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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by trickblue, Aug 15, 2005.

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    Jen-Jen was asked to give positive comments today. She said she would try.

    • Thompson has effectively made this squad. He would never clear to the practice squad.
    • Thompson has a history of screw-ups. We hope he can steer clear of that for once.
    • BP has left it open to carry 4 RB's and 1 FB.
    • Tucker hurt both Romo and Henson.
    • Henson played so much better than he has practiced as did Romo.
    • Throw the ball to Witten when things get stalled. He seems to make things happen.
    • Aikman said some guys play better than they practice. Henson just may fit that role.
    • Q was like that as well, and the problem is that it makes it difficult to gameplan.
    • Davis had a rough night. The secondary otherwise looked pretty good. Davis did have a good night on special teams.
    • Gurode should NOT be starting over Johnson. Mental mistakes are still there and killed a drive.
    • Parcells may be over micro-managing. He needs to turn some of this over to the assistant coaches.
    • Dallas was as unmentally tough as they ever have been.
    • Dallas fans should have there finger near the panic button, but wait until Monday night with the first team playing a full half before you press it
  2. JakeCamp12

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    Good observations....
  3. Bungarian

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    She always gives a good interview.
  4. Charles

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    Wow, she must have some serious inside access.

    How exactly would she know how many mental mistakes Gurode made?

    What exactly did Al Johnson do during his time against back-ups/3rd stringers/ camp fodder players that would make Jenny believe he would have given a better performance against starters.

    Players who perform at an average level in previous season aren't handed starting jobs in camps. Al Johnson allowed Gurode to catch-up in the off-season. He allowed Gurode to take playing time away from him with the 1st team in camp so far.

    If Al Johnson was having a great camp he would be taking every snap with Flozell, Allen and Rivera.
  5. adbutcher

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    I didn't watch both exclusively but at the moments when I did watch them, Gurode performed better.
  6. PlayMaker88

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    Yea, I'll get the panic button ready because of JFE's observations :rolleyes:
  7. Charles

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    I can't come to any conclusions about their performances from a mental stand point because until we factually know their assignments any conclusions one way or the other are based on personal opinion.

    But physically both players had some problems and got beat. So did Rivera and Flozell.

    It will be interesting to hear Parcells take on the situation.

    Maybe a birdie on the coaching staff dropped a blurb in Jenny's ear after the game or film session. I don't know but atleast she's putting her football knowledge on the line in this scenario.
  8. LaTunaNostra

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    Yes, and particularly hard when the coach is a 'micro-manager' who won't run a play that hasn't succeeded X amount of times in practice, and won't trust a young rb to pick up a blitz in game time if he whiffed one in practice.

    This has always been Tuna's, coming off a year when the coordinators did not exactly shine, installing a new defensive scheme, and integrating yet another new QB, that tendency COULD take on frightening proportions. :D

    Were I Bill, I'd just maybe be asking myself why it was that I am so obsessed with counting mental errors and making penalties, but my players keep making them!

    I'd also be ruminating on the failure of my most famous assistant when he coached in Cleveland, and his astounding success when he, in his own words "stopped micro-managing" in New England.
  9. Charles

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    I guess it also easy to stop micro-managing when your handed a nucleus of proven players like Law, Milloy, Bruschi, McGinest, Brown, Johnson et tl as compared to guys in Cleveland.

    Parcells is micro-managing because of what happened last season. He going back to being himself.
  10. Chocolate Lab

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    Not really... He didn't micromanage when he had Belichick, Muir, Henning, et al. Of course, he knew he didn't have to when he had those guys.
  11. Charles

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    yes he did. Parcells has always micro-managed. Henning, Belichick and Muir success can't rewrite history. Parcells has always been the man in charge from the cleats to the design in play-calling.
  12. NorthDalal

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    Trust Jen.

    Anyone who thinks Al Johnson was auditioning for anything Sat. was drinking too much Parcell's Koolaid.

    Remember Parcells explaining the first season how he likes to put everyone under pressure to see how they will react when discussing the Chutch/QC competition?

    Try to keep that in mind when trying to read the tea leaves at the center position as well as Ellis, Glover, Singleton, Tucker, Roger's and Romo/Henson. Laid back incumbents & vets will always be challenged by over-hyping hard-working younger players especially early in camp, and especially if the incumbent or high draft choice doesn't have a very stong work ethic or pain tolerance.

    But as fan's don't bite, listen to Jen and Micky and Fish....
  13. LaTunaNostra

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    CL, then maybe he needs to have some faith in the coaches he himself hand picked.

    He ran Mo off and has de-balled Payton. When I see him meekly approach Bill on the sidelines, I want to upchuck. And to think he could now have Norv's job..the emasculation started in NY with Fassel, and I don't think he's ever recovered from it.

    No comment on Zim as half the board seems to think, wrongly, Mike came in already neutered.

    But it really made me LMAO! when Bill attributed his OC-by-committee approach to not wanting to be a 'dictator'.

    Don't tell me that one didn't make you smile, too. ;)
  14. speedkilz88

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    Were you able to record the game too? Because if you are able to watch the game again and watch Gurode you will change your tune about his performance. He didn't block anyone in space. He was dreadful.
  15. Chocolate Lab

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    It sure did. :D
  16. Ken

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    You know, Gurode was simply horrible in the first half of the game. Rarely made a block, missed everything, everytime he pulled. Penalty. I just don't see it. I am going to evaluate Johnson's game when I get home to really see if there is a marked improvement between the two.

    I just know that Parcells think Johnson is a "trained pig". That is a great compliment for an Olineman.
  17. MichaelWinicki

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    Panic button? Damn right panic button. We need to see something very good Monday night or things are going to get ugly very fast.
  18. Chief

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    Good stuff. The sideline is fun to watch. I've never seen a coach dominate the sidelines like Parcells does .... everyone around him looks scared to death.

    It's like Landry at that Ram game in the mid-1980s when there was a death threat (supposedly a sniper) and no one would stand next to him.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    I was thinking Lombardi but your right about Landry. Chuck Noll was also like that.
  20. Kilyin

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    What little faith I had left in Parcells is fading fast. He better have this team ready to go for the Seattle game, preseason or not. It'd be nice to see a BLITZ.

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