Jerry says roster spot waiting for Brent

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jazzcat22, Aug 5, 2014.

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    Despite your effort to demonize the FO, yes I really do believe they care.
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    He can't be added to the 53 man roster.

    We have to wait until September for that.

    And barring injury..

    he'll be there.

    That's a lock.

    Especially with Lawrence out.
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    It is pretty clear to me at least, that he is saying he is welcome back on the team. A roster spot just means that he is wearing the star. You all are going overboard with the 53 man spot.
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    I think its been made clear to Jerry Jones that it is important to Jerry Brown's mother that Brent be given an opportunity to redeem himself on the Cowboys. That spot that Jerry Jones said would be cleared for Josh Brent is not on the 53 man roster, it's the 90 man roster. Also keep in mind that he will be on PUP at first so its not like someone else is getting cut to make room for Josh Brent. If he makes the 53 man roster, he will have earned it. I'm not holding my breath for this guy.
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    people seem to forget that the DL in 2012 was for the most part Spears/Brent/Hatcher. Ratliff only played 6 games and was limited.

    Hatcher was not very good in 3 man fronts and Spears, Lissemore and Coleman were pretty uninspiring in their play. Brent was very good manning the nose. When he went out it was a HUGE blow to an already reeling defense. Teams ran all over us. I remember Lissemore getting destroyed.

    The media makes more money if it is more controversial. It's more controversial if Brent is a talentless hack that is getting a shot anyway after what he did. I really wish people would try a little harder to not be led around bby the nose. Show some curiosity and look for yourself. At least verify.
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    When I think of stories like this, I think of Jerry loaning his private jet to Dale Hansen when his mother was dying (hope I have the principals in that story right).

    Say what you want about them, the the Joneses are pretty good about stuff like that when it matters. The team stood by Brent from the outset here, when his playing career was a lot more up in the air. And there's a reasonable amount of public opinion backlash here among our fans.

    I think the support is genuine.
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    I don't think Brent's a lock to make the final cuts at all.

    I doubt he's in anything resembling an NFL-ready type of conditioning..

    He has some pretty talented youngsters to beat out before that can happen.

    He'll be late reporting to TC and his time to restore his conditioning will be limited.
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