Jerry wants Romo to work like Peyton.

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by zack, Apr 28, 2013.

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    That is so good.

    This far down the road Jerry ought to know what he has in Romo. He is what he is, if you wanted Manning type work hours around the clock...go get Manning or don't pay Romo what you did and then expect something different.

    Of course I have no idea what actually goes on, who spends how much time where or who does what but here is what I do know. When Romo says he's going to fix something in his game he has pretty much lived up to his word.

    I'm not a bash Jerry guy nor am I a Jerry supporter but he could spend some more time himself in the GM spot. Frankly, he should get out of the way.

    What happens when Romo does put in Manning type time and the team gets the same result? I sure as hell know who I'm going to look at.
  2. 5Stars

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    You kind of contradicted yourself right there, bro.

  3. hutch1254

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    Sorry, what I needed to add there is...if he isn't going to spend more time he should remove himself.

    After reading the full article it makes bit more sense, however, a so called GM with 20 plus years under his belt should know to keep this in house instead of blurting this out for media manipulation.

    Someone in the Dallas organization saying hello to Ed Werder turns into a media forest fire.
  4. skinsscalper

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    Don't bother. The stupid will always be......well......stupid.
  5. percyhoward

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    The comment shows they trust Romo enough to let him be a coach on the field. But then, the 108 million pretty much already said that and more.
  6. cowboyjoe

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    again, this speaks volumes on other stuff romo was doing in offseason etc...

    I said all along when it dallas cowboys time now, like draft and workouts leading up to the draft and after. That romo needed to put aside his golf, basketball and other stuff, spend more time like peyton does every day to get his team better, to work even at his home looking at film tapes with his wrs, tes, rbs, and OL.

    As well as having input into the offensive system and player selected.

    Now, last year, romo made what 11 plus million dollars, why wasnt romo doing what jerry jones was asking for to begin with. Romo has been here what 10 years since 2003.

    dont forget next year romo will make like 21 million.
  7. Beast_from_East

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    Jerry never said Romo is dogging it, he said he wants him to basically call the game from the line after putting the game plan together all week. There is only 1 QB in the NFL that does that right now and his name is Peyton.

    Don't see the disrespect at all, in fact Jerry basically wants Romo (not Garrett) to basically put together and run the offense.
  8. BigD_95

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    How about he is living his dream and playing football. He can do both but he doesnt have to make football his life. You dont think he should spend time with his wife and kids? So when football is over and his kids are all grown then he can see them? get real. I bet you aint working 11 hour days Monday - Saturday. Then put time in on Sunday. I bet he puts way more time in already then 99% of the people on this message board do at their jobs.

    If Jerry didnt like the hours he puts in then dont resign him. But if you think he would have to lick stamps your dreaming. There would be teams begging for him to sign with him. So he will never have to lick anything but his wife.
  9. Super_Kazuya

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    To me this is all silly... just a PR move by Jerry for the group of fans who are unhappy with the Romo contract. "Hey, we're gonna get our money's worth... Tony's gonna have an office right next to Jason. He'll even pull all-nighters right before a noon start." For Jerry to literally be up there talking in terms of hours ("be here Monday through Saturday and be here from seven in the morning to six o’clock at night") like Romo is a pizza shop manager is ridiculous.
  10. Wolf2k5

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    I took it as "hey we paid you 110 million so just show why we did" no ouch. Can't want all the control over no huddle I you not putting in 12 h days
  11. DFWJC

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    It speaks nothing at all in those terms.

    Sorry Joe, but you've always been on Romo's tail about having any sort of life outside of football. If you had your way he'd never see if wife and kid....or if he didn't have them, never play around of golf or go to church or whatever.
    It's sick to think we as fans become the masters of every hour of the day for these guys.

    Jerry said he already spends a ton of time there, but now they want even more. It sounds like Tony is all for it.

    But Jerry went a bit too far with the Peyton comment...bascially, Jerry is saying that out of the 75-100 qbs in the NFL, they want Tony to be the one spending more time than every single player eccept possibly Manning.
    It's actually kind of silly

    If you assume that Romo already works extremly hard, you wonder what the point of this is.

    Pro athletes that work hard are far less effective if they don't have some sort of balance. The best ones bust their tail on their jobs and then also have a life. Peyton seems to find time for commercials but most would agree that almost any QB that spent his type of hours at the office would suffer burn out.
    He is odd in that way.
  12. Little Jr

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    This has nothing to do with the offseason. Itas all about the regular season. The over all gameplanning is what he will be more involved with. I'm sure if he doesn't try out for the us open people will use that in their favor. Remeber though he didn't last year either.
  13. dogberry

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    Does Manning film/video his commercials in the off season? Do we actually know what Manning's schedule is?

    Doesn't an athlete need a good nights sleep to function properly?
  14. Risen Star

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    Excellent comeback.
  15. Apollo Creed

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    If the other 52 guys worked as hard as Romo they'd probably have a ring now. Especially in the mental aspect of the game, he's like a coach out there - always directing traffic while simultaneously trying to play the hardest position in all of sports at a high level. Not an easy job, especially behind this line with this coordinator, running game and defense.
  16. NJ22

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    If I were Tony, I would say get me a real O-line and I will stay late.
  17. DFWJC

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    I think he already does work long hours. They want him to work Peyton Manning type hours.

    Look, I love Aikman and Staubach. But I bet Tony works way more hours than they did. That's just today's NFL.
  18. Bleu Star

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    What a dysfunctional environment. Why make this sentiment public? Why express the sentiment after handing the bank over to Romo? If they want Tony to play a bigger role in the offensive play calling, work that out behind the scenes. All we need is a blurb and the finished product. Jerry is a trip!
  19. Gemini Dolly

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    That all sounds fine and dandy but if we still cant pick up the middle blitz and Romo is still tossing INT in the worst of times:eekmouse:......
  20. skinsscalper

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    I think that's why Frederick was the pick, GD. The guy is highly intelligent and stunts and blitz pick ups was his strength. I'm not going to proclaim that our issues up the middle are solved, but I think it's certainly a step in the right direction.

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