Jerry's comments are freaking me out *MERGE*

Discussion in 'Coaches/Front Office Zone' started by phildadon86, Dec 8, 2016.

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    LOL. You've shown your true colors. You are more about an individual player than the team. You would be disappointed if Romo won the SB for this team. Notice you didn't even say anything about the outcome of the game? It's simply, "if Romo starts, I'm done."
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    Ive been a fan of this team for over 20 years. So yeah forgive me if a young kid gets us to the Chamionship (for the first time in history by the way) only to be benched for someone who hasnt played a snap in over a year makes me a little angry. Do you have ANY idea what that would do to this team or Daks loyalty to this team? I think about the bigger picture of this TEAM not one guy. Dont ever accuse me of showing my true colors for backing one of our guys over another. If Romo came in and lost the game, what would you say then? 6 one way half a dozen another. If it happens which is shouldnt and Romo loses, I will be looking for your posts on here. See how happy you are about the situation. I will never actually stop being a fan of this team, if you took the time to scroll down and see what i wrote afterwards i admit it was out of anger, and go as far as to say getting my cowboys tattoo removed would be difficult. So please, spare me your condescending nonsense. Sorry we all cant be all gung ho all the time no matter what the situation.
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    Romo will be the holder? I kid...I kid...
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    Let's be completely realistic here -- barring an injury to Dak, I don't expect Romo to be a factor in any way, shape or form in the playoff run or in the playoffs themselves. If you ask me, what Jerry is doing is nothing more than posturing to maximize Romo's trade possibilities next year. Jerry is dutifully exercising his best acting job -- nothing more, nothing less, in the hope that some hapless GM within the league might fall for it.

    Taking him at face value for what he's saying is to be walking on a slippery slope at best. This isn't the first time he's given lip service to sell what he's pushing for. Take it with a grain of salt and your expectations are far more likely to be fulfilled. This team doesn't want to do anything to disrupt what they have in front of them -- bank on it. If Jerry were to submit to a lie detector test, I'd venture to say the needle would go berserk.
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    Romo has gotten an continues to get his loyalty every week when Jerry's check clears the bank, other than that the team owes Romo nothing.
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    I get his love for Romo. It's been well established through his various comments. But, to put it out there the way he does in this piece... it's really wishing for injury to your starting quarterback. And what is so mind-blowing to me, is this assumption that Romo would come in and we would continue to win, even though he has played no meaningful football in forever. Not to mention what happens the first time someone comes unblocked because I guarantee that any opponent we face will come after Romo with the house. Make him prove he can take it, prove he can stand up to it. Even the dirty shots which he will absolutely get.

    I swear, I really wish it was just all about the Lombardi's.
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    I really wish he would just shut his face, but Im a dreamer
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    Stephen A. Smith was talking about this interview. I think Jerrah is trying to pump up the ratings for the Giant game by saying something stupid. Remember he is s showman.
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    Well didn't he just spend 50 million on the guy. Im sure he wants some sort of validation for that expenditure. I think he's going back and forth with his thoughts though and his mind is playing Jedi tricks on him. 50 million is a commitment and he doesn't want to throw Tony away. Im all up for giving Tony a set of downs right now to see what he can do. IMO, I don't think Tony is elite in the tracks of past star quarterbacks and quite still baffled on why he got such a contract. I'd give Sanchez a start over him. But thats me, Im just not a Tony Romo fanboy after following the Cowboys since 1968.
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    Not a big deal. Tony will need to be ready. That's the job of any backup QB. Thinking that Tony can still play a part in a Super Bowl run ( this season ) is factual. IF we lock up seeding ( Bye/HFA, etc ), Dak will see the field less, before the Playoffs, so Tony will be inserted in during that period. It's also possible he could be inserted during the Playoffs, depending on Dak's play/health. Let's not forget that Bernie Kosar stepped in for an injured TROY AIKMAN in an NFC Championship game & helped get us to our 2nd Super Bowl ( in the 90's ).
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    lol. Ole Jerry talks out of both sides of his mouth. He is the worlds greatest snakeoil salesman...don^t take anything he says seriously.
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    I wish I didnt half to, but he's the owner. He'll always have final say in the long run.
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    I mean this in no disrespectful way but I wonder how much longer Jerry has to be the owner and GM of this team. He's 74 years old and was a heavy drinker. Sooner or later this will be Stephen's team. I give it 4-5 years tops.
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    Some people may seek to hope that Jones cedes control to his son(s) at some point instead. Some people without adequate healthcare indulge in certain vices that are not healthy and they beat the odds as far as relative longevity is concerned. Jones is a billionaire with access to the best healthcare the entire world can provide. It wouldn't surprise me if he lives and stays in charge as long as Tom Benson in New Orleans. He's 89. The family is squabbling over control of his enterprises, including the Saints, and trust funds but he's still an active owner.
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    And if playing Dak instead of Romo prevents a SB? Would that be okay with you?

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