Jimmy Graham reaction to banned goalpost dunks

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Mar 25, 2014.

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    And I miss the days where all of the WR's and RB's weren't celebrating and bringing attention to themselves. Back when it was about the game of football, and your team was more important than you.

    That was great.

    Ahh I'm getting emotional here.
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    Yeah, shame on those WR's who brought attention to themselves!
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    Didn't like it then either. Loved the TD's, .. not the "look at me!" showboating.
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    It's a penalty because he hung on to the goal post. If he had just dunked the ball and been done with it, there would be no new rule. But Jimmy had to go and screw it up. :(
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    Doesn't it seem strange that they worry about excessive celebration but coaches had to petition for the rights to wear a suit a couple games a year..

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    A few things:

    His attitude was, "winning is for us, the Dallas cowboys, and the other team is trying take that from... No way man, no way... Not on my watch" - I love that!!!

    His arm extension and then slamming the ball on its side is the best and my favorite TD celebration. It's like an exclamation point of, "I am here, in the end zone, where I belong, where my team belongs"

    Man, so much of that is missing nowadays! I miss it!
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