Jimmy Johnson calls Jerry Jones' G.M. claims a "crock"

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jgboys1, Nov 7, 2012.

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    Who cares!
  2. wileedog

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    A group hired by, accountable to, and ultimately subjective to Jerry Jones.

    Who was not hired by, accountable to, or subjective to anyone.
  3. Bleu Star

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    Thanks for exposing the fraud Jimmy. I miss you.
  4. Cowboy_Shawn

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    Nice attempt at a spin. That was then and this is now. He was GM by title then because he was so new to the league, but now that he’s been in the league for well over 20 years, he considers himself a walk-around coach.

    And as Jimmy stated, it was in his CONTRACT that Jimmy had the final say on personnel decisions. Therefore, Jerry had no choice but to allow Jimmy to exercise his powers otherwise he’d have been in violation of the contract.

    Again, as Jimmy pointed out, no other Cowboys coach has had that language in their contract since Jimmy departed. Therefore, Jerry has free reign to meddle and make decisions as he sees fit.

    If it weren't for those contractual restrictions that limited Jerry's ability to interfere, I honestly believe we don't win those 3 Super Bowls in the 90s.
  5. Cowboy_Shawn

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    Exactly. I have no doubt that Jerry considers input from the staff. However, he's too easily influenced by the loudest voice in the room or the last voice he hears.

    It would be nice to have a GM in place who actually knows the game and is actually 100% dedicated to his role as a GM. Instead we're stuck with a part time GM.

    I've said before that whereas a typical NFL GM may work 80 hours a week, Jerry probably only dedicates 30 hours a week to his GM duties because he too busy juggling other projects. Thus Dallas is never on an even playing field with other franchises in that regard.
  6. ScipioCowboy

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    Absolutely right.

    Having said that, I can't wait until we start having some more success around here. I'm going absolutely batty having to hear this same debate each and every year.
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    this thread is depressing.

    the documentary was depressing.

    the current Dallas Cowboys are depressing.

  8. crazytown41

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    I was hoping Jimmy would finally speak out after we all heard Jerry take credit for the 3 SB's on Sunday night.

    Jimmy's been biting his tongue and taking the high road long enough.

    I can only pray that finally exposing Jerry for the fraud that he is will knock some sense into him.
  9. crazytown41

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    Yes. one of the best at the tail end of his career. You do realize Marino was a starting QB and made the SB in the early 80's right? Do the math. :)
  10. Cowboy_Shawn

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    I just listened to the interview and Jimmy confirmed for me what I've always suspected.

    Jimmy stated that during those first 3-4 years Jerry was so tied up with the financial aspects of the Cowboys and deals for the stadium that he wasn't that involved with the actual football team. He said Jerry didn't have time for that stuff back then.

    Confirming what I've long suspected and argued here in the past.

    Anyone who believed Jerry rolled into the NFL as a green GM with no football experience and immediately built a football dynasty is delusional. Jerry had been away from the game of football for over 20 years. He was nothing more than a businessman when he arrived in Dallas.

    Frankly it's insulting that Jerry keeps throwing out those 3 Super Bowls as proof that his way works. It's as if he assumes we're too stupid to put 2 and 2 together.

    This franchise would be a lot better off under different ownership.
  11. SWG9

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    Yep, you would have to be awfully, awfully gullible to believe things went down the way Jerry said they did.
  12. Double Trouble

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    :laugh2: at those who defend Jones.

    He's the laughingstock of the sports world right now. Enjoy Jerry.
  13. junk

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    Which obviously isn't working.

    And when the group is a bunch of unqualified yes men, you struggle to acquire talent.

    Not to mention the horrible culture that Jerry creates.

    I think this is the only place on the internet where people actually debate if Jerry is a detriment to the team. It is a given anywhere else.
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    I completely agree with you on this one.
  15. Wolfpack

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    Not only that but consider this; who is telling the scouts what to look for? The HC? They change out so fast, they never really get their guys in place. Thats the stability a real GM provides, a system & strategic way of building a team. That approach may evolve but it doenst knee jerk around each season.

    Dallas has a group think led by someone who surrounds himself with yes men...thats how you get stuff like bringing in TO, Dez, Quincy Carter and the RW11 trade. Anyone really think Jason wanted Dez? Jason says he wants a certain kind of player...does Dez fit that mold? Heck no, that was a Jerry pick for sure.
  16. Bluestang

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    This is pure speculation because no one knows for sure who agreed/disagreed on the selection of Dez Bryant.

    Besides we only traded two spots to get Bryant who was a top 10 pick. Go back and look at the draft selection from 2010 and tell me who would you select in that bottom quarter of the draft at 27?

    Who is responsible for the Jason Williams pick in 2009? Was it Jerry or Wade "standing on the table" for him?

    Was it Chuck Pagano that decided to change to a 34 defense or first year GM Ryan Grigson?
  17. Diogenes

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    At this rate you'll be committed and watching the success from St. Elizabeths.
  18. CATCH17

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    "The current Dallas Cowboys are a country club." - Jimmy Johnson
  19. Joe Rod

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    Jimmy called the Bills "sloppy" going into that first Superbowl. He knew his team would create turnovers and beat them. Well, that is what every team in the league thinks of this year's Dallas Cowboys.

    No doubt who called the shots in Dallas back then.
  20. ConcordCowboy

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    Jimmy also said that Jerry wasn't the Devil Incarnate...which is a Crock.

    He absolutely is.

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