Jimmy Johnson calls Jerry Jones' G.M. claims a "crock"

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jgboys1, Nov 7, 2012.

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    Beliichick started his coaching career in 1975 as an assistant with the Colts and worked his way up the ranks before becoming an NFL head coach in 1991 with the Browns. He spent 12 years with the Giants becoming a very successful defensive coordinator under Bill Parcells. Belichick was a big reason why the Giants won the SB in 86 and 90. Parcells never won a championship without Bellichick who had 16 years of coaching experience before landing his first NFL head coaching job.

    Garrett had less than 6 years of coaching experience before becoming the Cowboys interim head coach. Garrett has the least experience of any current NFL head coach. Ron Rivera is the second least experienced head coach and he had 15 years of coaching experience before landing the head coaching job in Carolina. The odds on Garrett becoming the next Belichick are slim and none. Belichick didn't become what he is until 2001 when Brady took over for Drew Bledsoe. It took over 26 years for Belichick to be considered a great NFL head coach.

    It could take another decade just for Garrett to develop into a decent head coach. He still hasn't learned how to manage a clock that could take another 5 years. He's going through on the job training teams are suppose to develop players not their head coach. You're suppose to hire a head coach who's ready to be a head coach not one you have to teach on the job. If Jerry wanted Garrett as his head coach he should have kept him as an assistant under a competent head coach for a few more years so he could continue to learn and would have been ready to be a head coach.

    Garrett is in over his head it's obvious to everyone and it's making Jerry and the organization look foolish. How embarrassing it must be for Jerry to constantly have to answer questions about the competence of his head coach and his inability to manage games.
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    Its so funny to see the Garrett ferretts trumpet their "But..but...but... LANDRY....but....but....but Belichick!"

    Uh no. Those are terrible terrible comparisons for reasons stated here.
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    I'm failing to follow your arithmetic.

    Wade took over Parcells team in 2007. One with an emerging core of players just entering their prime. Garrett took over Wade's 1-7 team on the fly in 2010. An older roster coming apart at the seams.

    You can't possibly believe an offensive coordinator was responsible for the personnel decisions that led to that.
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    Huh? Your saying that core of players are part of this older roster coming apart at the seams? Who exactly were this group of core players that somehow marks a difference between Wade and Garrett's era? The same core group of players are here, aren't they?

    And who was responsible for bringing Brad Johnson and Kitna here? Wade? Diidn't Wade want Chris Johnson over Felix Jones?

    So once again, one losing season out of 4, and the other, yet to make a play-off game and getting consistently worse each year...
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    Mike fisher is annoying as all hell. Hate it when he comes on 105.3
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    actually, one can believe that.

    garrett was instrumental in detailing what players he wanted for the offense including felix jones. we aren't guessing here, he told us that himself.

    the big knock on garrett is that he was never really very successful here offensively aside from when t.o. dominated. he was able to push t.o. out (quite likely a very deserved boot to the butt btw) BUT he never truly brought the offense back to life.

    romo, witten, miles, felix, free. these guys have been mainstays under garrett. they just haven't all achieved as desired.

    again, garrett SHOULD have been hired based on his potential as a long-term head coach. jerry says he was hired as an offensive guru though and that is why people want jerry drug-tested and suspended from the NFL.

    i find it very hard to believe jason garrett won't be a very good nfl head coach at some point. i also believe we are not at that point yet.
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    The Garrett supporters that are dwindling by the week are so desperate in their attempts to defend him they mention him in the same breath with Jimmy and Landry. :rolleyes: In their defense of Garrett they'll tell you both Landry and Jimmy started off bad and all he needs is more time. They fail to mention that Landry started off with an expansion team that was regarded as one of the top 10 worst teams in NFL history. Landry didn't even have a draft pick in 1960. He didn't inherit a Tony Romo, Demarcus Ware or a Jason Witten.

    Landry had to build the Cowboys from the ground up starting with scraps. It only figured it would take years to make that team competitive. When Jimmy took over the Cowboys in 89 the team was a wreck. It was so bad Jimmy said his Miami Hurricane team could have probably beaten that Cowboys team. Like Landry's first team Jimmy's was rated as one of the top 10 worst teams in NFL history. Jimmy had to do what Landry did build the Cowboys from the ground up.

    Garrett took over an established Cowboys team that was picked by many to go to the SB prior to the 2010 season. He was handed a talented team that was lacking, passion, discipline and solid coaching. The same things the team lacked when Garrett took over they still lack 32 games later. The turnovers and penalties that plagued the team when he took over still plague the team. The culture in Dallas hasn't changed since Garrett took over.
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    Haven't scaned this whole thread and it's probably been mentioned but the Cowboys’ media guides from 1989-93 show Jones with the title of president and general manager. But we get your gist Jimmy...it's allll about you!
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    You bet your sweet "assets" it is a crock. Someone needs to have the hammer... be the bad guy... and Johnson was "definitely" that!!!

    Garrett will never be that type of coach! He is a mental midget next to Jimmy Johnson!
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    If Garrett is'nt careful, he will soon go the way of Norv Turner, who was instrumental to the Cowboy's success in the nineties but who has done little as a head coach.
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    Of course he could've just fired Jimmy. That's ultimately what he did.

    Otherwise, you're just arguing semantics. Bottom line is Jerry wasn't there making the final call the same way he is now. And you know it. Now he sits in the cowboys draft room and makes the final call, vs. telling Jimmy to pretend to confer with him when Jimmy was about to make the picks in the early 90s.

    And the proof is in the pudding. The Cowboys built one of the greatest rosters in NFL history during Jimmy's time in Dallas, and a few years after Jimmy was gone they were a sub .500 team. Then they went from one of the NFLs worst rosters to one of its best during Parcells 4 years, but have been in steady decline since.

    The evidence against Jerry Jones couldn't be any more clear.
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    I don't think Garrett is a mental midget at all. He just doesn't appear to be perfectly suited to be an NFL head coach right now. Maybe never. Who knows, under the right circumstances (which he'll never have in Dallas), he might become a very good OC and eventual HC like Sean Payton did.
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    Every time you post I lol...the quote you have from Jimmy about Jerry being the walk around coach is just so funny. That is the best description of Jerry ever!
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    This shouldn't be construed as a defense for Garrett. I think he's young and needs more seasoning. I certainly don't think he is doing a good job today and the thing that bothers me the most is that the team is failing to do the simple things that fall directly on the coach.

    However, having said that, Payton got his playcalling duties revoked and run out of NY when he was with the Giants. He had to come work with Parcells for awhile before his star was bright enough for a HC'ing gig (Payton also had 18 years of coaching experience before he got the head job)

    That, in my opinion, is what Garrett needs more than anything. A few years of apprenticeship under an established coach that has won in this league. Not a Wade Phillips. More time under someone like Saban, Belichick, Payton, Coughlin, Fisher, etc. I think he got promoted too soon without getting all the experience he needs to do the job.
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    One could believe that, but one would be wrong. An offensive coordinator doesn't wield that kind of power.
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    You're the posting equivalent of smelling salts around here, DT.
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    Jimmy wanted out and came up with a way to get out without being fired.
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    Jimmy wanted out because he couldn't stand working with Jerry any longer. He saw the writing on the wall.

    Otherwise, of course he'd stay for a chance to threepeat and make history. Who wouldn't?

    Jerry couldn't wait for him to leave. So they worked it out. Call it whatever you wish, the owner drove the coach out of Dallas prematurely.
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    Being that Johnson got money going out the door, I would call it being fired.
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