theranchsucks, Sep 25, 2013.

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    Roycaice, I actually agree with the point you were making in general, that JJ can't do everything, scout everything, and do all the work of running a franchise. But on the "Cowboys have talent" question: both Heath Evans and Trent Dilfer have made the case, over the years, that the Cowboys lack talent beyond a handful of stars.

    In this point of view, Cowboys have a top end. They lack bodies "in the middle", and because of this lack of "near starter to better than average" talent -- call it a lack of depth if you will -- they break down by the end of campaigns and sink in December.

    Lack of depth is a common fan complaint. IMO, we have depth issues on both sides of the line, some caused by injury, and others caused by legal entanglements.

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    galloway, timmy mac and JTT are all DFW natives and they are considered the most "negative" ones. if you want to find transplants look at the fan.
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    It's pretty silly how JJ gets all the blame and none of the credit. Frankly I love JJ as an owner. He hasn't always been perfect. He has meddled when you wish he wouldn't. And he has a penchant for talking to the media to much.

    Having said that...he cares about winning, he spends on the franchise and it appears as though he's getting better at letting the football guys do their thing.
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    Visionary awfully quiet rn. It's there in black and white
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    Yes i do.....To see this team win....THAT'S IT!!! Not afraid to call good good, and bad bad. Won't pump it when it needs to be smacked around, and will give props where props are due. That's my agenda........
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    He's unable to reply for a short period, here. Perhaps he'll come back and own up later.
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    I think they're somewhat right. They lack depth and part of it is because of drafts like 2009.
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    Because Garrett's philosophy, per his own words is to draft the best player available. Maybe Garrett and Tom thought that, like Spencer, he could play in a different scheme, because he was the best play available.
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    Hey, I haven't been able to keep up with this thread, but I wanted to respond to your post. I agree that that the trade could work out well for us and that the early returns (i.e. Frederick, Williams) look fine with the caveat that it's still too early to judge the results of the trade. My post wasn't intended to back up any of the arguments postulated in this thread, but rather it was a comment on what actually transpired on April 25th. Judging from the tenor of your post as well as others you've made in the thread, and the content of most of the posts in the thread, people are more interested in discussing something different than my primary interest. That's fine. But for that reason, and the fact that this thread is basically dead, I'll refrain from posting the material I've gathered from Fisher/Sturm on this topic.

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