Jimmy Johnson "I Want To Score."

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    October 16, 2011 -
    Dallas led New England 16-13. They had the ball with 3:36 to go in the 4th quarter. Dallas has the ball at their own 28. Dallas had scored on the last two possessions by touchdown passes from Romo. Three runs later they punt the ball and give the ball to Tom Brady with 2:31 to go and 3 timeouts.

    NE proceeds to get 16-11-5-10-9-2-13-6 yards on 9 plays, with only one incomplete pass. The 10th play, Brady throws to Aaron Hernandez for a 8 yard touchdown. After leading the entire game the Cowboys don't even try to get a first down, but run three punt, and lose 20-16

    December 11, 2011 -
    Dallas leads the Giants 35-29. They have the ball on their own 20 with 3:14 to go in the game. Dallas had scored on the last two possessions by touchdown passes from Romo. They again had two runs for a total of 5 yards. On third down Romo was rushed and had to throw the ball away. They punted the ball away.

    The Giants got the ball at their own 42 with 2:12 on the clock. They scored in 6 plays and got a two point conversion to win the game 37-34.


    Now we have Sunday's game where the Cowboys ran three times, punted and lost the game.

    That's three losses where the conventional thing to do was to run the ball and punt. They lost all three games and everyone watching knew on all these occasions our defense would give up a touchdown and lose the game.

    If the occasions comes up again, I hope the team throws caution to the wind and throws to get a first down, instead of running for the sake of running. Maybe they can follow the lead of another coach in another time?



    January 17, 1993 - NFC Championship Game Dallas vs San Francisco

    Dallas led 24-13 in the 4th quarter, but Steve Young had gotten his rhythm and just scored, going 93 yards and cut the lead to 24-20. There was 4:22 left on the clock, and Dallas had the ball on their own 20.

    Coach JimmyJohnson was asked by OC Norve Turner what he wanted to do. Jimmy didn't hesitate. He said:

    "I want to score."
    So, on the first play after the ensuing kickoff, Turner called a play the Cowboys had run twice before in the game: 896 F flat, a play with standard personnel that calls for the flanker to run a 10-yard curl and the split end to run a post. Aikman chose to go to the post, where Harper, thanks to the 49er cornerback slipping on his cut, ended up running for a 70-yard gain to the San Francisco 9-yard line.Dallas went on to win the game and two weeks later won their third Super Bowl. All because Jimmy Johnson wanted to "Win the Game" instead of running clock.

    Maybe Dez is on to something?
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    the difference is romo vs aikman. say what you want about romo, that catastrophic interceptions has led to a loss of trust.
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    Romo was off target all game other then a couple of throws, i can understand not throwing it and basically giving them free timeouts. If Romo was on and hitting passes then absolutely we should have thrown for a first, We would have won this game if Tyron hadn't held the calls weren't bad the execution was
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    It's called having balls, something Garrett is missing. When was the last time Garrett did something and you thought wow that's gutsy?
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    If you don't trust him then replace him.. I love Romo and think he is a great qb but it seems this chemistry is flawed somehow. Either they trust him to much (by some) and let him throw the ball instead of sitting on it or they don't trust him and sit on the ball. It's a no win situation. Personally, I've always liked Jimmy's philosophy of "Score until they stop us". We are just a little off on something. I can't place my finger on it but it's there nonetheless. I can't figure out for the life of me why we can't get Dez more open. . . or why historic days have been happening to us a lot lately.. Sigh. hopefully we can right the ship. We are still in fist place and it's not too late.... yet.
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    Garrett is in over his head - clear as day.
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    Then on the 2nd to the last possession we should have just run rather than have Romo pass it. This was a crucial play which we either try to get a first down or just run out the clock. Unfortunately, Garrett didn't see the importance of this play. Romo threw the ball out of bounds to escape a sack and stopped the clock. Advantage Detroit.

    This was a moment where Garrett needed to decide what the strategy was in the waning moments of the game. No special play was given to Romo or no special instructions was given to Romo to chew time off the clock. Otherwise, Romo would not have thrown it out of bounds stopping the clock. Sometimes a coach needs to his QB exactly what needs to be done. This was that moment and Garrett just didn't come through as a coach.
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    I hear what you are saying....but in EVERY case Romo had JUST led the team on multiple scoring drives. You let the defense off the hook. A defense that is on its heels because of multiple scoring drives. If you don't trust Romo, why give him 100m? Why turn the game over to a couple street free agent safeties that you just signed THIS week? Why hand the ball off to a 4th string RB who bounces the ball outside because he is too inexperienced to KNOW how to win? Garrett is the HEAD coach. He supposedly knows how to win. Romo is the franchise QB, he supposedly knows how to win. Dez is a top 5 WR, he supposedly is unstoppable. And we chose NONE of them as options. And people wonder why Dez was livid. What do you think Brady, Manning, Stafford etc would do? Try to WIN the game. Not give the other team a chance to try to win!
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    I remember a time when Romo was our QB and we would actually invite the other team to blitz because we had a special play to beat it. We were a team that once we had the lead we would actually try and score some more rather than try and chew some time off the clock.

    Since Garrett became our OC, it seems that he is afraid of running up the score on our opponent. Or he just think a small lead is safe and that the other team won't be able to come back and win the game. For some odd reason he starts calling these safe run plays that takes our momentum away and gives it to the other team. This takes our momentum away and changes the complexity of the game. Now the other team has the momentum. They score easily and make it a close game. Once the game is close, Garrett losses it during crunch time and makes some fatal decisions or lack of which allows the other team to come from behind and win it. This happened in Detroit. We had a 10 point lead twice. Then he panics on whether to try to score or chew some time off the clock. His decision or lack of allowed Detroit to come back and win it.
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    You need to re-read OP, in all three scenarios, Romo tossed 2 TD passes in the fourth quarter, which means he is making plays to give the lead to the defense, which defense failed to stop opponents, your hatred toward Romo makes you irrational and childish.
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    i read like the first 8 responses in here and this is the only one on point. every other one was full of complete bologna.
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    But, but, but...he graduated from Princeton.
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    I think the prior game with Detroit was the nail that seemed to steal all of Red's aggressiveness. Remember when we had a big lead, then Romo threw an INT to Bobby Carpenter and then bad things kept happening and we ended up losing the game. I can't seem to remember us being that offensively aggressive when we were up in points ever again.
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    That pass that Austin "lost in the lights" against the Giants comes to mind.
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    he's lost more games off of his stupid end game scaredy-cat-ness than has been lost for any other reason. needs to get his head out of the sand.
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    and that play was STILL better than each of our game ending punts.
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    I get the point about Garrett missing his testicles (and I also agree with it).

    But if Garret chooses to throw on 3rd down and the ball falls incomplete (or one of the lineman get a holding call), then the board explodes with, "Garret is missing a brain" instead of missing his gonads.

    Either way, Garret winds up missing two critical organs (maybe three).

    While we're dabbling in Hypothetical Land, if Tyron Smith has his head in the game and doesn't commit that holding penalty, then the entire complexion of this board changes. We're talking about the playoffs all week, and how we found a way to win with all of those injuries.

    Frankly, I'm surprised that more wrath is not directed at our Left Tackle. Now, some of that blame is shared by the coaching staff not drilling it into the players brains to be smarter and more clock-aware (and the leaders on the team should have enforced it in the huddle: "hold onto the ball and NO PENALTIES") but ultimately it is the players' responsibility to avoid stupid plays when the game is on the line (like Romo throwing the ball away the series prior instead of eating it and keeping the clock running).
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    I agree, Romo plays to avoid criticism that why he doesnt throw the ball to Dez more he afraid of the int. Stephen Jones said that Tony can throw deep when he wants, its his decision.
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    if we try and fail....most of us are fine. disappointed, but fine.

    if we dont try and lay a bit fat goose egg and fail...ya we're ticked!

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