Jerry, on the fan this morning, missed first few minutes

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Nov 19, 2013.

  1. Idgit

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    I must have missed that time. Those yokels have been running their mouths for years.
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  2. RXP

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    The Giants do not respect the Cowboys. All you have to do is listen to JPP, Tuck and Jacobs. I bet they laugh at the Cowboys in their locker room.

    Maybe if the Cowboys lay a beating to them on Sunday, they would earn some respect. But until then, they're laughing at us.
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  3. bbailey423

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    Perhaps some people did not like my wording when I suggested teams "concede" games. But I never thought we would beat the Saints...and the game we really needed was the Giants game. Reading that Miles could have played confirms my suspicions. Some might call it "milking" injuries...but I suspect the team calls it smart "roster management". In hindishgt, Ware should not have played either. I suspect he felt like he wanted to knock the rust off before the bye. Hopefully his setback was not to severe.

    With all of these players that are returning from strains/ CANNOT play them their full load of plays. You hope to manage them throughout a game so that there are on the field for critical moments in the 4th quarter. This is yet ANOTHER area Garrett needs to improve in.
  4. visionary

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    i remember that, after winning the SB, old gap tooth said that the cowboys were the most physical team the giants had played all year

    like parcells said "in 3 years you wont even know i was there"

    wade/garrett and jerry have ruined this team in the last 5 years
  5. CATCH17

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    I honestly think I wouldn't even watch the games anymore if it weren't for this forum and having something to chat about on here.

    The coaches try to say that every year it's a new team so they won't take questions about the last year and all this other stuff. To me it feels no different at all and hasn't for awhile.

    Maybe we can get hot at the right time and go on a terror but I seriously doubt it. We're running to many zone schemes on defense and letting defenses dictate our every move on offense to the point that we just have no chance in a lot of these matchups with equal or better opponents.

    Plus our GM is still claiming that he gives us some kind of advantage.
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  6. EPL0c0

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    Dr Jerry also said Ware was ready to come back vs NO and it was clear that he wasn't.
  7. Common Sense

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    I tried to find this interview the other day, but no luck. Anyone know where to find it?
  8. Idgit

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    Well, we're obviously running the zone defenses because we've had multiple injuries in the secondary and we had an insufficient number of press CBs to match up directly with the Saints. But, overall, I'd agree that unless we can get sufficient pressure on the QB, or Romo just plays out of his head, we're not going to be able to beat a team with a good passing game.
  9. Double Trouble

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    It wasn't an interview, it was something JJT quoted Parcells as saying as he left the facility, iirc.
  10. visionary

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    i think so
  11. zrinkill

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    I would put money on that they would be unhappy if we somehow blew the giants out.
  12. jterrell

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    could have just left it at ... "will be unhappy".
    happiness eludes some regardless of circumstance.
  13. theebs

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    They didn't respect us then either.

    The Maras do not like Jerry, it trickles down from there.

    They ran their mouths in 06 before each game just as much as they did in 07.
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  14. Fredd

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    As my brother in law says "you plant potatoes, you get potatoes"...Mara is a classless buffoon who hates the Cowboys...I have no doubt his insanity has infiltrated his team of witless idiots
  15. 5Stars

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    I just have to laugh when Jerry said that he will be glad to have Austin back for the last six games!

    Unless some surgeon injected some Super Glue into his hammys I would just hope that Austin can last 6 QTR's in the next few games!
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  16. BoysFan4ever

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    Ha. It'll be interesting to see how long he lasts. I would not bet on the 6 games. He sure has injury issues.
  17. Beast_from_East

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    Dude, the last time we swept the Giants was in 2007...................its been 6 seasons since then................not sure where you are getting that we have dominated them lately?
  18. Beast_from_East

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    So Jerry thinks the Giants respect us....................HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

    I guess Beason didnt get the memo.
  19. 17yearsandcounting

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    I wonder if Eli's autograph is still in the visiting locker room or if Jerry framed it and put it with the rest of the art work at the coddle dome.
  20. theebs

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    Did beason say something already? He has been a giant for five minutes and o don't think he ever beat Dallas while in Carolina.
    So that's pretty funny if he did.

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