JJ and staff most surprised that Chapas was still on the Board

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Woods, May 1, 2011.

  1. Woods

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    in Round 7. They considered drafting him in Round 6. He mentioned this at the end of the Draft press conference.

    - Jerry Jones cited 7th rounder Shaun Chapas as the most surprising and pleasing pick, saying the team debated drafting him a round earlier. Jerry claimed the War Room did not expect to see him available when they came on the clock again. (from Cowboysnation)
  2. big dog cowboy

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    He'll push Gronk for a roster spot. The way they talked on the ticket last night, he will likely get it.
  3. JPM

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    I think Gronk goes bye-bye.
  4. dbair1967

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    I never go into a draft with "pet cats" but if I ever came close to having a late 2nd day pet cat, it was this guy.

    Loved this pick. He will definitely add something to our running game because he's such a good lead blocker, and unlike some of the FB's we've trotted out the last 6-8 years this guy is a threat as a receiver out of the backfield.

    I dont think he's at Darryl Johnston's level in his prime, but there are definitely some similarities.
  5. CCBoy

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    I'll definitely be watching for this very player during camp. If he can stick his face guard into pads, and catch an occasional pass..I'll be ON BOARD.:star:
  6. jazzcat22

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    And don't blow a blocking assignment on passing plays, especially a blitz.:mad:
  7. newlander

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    ...and rightfully so.:banghead:
  8. jobberone

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    Let's give them TC to fight it out. That's if we have a TC.
  9. DIAF

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    I've been watching Chapas for years. I think he will be a sensational fullback.
  10. Donny Phoenix

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    I'm officially intrigued by this pick. I hadn't heard anything about him. But what I've read since the draft is great news.

    Also, Gronk whiffed on blocks that ended Romo's season AND Dez's season? Woooow... is he on suicide watch?
  11. natesboys051

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    This QUOTE is getting dumber and dumber. The Giants called a 'perfect storm' blitz on the Boys and it's NOT the first (or last) that Romo will get CLOCKED by a blitzing LB or DB.....so please stop already with the non-stop 'ignorant' references to Gronk and his missed block.....we SOUND sooooo stupid on this forum.....almost like the IDIOT Dallas media types that pretend to know what they're talking about. It's really sickening sometimes to hear those idiots spewing their HATE on a daily basis or the STUPID questions they ask at all Press Conferences. I miss Parcells sometimes just for his way of 'dumbing down' his Press Conferences just for the Dallas press and media types......later
  12. danielofthesaints

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    Why did you feel it was necessary to put quotations over ignorant? Never seen that one before. And props for exaggerating the KEY words.
  13. jimmy40

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    I'm surprised he didn't call him first round talent.
  14. egn22

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    Funny after going back and re-reading that post.
  15. Wolfpack

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    He wasnt injured or they would have.
  16. Sam I Am

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    I think he is easily better than Gronk right now.

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