Jimmy Johnson calls Jerry Jones' G.M. claims a "crock"

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jgboys1, Nov 7, 2012.

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    It's funny, some of the people posting on this thread are too young to even remember when Jerry bought the Cowboys.

    If it wasn't for Jimmy, Steve Walsh wouldn't even be considered to come to Dallas. Before Jerry bought the team, the consensus of the Cowboys (Tex Shramm) was to draft Aikman. Jimmy brought Steve in b/c he wasn't too sure about Aikman. I remember a story about are the Cowboys going in a different direction with the #1 pick now that it has new ownership.

    Anyone remember their first preseason? The Cowboys won their last preseason game with a fg and went undefeated in the preseason. Jimmy and Jerry ran off the field jumping up and down. Little did they know they would go 1-15 in the regular season.
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    Explaining this to some fans is like talking to a wall.
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    yeah, that was funny. I can still see Jimmy sprinting off the field

    it was a bad record but a fun year as you could see the change in the way the team played. They had become lifeless in the last few years of Landry. Despite all the losses, the team played with a lot of passion and I could tell they were improving.
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    I agree, after watching the bad years of Landry, it was a fresh start. It's also ironic that Steve Walsh gave Dallas the only win their first year.
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    disagree mightily.

    Nothing was fun about it except that one win over the deadskins.

    Having LT call our schemes vanilla and make fun of us was definitely not fun.

    The next season it did turn around. Norv Turner is a terrible head coach but that guy was the key here. The offense he installed was light years ahead of that junk we had under Shula.

    People forget we had most of the same OL and they were terrible under Shula's offense. Laughably bad (see those philly games).

    By 1991 we knew we were eventually going to be great and times could not have been better.

    Irvin's swagger, Emmitt's heart, Aikman's precision. That insanely fast and deep defense that flew to the ball. Good times indeed.
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    As a coach he has been very successfull with the Boys. But Jimmy Johnson talks alot of crap just to stay in the focus of the media.
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    In fairness, that's his job now.
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    I don't think it holds water anyway. Jimmy has treated the Cowboys with kid gloves over the years. Rarely has he ever spoken out on what he knows is the actual problem with this team.
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    Agreed, and I was being a bit tongue in cheek.

    But I don't remember Jerry ever out and out taking credit for building or even helping to build the dynasty teams before.

    Jimmy said it himself - his source of pride with those teams was that he built them and coached them himself to championships. I would be pretty ticked too if 20 years later some incompetent putz started taking credit for my achievements. Him calling out Jerry is certainly warranted.
  10. Risen Star

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    It's why I love Jimmy though. He still loves the Cowboys today. He still feels connected to them and I don't doubt it at all that he's angry over our situation. He wants us to win. Even though, like you said, he's got every reason to hold a grudge over the guy running this team.

    I don't see him as a Cowboys hater at all. I think he's just south of Michael Irvin as the biggest media friend this team has.
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    Interesting since that show everyone is so pumped up on Jimmy about, his football life, (Which was actually very good btw) he makes the point of saying that Jerry takes a lot of crap, and he shouldn't, for Johnson leaving because Johnson himself (Once again) that he was wanting out and looking for a way to get out. I'm guessing though that Jimmy is only lying about that part but telling the truth about all the other parts? lol

    I agree with this but you either don't listen to Jimmy all the time of you ignore the parts that you don't want to hear in you love of him because he's not anti-Jerry at all. He's mentioned things about this, including in that show and an interview he did with Dale Hansen a few years ago that you can also find on youtube, that he he believes Jerry takes heat for stuff he shouldn't and that Jerry is a great owner.

    After watching A Football Life I'm even more ashamed of them both now then I was even prior to it because it's obvious they're both egomanics who screwed over their team and their entire fanbase over petty crap.

    I recall Darryl Johnston saying once that the team was disappointed in both of them because those two guys were preaching to all their players that if they kept doing what they were supposed to that when they started winning Superbowls there would be enough credit to go around for everyone.

    Then they start winning and the two guys preaching this to them immediately couldn't live by that and started acted like spoiled children because neither of them was being allowed to take all the credit.

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    Indeed it does. And Pravda said the Russian people were free -- did you believe that too?

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