Jets Revis to the bucs agreement in principle

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by sbark, Apr 21, 2013.

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    The New York Jets have agreed in principle on a trade to send star cornerback Darrelle Revis to Tampa Bay for undisclosed draft picks and the Buccaneers have agreed to a long-term contract that will make Revis one of the highest paid non-quarterbacks in the NFL, according to multiple sources.
    Revis boarded a private jet Sunday morning to fly to Tampa Bay for an official physical, although the Buccaneers medical staff is already aware of the results of an MRI exam Revis took April 15 when he returned to the Jets’ offseason program. Assuming the physical goes well, a final agreement could be reached by Sunday night or Monday morning.
    “There’s a .001 chance this deal doesn’t happen, so I don’t want to say it’s done,” one source said. “There’s always a chance something could go wrong, but it’s unlikely.”
  2. Rack Bauer

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    I wonder if this will have any effect on the top 17 picks? Not sure where The Jets and Bucs pick...

    Ok just checked so it probably won't effect the CB's take in the top 17. Just that the jets will take one the Bucs would have maybe?

    And now the Bucs may go offense? WR hopefully. They better not be messing with my guards. :D
  3. BAZ

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    So they are going to have the highest paid lineman and CB, interesting way to build a team.
  4. Muhast

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    Well I believe the compensation is expected to include the Bucs first rnd pick.

    So the Jets will draft 9 and 13.
  5. sbark

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    makes one wonder why the Buc's passed on Clairborne a year ago.......for not that much for the Cowboys to move up, and then pay a price here--granted, I suppose the best at his position.
  6. Idgit

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    All this for a CB?
  7. jobberone

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    Well we all know DBs aren't important anyway. Right????

    Not sure I'd pay near QB money for a CB though.

    I hope both clubs come away thinking they won this one then all will be right.

    Here's the current draft order:

    Round 1
    1. Kansas City (2-14)
    2. Jacksonville (2-14)
    3. Oakland (4-12)
    4. Philadelphia (4-12)
    5. Detroit (4-12)
    6. Cleveland (5-11)
    7. Arizona (5-11)
    8. Buffalo (6-10)
    9. New York Jets (6-10)
    10. Tennessee (6-10)
    11. San Diego (7-9)
    12. Miami (7-9)
    13. Tampa Bay (7-9)
    14. Carolina (7-9)
    15. New Orleans (7-9)
    16. St. Louis (7-8-1)
    17. Pittsburgh (8-8)
    18. Dallas (8-8)
    19. New York Giants (9-7)
    20. Chicago (10-6)
    21. Cincinnati* (10-6)
    22. St. Louis - from Washington* (10-6)
    23. Minnesota* (10-6)
    24. Indianapolis* (11-5)
    25. Minnesota - from Seattle* (11-5)
    26. Green Bay* (11-5)
    27. Houston* (12-4)
    28. Denver* (13-3)
    29. New England* (12-4)
    30. Atlanta* (13-3)
    31. San Francisco* (11-4-1)
    32. Baltimore* (10-6)
  8. Avery

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    Hard to say how it really affects the action in front of us. Tampa really needed a CB and outside of Millner, it's probably a stretch to put anyone else in the top 15. They probably would have gone DL with a focus at DT since they lost half of their starters.

    I'd be shocked if the Jets don't take a pass rusher and could offer the best package to anyone in a trade up. I also don't think it's a stretch if they take a flyer on Geno Smith.

    Long story short, this probably helps more than hurts on paper. Whether it helps four days from now or not is the undecided question.
  9. Rack Bauer

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    Ah, I heard it was a 2nd.

    A first would help us though cuz the Jets don't need OL.
  10. Shunpike

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    being from New York, I can watch Jets closely. The rumor is they will take Tampa's 1st and 3rd this year and 5th next year. This is a nice haul for a guy who is in the last year of his contract and coming from an ACL injury.

    Jets' new GM seems like a smart guy and is nothing like old GM Tannenbaum who was a mess.

    Good move for Jets and dumb move for Tampa. What if the guy tears his ACL in the camp and is gone for another year. You don't tie up that much money to primadona CB.
  11. Muhast

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    Yea in almost positive it includes 13 from tampa. So the jets can take ol/de or de/qb or whatever combo they would like. Maybe de/wr?
  12. Beast_from_East

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    Talk about getting

    Stupid move by the Bucs, just plain stupid.
  13. Woods

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    hopefully the Jets now use one of those 1st rounders to draft a QB. Pushes someone down to us.
  14. Risen Star

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    Horrific decision by the Bucs. There is no chance it pans out for them.
  15. TheFinisher

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    There's no one the Bucs could have drafted at 13 that would have the same kind of impact as Revis, and it ain't close.

    Trading a mid-1st, and some combination of a 3 and 5 over the next 2 drafts for the best defensive player in the league in his prime is not a "horrible" decision. TBH, I'm surprised the Jets didn't demand more.
  16. Tezz

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    I like the move by the Bucs 1st this year and a conditional 3rd/4th next year. The new Revis deal contains supposedly zero guaranteed money...
  17. CashMan

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    96mill no guaranteed money is insane, I thought the Buccs at first, we dumb to do this, but I think they are the winner now.
  18. Muhast

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    It has to have at least 1/3 guaranteed. There is no way he'd sign otherwise.
  19. lwehlers

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    I also believe it is a bad deal for tampa. to lose a first round pick on a player coming off injury. I read that there is no guarantee money though. the jets could draft the best guard or tackle and a wr to help fix that awful offense. they still are stuck with sanchez.
  20. Gaede

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    How is it a stupid move? Revis is one of the best players in the entire league. There's not a single player in this draft who even has that kind of potential.

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