Jessica Simpson's new song

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by gollum, Jul 23, 2008.

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    According to the NFL Network, she's got a new song that may garner Romo some grief with teammates. They are milking it to get higher ratings.

    It hasn't aired yet, but I'm going to go out on a limb and predict the title:

    "Do It Tony One More Time"

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    "I know... I'll never.... love this way again...."
    "so I keep holding on..."
    "until the good is gone"
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    Maybe it's a remake of...

    Save a horse....

    ah, never mind. :D
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    Good one.
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    oh you guys :rolleyes: ;)
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    I believe it's called You're My Sunday"
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    I hate Jessica Simpson
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    Jessica Simpson FTW with a rear naked choke!
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    I just checked,a site for radio stations,and there's nothing listed as of today.The only song still listed is"Come On Over".
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    same here.
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    “I plan on creating beautiful dresses in distinctive fabrics and silhouettes that are reflective of my personal style and offer something special to the market place” stated Jessica Simpson. The multiyear deal was sealed between The Camuto Group, which holds the master license for the singer-actress’ brand en G-III Apparel Group Ltd, to design, develop, manufacture and distribute the Jessica Simpson label dresses. .
    Debuting with a soft launch for Spring 2009 with a complete roll-out expected for the Fall 2009 season, the collection will be designed to complement the Jessica Simpson Collection’s already successful assortment of footwear, swimwear, handbags, sunglasses/eyewear, outerwear and jewelry and will continue to deliver on the brand promise of providing the consumer with stylish, contemporary products.

    For G-III, which already works with Camuto on the Andrew Marc footwear line, this relationship formed naturally.

    "Camuto has done such a great job with Andrew Marc shoes and we have known Vince [Camuto's chief executive officer] for years, since he was the owner of Nine West," Wayne Miller, chief operating officer at G-III, told WWD. "We really think that he has done an unbelievable job building the Jessica Simpson business and turning it into a lifestyle."

    According to WWD, sources close to the company estimate the Jessica Simpson shoe line alone will bring in about $250 million at retail this year. Camuto has said he is on his way to growing Simpson's licensing businesses into a billion-dollar franchise.

    Some of you will certainly have a fit if one day she becomes part owner In Cowboys!!! lol She's got money in Dallas many don't know about. lol

    Now read the next Link!!! lol

    Have a read!!
  15. Cajuncowboy

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    I would like to know what Jessica has ever done to get this kind of criticism.

    First of all she isn't a bad signer. She isn't great but there are not that many who are "great". She deserves to have the same chance at her dreams as anyone else.

    This town is an extremely tough town to get started in. There are more singers here that are broke and looking for anything than about anywhere else in the world. I've talked to many of the ones struggling and to some of those who made it and they all say the same thing.

    This industry will use you up and then spit you out. Labels have become the demonic entity in this business which is why you see so many of the top country artists starting their own labels and recording studios. They want the freedom to do their music their way.

    Jessica should have the same opportunity as all the others. And the link above does set the record straight a bit about the booing.

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