Video: Jerry to TMZ: Zeke will not be suspended

Discussion in 'Drama Zone' started by Texas_Pete, Aug 10, 2017 at 7:41 AM.

  1. Texas_Pete

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    He should know better than talking to them :laugh:
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  2. jwooten15

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    With Jerry making all these comments about Zeke not being suspended, it's one of two things:

    1. Jerry knows more about the situation and knows what the league is doing behind the scenes and that Zeke actually isn't going to be suspended.
    2. Jerry keeps reiterating it because he is posturing against the league in case a suspension does get handled down.

    I hope it's the former.
  3. rynochop

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    I'm pretty sure Jerry already knows. It's almost like the NFL doesn't want to make a statement because they look so ridiculous in all of this.
  4. PA Cowboy Fan

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    The NFL caused this. Should have ended this investigation months ago and nobody would have thought twice. Now they have all this attention on them again. Roger is an idiot. It's like he has to suspend Zeke to save face.
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  5. Dash28

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    He has to know the outcome of investigation to keep saying no suspension, right?
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  6. diefree666

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    I really hope so. But is it once again a case of Jerry hoping against all odds?

    It is true that the NFL caused all this by such a ridiculous amount of time passing. If say right after the SB they had announced that there was insufficient cause for suspension no one outside of a few rabid feminists would have made any noise.

    NOW by taking a full year and then at the very end bringing in a panel of so called experts to judge it all it makes the NFL look like the Keystone Kops after years of drug abuse.
  7. jrumann59

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    NFLPA needs to get a time limit stipulation in there on the "investigations". I think the Kennedy Assassination re-investigation got wrapped up quicker, even with the conspiracy theories
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  8. daboyzruleperiod

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