Jimmy Haslam, the FBI & the 158 Pages That Will Cost Him The Browns.

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by M'Kevon, Apr 21, 2013.

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    New Cleveland owner looks to enjoy short run. From a Browns website.

    "Straight from the FBI document:
    CHS-2 has advised, and the consensual recordings show that various reports, including diesel sales profitability reports [which would show the manual rebate savings(my edit)], are sent by email to senior members of Pilot's management structure, including CEO Jimmy Haslam.
    The next 15 or so pages of the document outline what the Feds want from the Pilot offices. They name offices. They name people. They name specific computers, even name specific files. They knew exactly what they wanted, and they knew exactly where they were. In other words, they had their in order. They crossed T's, dotted i's and even made sure the o's were perfect circles. They even discovered that Pilot had kept a back-up of every file at another location. They found a third location that received Fed Ex packages for some Pilot employees, and they believed that there could be computers there. They knew it all.

    They went for warrants.

    Over the next few days, the Feds photographed every entrance, every car and even traced every license plate at both locations. They were getting ready. On April 15th, the day in which the next wave of manual rebates were to be sent out, the FBI and the IRS executed search warrants and seized everything they wanted. Just for good measure, they went back the next day and got more."

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    The Feds know what they are doing and rarely lose when they zero in on people.
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    I haven't followed it at all.

    What's the deal?
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    His family's company, which owns the Pilot/Flying J truckstop chain was allegedly shorting customers on their diesel rebate program to the tune of millions of dollars. They allegedly were using accounting tricks to hide the profits and fool the customers.

    I personally know of issues with the rebate program so I fully expect this to be true, the only question is whether it went the whole way to the top or if it were rogue employees.
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    as widespread as it is it will be very hard for him to prove he did NOT at least know about it. And if it stinks bad enough the rest of the owners will force him out.

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