Jimmy Johnson calls Jerry Jones' G.M. claims a "crock"

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jgboys1, Nov 7, 2012.


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    Well, you were the one who specifically said "in NFL history" not in the Super Bowl era so no, it was not safe to say that's what you meant.

    I'm not hanging my hat on anything, not sure why you said that or why you are taking such an antagonistic tone with me. You made a statement that was not accurate and you were corrected. If you can't handle it then that is your problem.
  2. Doomsday

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    The older Jerry gets the more he starts buying his own lies.
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    Hey, it helps some people sleep at night. :)
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    I think both of 'em just need to shut up. It's like listening to a couple of 3 year old kids fight over a toy. I'm so sick of both of 'em.

    Am I seriously suppose to believe, especially after seeing how Jerry Jones has been since he bought the Cowboys, that Jimmy could sign, draft, or whatever without AT LEAST mentioning it to Jerry. Jerry is the owner, and I have to believe that although the roster was built mostly by Jimmy, that decisions were made TOGETHER.

    It's just a shame that these two egotistical, whine-bag babies had to destroy something that was magical. All because of wanting ALL OF THE CREDIT. Dynasties are not built alone. I'm sure assistant coaches, trainers, scouts, and even the equipment manager deserve just a little credit.

    I think we should tie them both up at the 50 yard line, right smack-dab in the middle of the STAR, start a line that includes every Cowboys fan, and take turns kicking them both right in the butt for killing what could have been. Then maybe, just maybe, they will both shut up.
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    How often do you think Jimmy read the press guide?
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    Hello losing culture.
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    100% right. nice post. like, really, if jimmy wanted to sign some schmuck to a 10 mil per year contract back then, does anyone really think he could have just done it without jerry's consent? Also, Jerry most likely just did whatever Jimmy said as long as it was OK with him financially, because he knew jimmy was smarter about actual football decisions. It obviously has always been a collaborative effort.
  9. Alexander

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    And you cannot take his success away from him despite that.

    The Rams had a blockbuster deal for Eric Dickerson land them a slew of choices and they were not nearly as successful.

    Indianapolis got a nice collection of picks for Marshall Faulk and blew nearly all of them.

    It is not just the number of selections, it was what was done with them in the process of building a team.
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    All very fair and valid points. However, I do believe that Jerry had to lean on Jimmy to get the right players (Michael Irvin connections) to evaluate talent and defer to him to make the initial decisions. It just isnt prudent that Jerry came right off the oil fields and immediately added value breaking down film.

    That said, I can see that Jerry may have used some of his unassuming and äw shucks business smarts to pull off the Walker trade much better than Jimmy could have. Ï see Jerry as the venture capitalist and money man. He took Jimmy's order, and executed it. There is value in that, but Jimmy was the brains behind the talent and the performance
  11. Howardlittleton64

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    Wait I thought I read here that wasn't true. :laugh2:
  12. McLovin

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    Factually what you said (playoff loss) was incorrect

  13. AdamJT13

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    I wouldn't take umbrage if Jimmy claimed that Jerry was the president and GM, but he (Jimmy) really was responsible for building the team. Everyone has known that to be true for the past two decades.

    I'm just pointing out that Jimmy is wrong when he said that --

    -- "started putting all those titles on himself after I left. He didn’t call himself general manager and president and all that stuff when I was there. He was just the owner."

    Completely false.

    -- “I was the personnel director there with the Cowboys."

    Also completely false.

    Again, Jimmy deserves most or all of the credit for building the team, but he never held any of those titles. Jerry was the president and GM, and Bob Ackles, followed by Stephen Jones, were the personnel directors.
  14. cajuncocoa

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    The point was not that Payton is an egomaniac, but that no one is trying to push him out of the spotlight in NOLA.
  15. TwoDeep3

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    Sorry, I cannot look at the facts and come away with jerry being absolved of anything.

    Jimmy was hired to build a franchise.

    Jimmy churned the team the first year. 1-15 be damned, Jimmy built this franchise.

    So many want to blame Jimmy for leaving. I too defended Jerry for years.

    But the truth is no rewriting of history will change the truth, which is Jerry makes the final decisions and this team is 123-125 since Jimmy's team was disbanded.
  16. MichaelWinicki

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    I never said that it should be taken away from him. But it's not clear, cut & dry that Jimmy is some kind of terrific talent evaluator.

    There was a certain amount of lady luck that smiled on the Cowboys during that time period.
  17. MichaelWinicki

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    No question.

    But to expect every owner to be like Tom Benson... Well that's not realistic either.

    That franchise (the Saints) wasn't exactly setting the world on fire before Bree's arrival... And it's starting to back to its roots now.
  18. cajuncocoa

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    I recognize that most people posting in this thread get it. But to those who don't and continue to support and defend Jerry: WHY? Is it because you were too young to see what was happening between 1989-94 for yourselves? I really don't understand how you can defend this man! We can sit here and argue over who between Jimmy and Jerry built the Cowboys to a 3x championship team, but you can't deny that Jerry has not been successful without Jimmy. Being the boss, it would not have killed him to be the better man and allow Jimmy to have as much glory as his ego could handle...doing so could have won another 1, 2, maybe 3 championships for our Cowboys team.

    Remember, Jerry didn't stop there. About a year later, he was trying to make himself bigger than even the NFL itself -- going outside the NFL's contract with "official" corporate sponsors to gather corporate sponsorship for the Dallas Cowboys alone. Sure, we were "big enough" to do that, but it wasn't smart business to slap the other franchises and the NFL in the face like that.
  19. cajuncocoa

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    LOL....Tom Benson is not exactly God's gift to NFL ownership. He tried to take the team out of here only months after the city was struck by Katrina. He can be a real jerk too, and he has his faults, but getting in Sean Payton's (or any other of his previous coach's) business isn't one of them.
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    He knew talent coming up from the college ranks from 89-93 having being involved in recruiting most of them while with the U. I'm not sure it would work today per se as he would have to rely on others to do most of the scouting/evaluating. I would say timing more than anything had to do with their sucess then more than luck. The Hershell Walker trade gave him the ammo and being able to "steal" Charles Haley from the niners put them over the top. I'm not sure Jerry knew Charles Haley from Bill Haley.

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