News: Jimmy Johnson: Tony Romo is a great QB, will win a Super Bowl

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by rafaelgreco, Aug 29, 2012.

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    Posted by Michael David Smith on August 29, 2012, 5:12 PM EDT

    Jimmy Johnson won two Super Bowls as the head coach of the Cowboys. He believes Tony Romo will win at least one Super Bowl as the quarterback of the Cowboys.

    Johnson said today that he sees greatness in Romo, even though Romo has been there for only one playoff win in his six seasons as the Cowboys’ starting quarterback.

    “The guy is a great quarterback,” Johnson said, via “You’ve got to win the ring to get it done. I think Romo can get it done. I love Tony Romo. . . . I believe it’s going to happen. I do.”

    Johnson’s comments echo those of Troy Aikman and Roger Staubach, the Super Bowl-winning Cowboys quarterbacks who have insisted that Romo is every bit the quarterback that they were.

    Although Johnson, Aikman and Staubach won’t find a lot of fans who agree with them about Romo’s greatness, Johnson says that’s because Romo “catches more undeserved abuse” than any NFL player. Deserved or not, the abuse Romo takes is going to continue, unless he proves Johnson right.
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    3-inch headlines?
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    :lmao: Good one!
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    He WILL end his career with a super bowl appearance. Winning it; however, is like a coin toss.
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    That's what I don't understand.. If so many people that know more about quarterbacking in the NFL than most of us can imagine, think he is great, how come so many people (mediots and fans alike) think he sucks? :confused:
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    Jimmy Johnson takes straddles both sides of the fence on this issue. Has zero credibility because of it.
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    Because stating that anything about the Cowboys sucks = $$$.
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    Waiting for the inevitable and annoying....."That can't be right, I have it on good authority that Romo is not any good" or some such version of it.

    BTW, I like Romo and believe he is a very good QB who doesn't always get the respect or recognition he deserves and I agree with Jimmy. I just hate posts like these.
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    Agree with him. :starspin
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    When people start talking about what is wrong with the Cowboys and Romo is the first thing they mention I have to just walk away.
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    This fan agrees with them,.
  12. BHendri5

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    I do the same thing, even when they start talking crap about Jerry being the problem, I just shake my head and walk away
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    I have no doubts Romo is capable and I think if some others can step up he can help us the rest of the way. Romo has to share in the blame of the team but I have seen way too many times where he puts the team in the position to win and yet others do not step up.
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    If the Defense makes plays and the Oline blocks...... slide on Ring #6. Romo has some of the best stats throughout his career with no D and no Oline. At least Peyton had someone to block for him.
  17. BraveHeartFan

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    I don't even allow people like that to continue to speak if Romo is the first thing they bring up. They're immediately cut off and I move onto someone who actually has some football knowledge to speak with.

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