Jimmy said guys feared letting down their teamates

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by bbailey423, Nov 9, 2012.

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    Nate talked about how Jimmy used fear with Tim McMahon on his show yesterday, but unfortunately I cant find that podcast. He talked about it as well here:


    He didn't go into as much detail in the link above but I thought what he said was pretty interesting and creative on Jimmys part

    As far as it not being like college, I actually think its more like college than its ever been given that the average career is something like 3.5 years and the salary cap and free agency forces teams to churn more than they would probably like to. I think what you said is important in todays NFL and one of the qualities of a good coach.

    Keep the players around that believe in your message/philosophy and won't get tired of it and then constantly bring in young talent to learn the teams message/philosophy that will be backed up & demonstrated by those veterans the team decides to keep long term.
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    All I can say is I hope you're right.

    In the meantime, why Garrett continues to play players who hurt the team is beyond puzzling to me.
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    The idea that a player like Marty B being substandard is somehow a reflection of Jason Witten is ridiculous. Players play, coaches coach. The great core players on any team are not responsible for getting the most out of the players that are beneath them on the depth chart. These players come in to the league as adults, not adolescents. If somebody's game is going to be elevated by the great players around them, they have to be willing to be influenced. Marty B is a clown. Witten can't change that. And Marty will be a clown for whatever team he plays for. It's in his nature, part of his character. It's the coaches and FO's responsibility to acquire players that they feel they can mold and fit into their plans. A players' lack of development is not an indictment of the player that's above him on the depth chart, it's an indictment of himself first and foremost, and the coaching staff. These are grown men.
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    This is why you as GM have to make better more sound decisions when it comes to structuring contracts and not arbitrarily handing out the types of extensions we do to medicore players with question marks.

    How many of these current players would be starting on a Jimmy Johnson team? You think guys like Scandrick and Jenkins ore Felix would be here? Not on your life.
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    He also believed in taking smart players.
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    Excellent post! :clap2: The only thing this team fears is the possibility of only getting one crumpet instead of two with the daily tea. Gotta get there early to get two so don't stay too late on the practice field or in the film room. Those crumpets go fast!
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    I disagree, this is Barry Switzer philosophy. Teams with leaders like Ray Lewis, Troy Polamalu and Tom Brady make sure that the locker room understand what is most important thing for the team. You can put bad players in their teams but the bad players do not corrupt their locker rooms, either they produce or they are history.

    Romo's comment when lost to Philly sums up the attitude of the core of cowboys. Ware is an awesome player but he is not going to get into anybody's face even if they make 10 mistakes in every game for entire season, he will probably try to double his production but he WILL not get into the face of his teammate and make them accountable.

    All the good players on the team want to lead by example, but it is not working. The very thought of Romo telling them where to line up after 2 seasons together is disgusting to see, I do not see this with any other team in NFL. Why is that? I want to bench the player who forgot the assignment 1 quarter? 1 series? 1 play? to send a message? Nope, they just keep trotting them out like 8-5 job employees

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    I understand what you're saying but you have to realize that this whole idea of "core leader players" making the players beneath them rise up only works up until a certain point. Like I said, these are grown men. Marty B is actually the perfect example. Some people simply are the way they are. Ultimately, he was a bad draft pick. As a person he wasn't suited to play second fiddle and sit in the shadow of Witten. He let it be known. I don't think any other player on the team was going to change that, and now he's gone. It comes down to the front office bringing in the kind of players that have the character that you want on your team. This team has lacked that in the past, however I think Garrett is determined to reverse that, and I think we're headed in the right direction in that respect.

    However, back to my original point; those "leader" players you mentioned were more successful in their respective locker rooms because they had players that were more willing to rise up and buy in. Players like Marty B did us no good, and probably shouldn't have been brought on in the first place. I guess what I'm trying to say is, as important as it is to have those "leader type players", it's just as important to have young players underneath with the right kind of mentality, the type that are ready and willing to buy in and do the right things. Some people can't and won't follow the lead of a great leader because they themselves lack character, and I think we may have had some of those types on our team in recent years. That should not be an indictment of the leaders that we do have.
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    I understand...sorry...maybe complete failure was too strong of a word....but even with some lousy playoff wins.....Jimmy Genius with all his ego....really didnt do much there. Missed on alot of picks.....realized that building a team with a cap in place is alot harder then he thought.

    Miami didnt all of sudden were influxed with talent when Jimmy left.....they were on a downhill slope and Jimmy knew it......so he left...took his money and retired.

    I may of overreacted about Jimmy.....I did really like him here...and wished he stayed here....but he also underminded the organization with his inquires about coaching another team. Like Big Bill did when he was coach here....Being employed and under contract and throwing lines out for another coaching job. IMHO that just eats at me....and I never will respect

    Concerning "smart players" .....I dont know....the hurricane players in Miami ran wide on their off time....In Dallas we had the "white house" ....we had alot of instances......players got away with alot because Jimmy cared about winning and performing on Sunday......nothing else....off field stuff....wasnt his concern.

    In all honesty....I dont remember Jimmy cutting a worthwhile player.....scrubs....sure.....alot easier to add and release multiple scrubs...with no salary cap.

    JMHO of course
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    your opinion on this is UNFORTUNATELY probably how the best players on this team view the situations....which is EXACTLY why they will NEVER win as Dallas Cowboys. They will have to catch on somewhere else at the end of their careers to try and win one. And I will never consider Ware, Witten etc....as some of the greatest Cowboys because they did not make enough impact to affect WINNING. Too many players have come into THEIR lockeroom and immediatley become the leaders (Keith Brookings)....or use it as a stage for their comedy routine (Marty B). And that is because WINNING is not the SINGLE focus of this lockeroom. I personally think a couple of players on this team.....at this point.....are looking to pad their stats and make sure they get their's.....so they can ultimately make the Ring of Honor or Hall of Fame. But I ask you....how many guys in the Ring Of Honor have ONE......ONE....playoff victory in their careers in Dallas?
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    Newton said point blank that he turned his attitude (and his career) around b/c of the leaders that came in. Leaders make followers, not the other way around. Sure, there are extreme cases who can't be reached, but most people aren't like that.
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    Ain't it the truth.

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