Jess departing LAX for Lambeau Field

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Gemini Dolly, Sep 21, 2008.

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    While the the stars may be shuffling to Los Angeles for tonight’s star-studded Primetime Emmy Awards (stay tuned for our red carpet coverage!), there’s one Hollywood starlet who is jetting on out — Jessica Simpson!!
    The country star was seen departing from Los Angeles International Airport today wearing a number 9 Dallas Cowboys jersey with Romo written on the back.
    Jessica was accompanied by her dog Daisy and a security guard.
    So, where to? Wisconsin! Beau Tony Romo returns to his home state to start at quarterback for the first time at Lambeau Field tonight
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  3. Gemini Dolly

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    No problem. Just wait for it, I will probably get attacked for it, but who cares. Hey, at least the jersey is blue this time. No more pink.
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    You would think she would be able to afford an authentic jersey as opposed to the rep. Or maybe she got it from Tony and he isn't that serious. :D
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    You will never see Giselle in an airport wearing a Brady jersey. Too classy and not that publicity hungry.
    On a side note, Jessica's CD will only sell 9000 copies this week. Tony needs to open up the checkbook and bail her out.
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    At least she kept a low profile while watching the game.....

    I love that she is ignoring her haters and still proudly wears the jersey...I think Romo advises her "Don't put too much stock in what other people say"... :D

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