Jerry the GM and the end of Jason Garrett

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CowboysFaninDC, Jan 25, 2013.

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    I wish Jerry would just go ahead and make the move and fire Garrett. why delay the inevitable? is he looking for favorable public response from the fans or media? is he going to wait until this thing falls apart and then fire garrett to justify his move? we all know where this is headed. its a mess. its a mish-mush of things and its not going to work.

    we now have to move to a new scheme, we don't have the personnel. so the defense is going to struggle. we are not even sure if ware can succeded in the new scheme as a DE. yeah people will say we played a hybrid and that's the point. it was a hybrid not a 4-3 defense kiffin runs.

    this also means that resources (draft picks, FA $'s) are not going to get spent on addressing the problems, like OL, which was a huge issue for us.

    so here we have Jerry, firing coaches, taking Garrett's responsibilities away, etc. yet saying he was happy with Livings and Berdeneau's performance last year!! seriously!? that's jerry defending his own signings and actions.

    so where are we going to end up next year? 8-8 at best. perhaps worse given the coaches are now probably devided. and we end up in another wade mess. garrett is eithre fired mid-season or end of season. and then in comes a whole new set of coaches, new schemes, etc. and that magical window for romo, witten, ware is even tighter now!!!

    Jerry, either don't meddle or just finish the job. we all know where this is headed. you have created a mess. why delay the inevitable. who are you fooling?
  2. brickman

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    Perhaps Jerry is hoping by doing all this, he'll get Garrett to quit and avoid having to pay the balance of his contract. :confused:
  3. RXP

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    So we fire a coordinator and a bunch of assistants, replace them, change the offensive play caller and THEN fire the head coach? OK then.

    Is this supposed to make sense?
  4. Doomsday101

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    I don't think Garrett getting fired in inevitable. I think he is a HC heading into his 3rd full season while he may enter the season on the hot seat he will get the opportunity to get this team over the hump. He would not be the 1st NFL HC who has entered the season on the preverbal hot seat.

    You seem to like making assumptions.
  5. Gadfly22

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    I'll give Jerry the benefit of the doubt: he said he regreted firing Chan Gailey after too short a tenure, so I'll assume he's giving Garrett more time to develop his vision of the team.

    I don't believe you can be successful if you constantly churn head coaches, so I can live with Garrett as head coach. I am glad he won't be the playcaller though, since I just did not like a lot of his calls.
  6. TwoDeep3

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    Jerry hired Garrett as the offensive coordinator before hiring Wade Phillips as the head coach.

    Does that make sense in any world other than Jerry?
  7. Aven8

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    Just go ahead and make your splash on Monday Jerry. Why wait? Romo isn't getting any younger,
  8. TheCount

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    What, exactly, are we missing to run a 4-3? The same crap we were missing to run the 3-4? We are not reinventing football here. The issues we had before the moves were made are exactly the same ones we have today.
  9. Mr Cowboy

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    Richie Whitt ‏@richiewhitt
    Jon Gruden and Jerry Jones together in Frisco tonight? Can't be. Can it? #Cowboys
  10. Gemini Dolly

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    pix or it didnt happen
  11. anava

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    This was in another thread that has disappeared. I assumed it was fake.
  12. jason54858

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    I for one hope to god this turns out to be something but........I don't know........:confused:........I have a feeling it won't..... I dont know.
  13. Aven8

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    No clue. I went from dancing to what???

    Who deleted it?
  14. Chocolate Lab

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    It's not fake. They're talking about it on the Fan. It's on Fisher's twitter.
  15. jason54858

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    The mods I guess. It's just a rumor right now. The op of the thread was stating it as fact.
  16. SilverStarCowboy

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    Was it a booty dance? Milkshake! It'd go great with the Scotch Jerry and Gruden are downing right now.
  17. cham39

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    I posted it, and it is true but not confirmed by the mods so they deleted it.
    When they confirm it they can apologize
  18. dadymat

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    they are discussing a tweet some unknown random guy posted, they have repeatedly laughed it off as just a twitter rumor .....hardly legit...
  19. jason54858

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    I demand that you provide me proof.
  20. cham39

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    Here's the link

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