Jesse Daniels, New York Man Charged After Catching Vandals Destroying Home

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    A New York man could face time in jail after being accused of being too rough as he corralled four vandals into a closet until police arrived. The kids, ages 8 to 10, caused over $40,000 in damages to the home Jesse Daniels was renovating.

    WHAM details that Daniels said he’s spent years working with his father-in-law to renovate the Orchard Street home that is next door to his home. He took photos of the damage and said 17 windows were broken, the basement was barricaded with debris, and all the heat was turned on but electrical fixtures were smashed so he could not adjust it. Photos show holes in the dry wall, paint spilled and splattered throughout the home, chunks of porcelain chipped off of a bathroom tub, and a bathroom sink and toilet smashed to pieces.

    “It just looked like a bomb went off it really did I can’t believe the power that it took to send (electrical) outlets six-inches into the wall,” said Daniels. ”I’m very happy the children didn’t get hurt because porcelain shatters any one time they could’ve been blinded, they could’ve been slashed in the throat with a piece of porcelain.”

    The smell of gas and paint and paint thinner products also filled the home according to Daniels.
    “I’m thankful that it didn’t light because with the oil-based paint, one of them children could’ve been torched in a second, in a second,” said Daniels.

    Clyde Village Police took the children back to their parents and filed felony criminal charges of Burglary 2nd Degree and Criminal Mischief 2nd Degree. Those cases will be handled in Family Court and the results of each case is likely to remain sealed.

    Daniels believes that the boys committed the vandalism in retaliation for Daniels’ wife telling them earlier in the day to stay off the couple’s property.

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    If they're old enough to do that type of damage then they're old enough to be threatened with a hammer.

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    Their parents are certainly old enough to pay full restitution for the damages if found guilty.
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    That's probably what they're hoping to avoid with this 'traumatized' facade.
    Someone should grab the bunch of them by the throat.

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    "Hey guys, wanna ride our bikes or skateboards or play some video games? Nah, I know, let's destroy that guys house because we can't walk on his property. $40,000 in damages should do it."

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