Jerry's "Uncomfortable" Comment

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WPBCowboysFan, Feb 14, 2013.

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    You really believe this? And you think other people are spinning things for their "agenda?"

    Jerry Jones publicly hand picked and groomed Garret to HC this team, making a 1st time OC the highest paid assistant coach in the league. He has given JG $6M the last two years for back to back 8-8 "disappointing" seasons. He was visibly angry after several losses this season, with good reason, and his hand picked golden child is starting to make him look like a fool - again.

    What about Jerry Jones has ever struck you as a 'patient, stay the course' kind of guy? When has he not in 20+ years of owning the Cowboys changing directions faster than Ricochet Rabbit on a coke bender? Are we not on our 3rd defensive scheme in 8 years?

    If Garrett was not included in that 'uncomfortable' speech it would be a) completely out of character for Jerry Jones, and b) an absolutely terrible way to handle this instead of just letting GARRETT talk about how people are going to be uncomfortable, or what he was planning to do this offseason. If this is all Jason's idea, why is Jerry spouting off about it?

    And how does anyone - even Jerry - think he he can say what he did, when he said it, how he said it, and not think the media and anyone else paying attention is going to interpret that as anything other than Garrett being taken down a notch? It doesn't make any sense.

    Unless, of course, you are spinning things for your "agenda."

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    If it came down to it and your life depended on the right answer.

    We would all answer the same way.
    We would answer correctly.

    And all our lives would be spared.

    Jerry is meddling and making more decisions than not. Jerry is daddy and Jason is sonny boy. Daddy is in charge.
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    AS GM Jerry has every right to tell a team and the fans of a 8-8 team things will be uncomfortable and that is not out of the ordinary around the league.

    Now you nor anyone else knows what the private conversations have been between the 2 and that is where the spinning takes place. To say well it was all Jerry is as much BS as claiming it was all Jason.

    Fact is you nor anyone else knows, that is plain and simple truth of it. You guys don't know, you can act like you do all day but you don't. It is like we have resident experts here yet all we have are unknowing fans with an opinion nothing more.
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    He certainly does have the right. More importantly, to paraphrase Ron White, he has ability.

    I don't know that NASA landed on the moon. I wasn't there either. But every piece of evidence I do have points pretty strongly to it.
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    Or they are 2 grown men capable of sitting down and evaluating the situation. Too bad we don't have any grown men here. I think some of you guys need to start a day time talk show like “The View” :laugh2:
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    They come out and make the comments of what is going on and when that does not fit the agenda then you look to sports writers who are not there they do not know they are not part of the meetings. So you take their word? Give me a break. I don't claim to know what is taking place too bad others can't seem to do the same. You guys run around acting as if you know and you don't. This is just another means to slam Jerry, Jason and the Cowboys.. That is is why is it getting to the point of not bothering to come here. The same crowd with their BS talk as if they know. You don't
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    No need to look in the mirror.

    I just look at the facts.

    So far you guys who think Jerry is doing everything and Jason is just a puppet havent even considered the facts, they dont fit your agenda and preconceived notions. Not have you even attempted to rationally deal with the playcalling issue or the John Garrett issue.
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    stop it guys, just stop it

    here is how it went down

    it was "group decision"

    basically, jason was sitting in his office reviewing tape, jerry was at the bar waiting for last call, stephen was trying to decipher how he would explain to jerry how he messed up the salary cap

    when it struck them... they had an epiphany

    all of them

    they all ran to valley ranch and met up in a central hallway and

    jason said... "jerry, i think.."

    stephen said... "...that we should..."

    jerry said... "...replace rob ryan, fire john garrett, and strip jason off playcalling and then not make a decision on who will call plays until the first pre-season game"

    and then they all went their merry way

    knowing they had made the best decision for the franchise... a group decision...

    i know the haters among you will not agree but that is exactly how it happened

    believe me... i know
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    Stop blaming the writers already. If Jason truly was the driving force behind all of these changes then Jerry handled this 100% wrong. Its like whacking a bee hive and then blaming them for stinging you.

    Except the OP's narrative goes against everything we know about Jerry. It doesn't fit the timeline of how things happened. It doesn't fit comments from Larry Lacewell and Monte Kiffin themselves.

    You have Jason Garrett himself in a press conference one day denying he will be giving up playcalling, then 3 days later after a meeting with Jerry saying he is comfortable with it. If it was all his idea to begin with, why the conflicting messages?

    You can attack the messengers all day, but until someone provides an actual coherent theory that fits the facts and statements we do actually have about what happened, then who is doing the "spinning?" Why is the same crowd mindlessly defending Jason or Jerry with a generic "you don't know, so I'm right" argument any better than the 'mindless" crowd bashing them?
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    Jason said his brother wanted to go somewhere else to further his coaching career. He clearly stated it was John's desire and that John had his blessing. It wasnt Jerry. It wasnt Jason. It was John.

    So either Jason is lying thru his teeth or he is telling the truth. It comes down to who you believe. Do you believe Jason? Or do you believe Ed Werder who is speculating and the rest of the mediots who want to sensationalize and justify their pathetic careers?

    If you swallow the mediot line, hook, line, and sinker, then you run with this stuff and keep building your Jerry conspiracy theory. Like any good conspiracy theory you can justify anything the way you want to and fabricate to support what you want it to.
  12. wileedog

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    Yes I'm sure Jason was very anxious to stand in front of the media and tell the whole country he fired his own brother because his boss made him do it.
  13. WPBCowboysFan

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    Especially if that is wasnt happened . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    Does everybody that leaves one place and goes to another do so because they have been fired? Or do some people want to go somewhere else because they wnat to do it?

    Where ddi this idea of firing the brother come from? Jerry? Jason? Mediots? Help me out here.
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    Whether you look at it half full or empty, it still doesn't change the amount of water in the glass.

    Jerry is near the bottom as GM over the last 17 years, said he would have fired himself last year...where does the hypocrisy end?
  15. wileedog

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    I'm not commenting on whether that particular story is true or not.

    My point is coaches lie to the media all the time. And particularly in this case when Jason had fair reason to do so.

    Your argument that Werder made this up, punctuated by the use of the word Mediots as if that somehow adds to the logic of it, is pointless when Garrett has just as much motivation to cover up what really happened, if not more so.

    Heck, Jason could have told his brother "if you don't go look for something else I may have to fire you" then nobody is actually lying, are they?
  16. Doomsday101

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    Jason could have said a number of things point is we don't know exactly how things went down. Creating a story to fit ones on views is just as bad.
  17. WPBCowboysFan

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    According to you:

    Coaches lie, so in this case Jason had fair reason to.

    Werder has far more credibility than Jason on the subject because in this case Jason has good reason to lie for the cover up.

    Jason could have told his brother to go look for something.

    Therefore, we must conclude that Jason lied. He has all the reason in the world to based on what Werder and the other mediots have speculated to be true.

    Do you even think before you post?

    I mean seriously, are you so blinded by your agenda that you cant see how ridiculous your post is?

    Jason is the HC and the brother. Jason said his brother had wanted to look at other opportunities in the past but was paid well to stay here instead. Jason said he now gave his blessing to his brother to pursue other avenues in order to advance his coaching career. At the very least the implication was that Jason was happy for his brother to go and do what he wanted to and was going to a good place.

    On the other hand, we have Werder who isnt the HC or the brother tell another story. Where did Werder get his intel from? Jason? John? Jerry? Does Werder have any 1sthand info? Or is Werder just trying to put pieces together w/o enough info to know what should even be a piece?

    So, we have Jason who is the HC and brother volunteer the info about his brother w/o even being asked about it and he says one thing. Werder who scurries about like a pack rat trying to gather info basically says Jason is told to fire his brother. Who do you believe? You decide to discard the 1sthand info from the source and go with Werder's speculation.

    Why? Why do you choose Werder over Red? It cant be based on the evidence, so it must be something else.

    Furthermore, it seems to be pretty common knowledge that Jerry likes Jason. That Jerry has had enough Garretts in the organization and is good to the family. It would follow that Jerry (even as dumb as he is) would not create a scenario to force Jason to fire his own brother. What is there to be gained by Jerry creating that scenario?

    And, do we really think that Jerry saw John Garrett as one of the real problems with this team? Was he unhappy with the TE Coach having a TE who set a receptions record? Or was he unhappy with the passing game coordination?

    Whats more likely, that Jason told the truth, or Werder's speculation based on MB doing better in NY as the primary TE?
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    Jerry makes all his staff sign a lifetime NDA. So who knows. It started after the great Jimmy Johnson left.
  19. KJJ

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    I think it's more uncomfortable around Valley Ranch for Jerry than anyone else.
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    So after 17 years of Jerry making crazy moves, firing guys, big trades that didn't work, FA signings like T.O. and coaches like Parcells, hand picking his coach in waiting to be OC without a HC yet...we are supposed to believe that all of a sudden Garrett is really doing all of this and Jerry is sitting there just ACTING like he wants to make it uncomfortable? Who are ya'll fooling? Here is a WAY more logical set of events based on the last 17 years

    a) Jerry hates losing, he's pissed. He probably wants to fire the whole staff including Garrett

    b) But Jerry doesn't want to seem like he is being impatient or looking silly..he already said he regrets firing a coach like Gailey in 2 years...not a bad move anyways. So he decides Garrett stays and others need to go

    c) So gets with Garrett, tells him what he wants done. Tells him he needs to do it and go along with it.

    d) Media starts ripping Jerry for de-balling Garrett. He remembers (b) above..he hates looking silly and takes it personally and

    e) Tada--Jerry didn't make those moves....Jason did..."see everyone, I can be hands off, I can do things right..I'm a real GM. Jason runs the show and has power"

    Pretty much how the management of this team has gone for close to 2 decades now.

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