Jerry: "We’re the most popular TV show there is on television"

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by HoustonFrog, Apr 9, 2014.

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    We weren't in a position to pay him big bucks but many here didn't want to sign him for big bucks because of his health and drop off in production. I'm more concerned about his cervical spine being a problem. They did the right thing EVEN though they didn't have a choice. It just so happened what they couldn't do is what they wanted to do anyway.

    How hard is that for you to understand?
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    over the last few years, jerry and stephen have made a living, telling everyone and their uncle that we have managed the cap very well and can do anything and are not limited by the cap

    when one of them admits that they were limited in what they could do because of the cap, that is big news

    how hard is that for you to understand?
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    So, lemme see here, instead of being a contending team, we've now become reduced to being "the most popular show on TV?"
    Message to Jerry: bite your foolish tongue, old man!
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    The Cowboys have been very wise financially this offseason they haven't spent big dollars on free agents instead they've been shrewed by sign lower price players.

    Either that or they're up against the cap an couldn't afford to sign anyone of ilk because of past financial mistakes.
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    Those are not excuses. Especially in light of the fact I support each decison made.
  6. visionary

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    would have been nice if you had quoted my whole post

    it has nothing to do with whether we agree with the decisions or not

    you were giving the impression that the FO made those changes/decisions willingly which to you implied indicated a change in direction/decision-making while the point of my post was that jerry himself has clearly said that the reason for the decisions was cap space
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    So if we are the most popular show on TV where are our Emmys?
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    No surprise Jerry would say something like this.

    For Jerry the Cowboys are all about branding, popularity and profits, not winning.
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    I think they did make the change willingly and I'll say it (not imply it) and there is change in direction and decision making. The fact they did not restructure players (when they could have easily done so) is a radical change from prevous years. It's obvious the decision was made before free agency began that we are not doing business the same any more.
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    Actually, Jerry is trying to stoke is own ego and redirecting what he considers "success". He obviously can't taught winning as his legacy, so as he strolls off into the sunset, he is trying to remake his past.
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    I'll take Jerry jones actual words over your speculation any day about stuff he would never want to admit

    The fact that he admitted something the FO has steadfastly made fun of and denied in the past tells us it is true

    Jerry has a history of verbal diarrhea and this is a good example of it

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