Jimmy Johnson calls Jerry Jones' G.M. claims a "crock"

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jgboys1, Nov 7, 2012.

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    Q: What's the difference between John Wayne Bobbitt and Jerry Jones?

    A: Jones cut off his own Johnson.
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    There were two pivotal moments in the last 15 or so years when I thought Jerry's luck would finally change. When, certainly, the Cowboys would return to greatness, not necessarily through SB victories, but with meaningful postseason success.

    Number one was the hiring of Bill Parcells.

    Number two was the emergence of Romo.

    I was really certain with that second one. If it doesn't happen under Romo...and that's starting to look very possible...then I think Jerry is just going to be SOL. He'll go to his grave without Dallas ever kicking butt in the postseason again.
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    They both wanted the credit for the Cowboys success it was a clash of ego's that drove them apart. As the team became better the friction between the two grew. Jimmy made a trade and heard on TV where Jerry said he made the trade which irked Jimmy. Jimmy said it really wasn't that big of a thing and may have taken it wrong but at the time it bothered him. Jerry brought a prince into the lockerroom immediately after a game before Jimmy addressed the team and that pissed Jimmy off.

    Once the Cowboys became a great team under Jimmy and Jerry every little thing each one of them did seem to bug the other. Jerry told Jimmy he wanted to have some fun and be part of the wheeling a dealing. It was clear Jerry wanted to have more say in the personnel once the team became successful. Once the Cowboys rose from the depths of hell to the pinnacle of success Jimmy was ready to move on (check his history) and Jerry felt he could do with 500 other coaches what he was accomplishing with Jimmy.

    Jimmy said himself on the program last night that Jerry has taken a lot of the blame for him leaving but Jimmy said he wanted to leave. Everyone around Jimmy said HE wanted to leave. Even Tom Landry said in an interview that he thought Jimmy wanted to leave. Had Jerry given Jimmy more control, more money or a piece of the team which was rumored that Jimmy wanted he might have stayed.

    Jimmy and Jerry are two very strong personalities that want to do things their way it was only inevitable that push would eventually come to shove between the two. Once the Cowboys had reached the top of the mountain neither man felt they needed each other anymore. They were getting on each others nerves and because they achieved what they set out to do in 89 they decided to part ways. Dallas wasn't big enough for both their ego's. That's what it all came down to.
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    The evidence is even clearer than you made it sound.

    Just look at the major personnel moves that each person is known for with the Cowboys.

    Jimmy built the core through the draft, trading premium talent for draft picks, and making shrewd moves.

    Jerry builds our roster through bringing in splashy free agents, trading our premium draft picks away for big names, and signing undrafted free agents.
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    what is that? whats going on here?
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    I love Jimmy to death, but thats asinine on Jimmys part. Get a real issue man!!

    Damn, it still makes me sick to this day that these two dip****s couldn't set aside their stupid pride for the greater goal
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    They're both spoiled and they're both to blame for the ending of what could have been an even more memorable dynasty.

    I don't care how many people love Jimmy and act as if he did nothing to ruin everything for Dallas fans. He absolutely did by letting Jerry get to him and letting him make him quit, walk out, get fired, call it whatever you want, when there was a very real shot of that team winning 3 or 4 straight championships.

    Pathetic on both of their egomanical parts. Who gives a flying rats *** who gets the friggen credit?

    I don't recall anyone remember Superbowl champions and saying "So and so gets all the credit for that."

    All they remember is the Superbowl champions.

    They're both children.

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    I think I know what happened.

    Jerry did it all. He built the team of the 90's. The only thing is he needed Jimmy to be "around" for his Jerry-decision-making to work.

    So, Jimmy was like the force. Jerry needed the force. So when Jimmy left, because he wanted to?? (please, what nonsense, if Jerry doesnt pull his 500 coaches nonsense or taking credit for the trade of a players - Jimmy never leaves... not until probably 2000). I never saw a guy so happy with his team and its success. The force dwindled(poor reception due to distance)

    Somehow, Jerry was able to get one more SB out of the team HE built with Jimmy's "force".

    Since, 1996, Jimmy has moved farther and farther away from Jerry... and it shows.

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    What does it look like to you?
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    nothing really, an empty field?
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    LOL, just keep guessing I suppose.
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    This whole Jimmy/Jerry thing is just an embarrassmnt and has cast a dark cloud over the franchise for almost 20 years. They are both equally responsibl for the demise but their egos are too big to see. Jerry is going to go to his grave trying to prove to Jimmy and everyone else that he is a football man. I just hope when he's gone, Stephen and family have the sense to find a football man.
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    Jerry still believes that just because he was a somewhat successful college player, he has the knack to evaluate talent and build a championship team. Sad really...
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    Ignorance is bliss. ;)
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    Its a meeting of the ring masters before the circus.
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    A meeting of the minds or is it a game of eeny meeny miny mo?
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    Yeah, maybe that was a bit harsh but Garrett does'nt really appear to have a hammer that works!
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    very well said.

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