Jimmy Johnson calls Jerry Jones' G.M. claims a "crock"

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jgboys1, Nov 7, 2012.

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    As far as Jimmy, there's no doubt he was probably able to catch lightning in a bottle. Coming directly from the college game, he was probably very familiar with the young talent coming out.

    However, it isn't a coincidence that they built a dynasty with him in Dallas....and haven't even been able to reach the playoffs on a regular basis since.
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    He explained that on NFL AM this morning. Something about Marino being at the end of his career. He made the defense a lot better. Made the playoffs 2 outta 3 years.

    You'll have to watch the show to get the rest, I don't recall the whole interview.
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    If Jerry was the the "Real GM" and constructed the personnel of the 90's dynasty team then he would have rebuilt it long ago. The problem is Jimmy's right and Jerry had very little to do with it. You don't forget to how to ride a bike. Jerry has failed since Jimmy left because he's still learning how to ride, he's not very good, he's slightly below average and a big part of that is his ego and ownership gets in the way.

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    The funny thing in all of this Jimmy-Jerry feud is that there are a number of underrated folks that if it were not for their contributions, the back to back Super Bowl championships would not have happened.

    Their names? Bob Ackles, Dick Mansperger and John Wooten. These three, all holdovers from the prior regime, helped Johnson establish the scouting side of the team to draft as well as they did. Johnson's personal knowledge of the players was certainly a help, and his "fishnet" approach with trading around the draft revolutionized the draft process. The work of Ackles, Mansperger and Ackles in doing the legwork scouting players made this whole system work.

    As far as the Ackles breakup, all three men mentioned above were gone from the team by the beginning of the 1992 season. Ackles was fired by Jones after he went to Jones to raise a concern about the scouting staff not receiving a playoff share for the 1991 season - something that was atypical for the NFL (not receiving the playoff share). Jones got angry with Ackles for raising the point, and fired him a short time after telling Ackles that he would provide the money for the staff. Wooten was dismissed a short time later, and his role was given to Stephen Jones. Mansperger resigned after that, and was replaced by Larry Lacewell (interesting fact - for all of the hand wringing that has been done by Cowboy fans over Lacewell, he was brought to the team by Johnson, not Jerry Jones. If Jones was truly the hands on GM that he claims he was, wouldn't he have hired Lacewell? As a further note, Johnson was the best man at Lacewell's wedding.)

    Ackles was hired by Johnson in Miami when he took the Dolphins head coaching job.

    Ackles wrote a book about his time in football (he was a legend in the CFL, rising from being a Water Boy to being a top executive with the British Columbia Lions). It's called The Water Boy. It's well worth the time spent reading it. He had no love lost for Jerry Jones.
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    Excellant post, thx for passing this info along. Added that book to my amazon wish list, Adam Sandler made a pretty good movie about it but they say the book is always better ;)
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    So when Jimmy said, "Jerry started putting all those titles on himself after I left," that's not literally what he meant. What he meant was "Jerry had all those titles before I left."

    And when Jimmy said, "He didn’t call himself general manager and president and all that stuff when I was there," that's not literally what he meant. What he meant was, "Jerry called himself the general manager and president when I was there."

    And when Jimmy said, "He was just the owner," that's not literally what he meant. What he meant was, "He was the owner, president and general manager."

    And when Jimmy said, “I was the personnel director there with the Cowboys," that's not literally what he meant. What he meant was, "I was never the personnel director there with the Cowboys. Bob Ackles and Stephen Jones were."

    I see. Good to know we can trust Jimmy to always tell the truth, even if it comes out of his mouth as completely false.
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    There's your answer.........After the Cowboys became financially solvent, Jerry wanted to get into the football side and I'm sure Jimmy knew it was only a matter of time and saw that the end was near.

    Kudos to Jimmy though. I think as he gets older he wanted to set the record straight for his legacy. Jerry's been living off Jimmy for over 2 decades and then used Parcells to get his stadium built. Anyone that believes this guy is anything but a snake oil salesman is a fool.

    I wonder if Jerry will come back with a response of his own? This could get interesting.
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    GAC was saying today that Jimmy retracted the comment about Jerry not having the GM title via twitter. But he said he still made the football decisions.
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    “Jimmy is coach and chief executive officer of the Dallas Cowboys,’” Jones told Miklasz. “Jimmy has the capacity to run major corporations, so he can certainly handle the Cowboys. It’s a unique situation, but he has unique abilities.”

    In the excerpt below, Miklasz explains that Johnson’s powers extended well beyond the football field:

    In fewer than 100 days at Valley Ranch, Johnson has:

    *Fired Gil Brandt and reorganized the scouting department. Johnson
    made each of the Cowboys’ 14 draft picks last month.

    *Personally negotiated player contracts. The last time an NFL coach
    handled contracts regularly was [George] Allen, in the early 1970s with the

    *Taken over production of the Cowboys’ two weekly television shows;
    he determined that the shows could be more profitable under a new
    set-up and hired a new producer to coordinate the effort.

    *Studied the team’s ticket operations. He recently reviewed the
    list of complimentary tickets handed out under the previous regime and
    decided to cut down. Johnson picked up the phone and began calling
    total strangers, telling them their free tickets had been eliminated.

    It’s hard to envision, say, a Buddy Ryan worrying about ticket
    distribution. It’s a wonder Johnson finds time to make it to the hair

    Johnson is so actively involved in so many areas, that the team’s
    office staff recently was juggled to provide him with a second

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    This is a very fair criticism of Jerry Jones.

    As far as Barry Church goes, go back and listen to his interviews from DC.com and the Talkin' Cowboys episode where Broaddus and Mickey talked to him about becoming a starter.

    He never said that he "arrived" and he's always said that he will have to continually work at getting better.

    On the other hand you have KO saying this with the encouragement of Jay Ratliff:

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    nice find. I'm guessing Jimmy wont be invited to the Cowboys Christmas party this year. And I bet Jason spent his last fishing trip with the Jimster while he's employed by Jerry. At first I thought this was a ploy to generate ratings for the NFL network show but now it appears to be a full blown war. Or maybe this what Ol' Jerry had in mind when he said he'll stirr something up before apathy sets in. He had his ol college buddy Jimmy do the stirring for him. He might go ahead and re-sign TO to keep everybody on their toes.
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    Great find! I think Adam has cleared up the literal issues and this article certanly puts to bed the question of who called the shots between Jimmy and Jerry.
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    You should be ashamed of yourself for pretending not to know EXACTLY what he meant by everything he said.

    Unless I missed the point of your post?
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    that was then, with KO talking about getting picked up in FF. Nowadays he's owned by a measly 22% in all leagues. he put up 15 points vs atlanta and he's still a free agent. in the real world he'll never see the Laurent Robinson contract they were talking about. he's just too inconsistent. doesnt do anything great: dime a dozen in my book.
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    fixed that for you :eek:
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    It's the premise of the whole interview, where suddenly KO is a savior after one game.
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    Nice...Jerry is so full of it.

    If he would have just been happy being a rich owner, he would have gotten at least 5 rings and been a legend in the NFL. His ego led him down the path of being a clown. Sad.
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    Great find, semantics be damned.
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    Don't destroy a good fantasy with facts... allow the kids to keep believing in fairy tales..
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    You're making me mad throwing all this facts and truths around... You're going to break up a perfectly, good fantasy..

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