Jerry Said He Expects Some Level Of Success

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Beast_from_East, Nov 23, 2012.

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    No idea on that.

    The crowd was good yesterday.

    I didn't hear or see that so I don't know. If that is true that is very very sad.

    All the hyping and media attention the jones family demands they should be able to handle negativity because of there actions back at them.
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  3. Chocolate Lab

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    I have to agree that I thought the crowd was very good yesterday given how the team has played for them lately.

    And I noticed Jerry made a point of saying that the crowd was really into it at kickoff. Glad he noticed that and mentioned it.
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    He needs to copy the Houston Texan pattern if he ever wants to find success again... Houston has copied the same pattern that the boys followed under Jimmy Johnson of the 90's... Build an outstanding offensive line. Get a crackerjack running back, QB and 1 great wide receiver who knows how to run routes... Then get a defensive coordinator from a fool owner in North Texas... Yep! the pattern for success is right in Jerry's back yard and he's still too full of himself to see it. He'll jump down another rat, rabbitt, dry oil hole soon enough and we'll still be 8 & 8 for another 10 years...
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    Forget getting Payton, Holmgren, Dungy, Gruden, or Cowher as the next HC of the Cowboys. As long as JJ is the GM, he will never hire someone who's good. JJ has to have a puppet, like Campo, Phillips, Gailey, or Garrett.
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    I didn’t know whether to cry or laugh about it, in a sense it was absolutely brilliant.
  9. Beast_from_East

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    Garrett was the co-piolit of that 1-7 team, so please dont act like Garrett just showed up and got saddled with a bad team.

    Please dont insult the intelligence of this board.
  10. Beast_from_East

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    Some of us dont like being sub .500, some of us apparently are ok with it.

    I will let the board decide who is in which camp.
  11. Misanthrope

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    If Jerry "expects success" he needs to look in the mirror and fire his GM. Coaches come and go, players come and go, and the mediocrity continues. Jerry is the constant. Jerry is the problem. Good owner, bad GM.

    If he can't bring himself to hire a GM then he and his ego need to be satisfied with mediocrity, because he's proven he can't build a winner on his own.
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    I think Jerry's job as a GM in selecting players isn't as bad as some think, where I see the bigger problem is he hasn't been able to get a top notch HC since Parcells left and because of that all the talent on this team in the past 5 years has been wasted.
    I trully believe that if Parcells hadn't quit we would've had a very nice run of being SB contenders year and year out.
  13. big dog cowboy

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    You overstate BP's contribution as HC to our team on the field. By the end of his tenure it was clear he was done.
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    Wrong. I lived in Houston during their years if failure. Yes they look well built on paper now but overall their turnaround didn't start until Wade got there. Foster was an Undrafted FA and on the practice squad. Kubiak had done nothing but draft poorly, bake bad coaching moves and hire his buddies at D coordinator. Things weren't always rosy there. They started fitting the right players into the system once Wade got there
  15. 17yearsandcounting

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    Start packing up the house Opie, Im sure you can get a job coaching some MAC school.
  16. Wood

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    If Jerry is really paying attention he will see RGIII has now passed Romo (as has Manning) and we are looking at the 3rd best QB just in our division with Romo. Garrett has nothing to do with that although I am concerned Garrett is not mentally tough enough for the job.
  17. Prossman

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    With Romo i dont know if you can dump Romo and garrett at the sametime. Get a new head coach, Payton, Holmgreen or chucky. Then draft a qb 1st or second day and roll with it. Be prepared for life after Romo.

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