Recap: JJT Chat - 11/19/13 ***Cowboys blurbs only***

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Nov 20, 2013.

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    Jake Stover (NY)

    Will the cowboys win the division? If they did how far could they go in the playoffs?

    Jean-Jacques Taylor
    (1:11 PM)

    I'm not Nostradomus bro. I think we'll have an answer after their game against the NYG on Sunday. To me, this game defines the season because with a win they can essentially knock out the NYG and make it a two-team race with a chance to win it all against Philly in the last game

    Chris (Phoenix Az )

    I watch a lot of football and see underneath routes wide open at times. When I watch Dallas It seems Romo has to fit every ball in. Are WR not open or is he missing open WR

    Jean-Jacques Taylor
    (1:14 PM)

    I'd say it's a combination of both. At times, guys fail to get open. Other times, he's been inaccurate or thrown it a tick late. Either way the offense hasn't been productive enough

    Bryan (Springdale, AR)

    Tom Brady goes ballistic on a ref and the media doesn't harldy mention it, and if they do they justify his anger over the call. Dez Bryant gets almost now targets against the Lions, doesn't complain but is encouraging instead, and he gets roasted by the media. Misguided outrage by those who don't know what they are doing.

    (1:17 PM)

    First, it's not that big a deal. The world is not fair. We all see folks get away with stuff at work that we'd get killed for all of the time. Three SB rings gets you a lot of passes
    Brett Z (New York)

    Hey I'm wondering with The Cowboys current cap situation for next year being $31 million over the cap, what moves do you think will be made? Also will Jerry Jones realize that although he has built a talented roster he is not the right man for the GM position? He has been the one real constant over the last 16-17 years of this mediocre franchise. Everyone says he's such a smart business man, but not smart enough to realize he is a problem?

    (1:19 PM)

    Let's finish this season before we start figuring out who's gone and who stays. At least let's wait until the team is eliminated from the playoffs. The cap is a fluid number that's always moving. Off the top, Miles Austin will be gone for sure unless something surprising happens. The rest we have to see. Heck, it might depend on who's is coaching the team

    Pete (MD)

    Time for the Cowboys to step up and take what they want. Make this game and the Giants season be over early in the 4th quarter. Even bad defenses play well every now and then.

    (1:20 PM)

    That's a little easier said than done. The Giants get paid too, right? The Cowboys know the importance of this game. You should get their best effort. They've had a week off and they've had success in NY

    bill (orlando)

    Jerry Jones says he "likes the pain" of public criticism after tough losses. Do you think that's honest?

    (1:23 PM)

    No, but I think he tolerates it and handles it better than almost any other significant person in sports. He doesn't let it bother hinm and he doesn't take it personal, although he will call you if he thinks you've crossed the fairness line or been wrong

    Richard (Henderson, TX)

    I don't see the Cowboys winning more than 1 game the rest of the way -- but we'll say they get two by virtue of NFL weirdness. Does JG keep his job at 7-9?

    (1:27 PM)

    If you think Garrett is the reason for the losing, then you fire him. If you think it's bigger than Garrett - defensive injuries, poor play calling, over-the-hill DC - then keep him and improve the staff around him.

    (1:28 PM)

    Firing coaches over and over again doesn't help. Only Oakland, Buffalo and KC have had more coaches than Dallas since 1997


    JJT can you admit you are dissapointed in the results from this team under Garrett, would you at all be surprised if he is FIRED if they miss the playoffs.....He just doesnt have the x's and o's pedigree to fool other teams and has basically ruined this offense.

    (1:32 PM)

    I'm a big picture, process guy. I'm not a results guy because a flawed process can occasionally lead to a good result. That good result, though, can be impossible to sustain becasue the process is flawed. If the process is sound, eventually you will get a good result and the result will be sustainable. Part of the problem is the owner/GM involves himself just enough to make it hard on the coach. You're mistaken, if you think automatically firing Garrett will result in more wins. Garrett's process is sound, he just needs to win enough games to show up in the results

    Jose (Daytona beach fl)

    I have been watching the cowboys since 1980, read many of your articles, and I am very frustrated, but I cant help to defend that fact that they indeed have young rookie defenders, and really a noname amatureusitic defense, not much quality. I did not expect much from the line this year, more from coaching. I do see them getting better with Wilcox, but Heath is a Special teams player, they need to draft better talent at Safety, Nose, and a better guard to replace Waters.

    (1:32 PM)


    Raul (Rio Grande City)

    JJT, do you think we are close like Jerry says or is he trying to down play the lack of talent on the team

    (1:33 PM)

    I like Jerry, but I don't pay attention to much of what Jerry says about talent or lack of talent

    Reggie S. (Washington DC)

    Eli, possibly Cutler, and possibly A.A.Ron Rodgers in the last 6 games. Any hope the DC defense can hold at least one of them under 400 yards?

    (1:35 PM)

    depends on if Cutler and ARod are healthy. Gonna have a hard time keepiung Eli under 400

    Tony (Richmond, CA)

    Win it all against Philly in the last game? How did that workout for Romo and the Cowboys in similar situations against Washington and NY?

    (1:37 PM)

    Those games were on the road. I'd be surprised if it wasn't different at home

    James (Toronto)

    What's Andre's reason for getting a pass? Not rings.

    (1:37 PM)

    I don't think he has a history of meltdowns and folks think Schaub is a scrub

    Ray (from Southside)

    JJT great article on Garrett the other day...why has the pass def been so bad all year long?? is it cause all of the injuries to the dline or these guys really cant cover??

    (1:41 PM)

    How many safeties ahve the Cowboys used. Against Detroit, they played the fourth quarter with two undrafted rookies - one from South Carolina State and one from Grand Valley State. Barry Church, I think, is a pretty good player, but he's only started a handful of games. As for the DL, the Cowboys have used 17 players this season, which is a joke. Injuries aren't an excuse, but it can get to the point where injuries compromise your ability to perform. That's what has happened to the D, which won't have its best player this week.

    Jerome (Florida)

    Which individual matchup is most important for the Cowboys to take advantage of this Sunday?

    (1:43 PM)

    this is a game where Hatcher and Ware must be in beastmode. They must pressure Eli and make him uncomfortable,. They're not going to shut down NYG, but if they can hold them to 28, it might be enough. The only way to do that is be pressuring Eli and knocking him around

    Tino Gianacopulos (Mexico)

    You like Garrett we get that. What can we expect from the offense now that he's more involved in it?

    (1:44 PM)

    I was asked about Garrett, so I answered. I would say a few more shots deep and a few more passes to Dez

    BG (Tampa)

    Of the injured who do we expect to suit up in NY?And do you think we'll see more zone or man on the Giants wideouts?

    (1:45 PM)

    Players are off on Tuesday, so I haven't started focusing on Giants just yet. It starts Wednesday

    rob (houston)

    JJT Do you think the Cowboys should rest ware and just tell the o go outscore the Giants and Raiders so we have demarcus for the stretch run? We already saw him come back too soon against the Saints

    (1:46 PM)

    I don't think this team is good enough to sit one of its best players and asssume the games down the stretch will mean anything. They have a hard enough time winning with Ware

    Derrin (Plano, TX)

    Is it a bad sign for RGIII and the Redskins when the usually reserved Darrell Green is speaking out against him publicly?

    (1:51 PM)

    it's what happens when you lose and fail to meet expectations. No different than Drew Pearson or Emmitt SMith criticizing something about the Cowboys

    Raul (Rio Grande City)

    JJT, can u name the last player the Cowboys drafted out of TEXAS? why dont they like the longhorns or their players?

    (1:51 PM)

    they traded for Roy Williams and gave him a bunch of money and he wasn't worth a flip. Wane McGarrity was a few years ago. The Cowboys want the best players. They don't care where they come from

    Alex (Plano)

    JJT, in my estimation you hit the proverbial nail on the head when you mentioned Callahan's lack of creativity with play calling. The next logical question is why. It's reasonable to limit down field throws if Romo is injured and/or the O-line is poor as pass protection. Do you think either or both scenarios is contributing to the conservative play-calling?

    (1:53 PM)

    Romo is not hurt other than the usual bumps and bruises associated with the NFL. Use 7-man protections then. You have to take some shots

    Wes (North CA)

    With Lee and Durant out, who will the three starting LB's be? Sims, Carter and...... Hopefully the return of Hatcher will help

    (1:53 PM)

    Holloman might get the start at SLB. He has some playmaker potential to him

    Dat Star (Dallas TX)

    Do you believe that a QB with less talent than what most people say Romo has, but acctually loves the game of Football (or the Cowboys for that matter) could do better with the .... "little bit" of talent Jerrys has put on the field. I for one say YES I don't see the heart from Romo that i see from every other QB I have ever seen play Minus Ryan Leaf. Petty but now that he wear his hat to the front ITS A NFL HAT NOT A COWBOYS HAT. Don't think Romo cares about COwboys history or future.

    (1:57 PM)

    Did you say that when he played with a punctured lung and cracked rib and led the Cowboys to an OT win over SF. Lack of performance does not always equate to lack of caring. Romo cares, he just doesn't always perform well. That said, he performs better than most. He might win a SB if he was in Cincy

    Bryan (Springdale, AR)

    One traist RGIII and Garrett have in common: always being positive in the face of adversity. The problem with that is that it gives off the perception that you are avoiding reality as well. It's ok to acknowledge problems and still be positive.

    (1:58 PM)

    it gives off that perception to you. You don't know what he says to the guys in the locker room. As an athlete, it does you no good to tell the truth most of the time. Folks can't handle the truth

    juanito juanito (chihuahua mexico)

    in your mind do you belive that garret is a puppet of jerry jones and thats why the lack of succes of garret, thinking if jerry jones not be placed in football things garret could be better

    (2:04 PM)

    Nope. He has more control thsn modt folks think, but he has to win enough games to justify more. It's a tough job.

    George (Elgin, Illinois)

    JJT..I just don't think we have the right coaching staff here - especially the head coach. I'm tired of him saying after every loss "We have to learn from this and move forward" same old story. I just don't think Garrett is the right coach for the job. Do you think his job is in jepordy? Especially if this team blows a golden opportunity in winning this sorry division this year? Your thoughts...thx

    (2:05 PM)

    I don't know how many different ways to say it. He's got to win more games, but you only fire him if you think Garrett is the primary reason the Cowboys are losing. I see other issues before I get to him.
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    Oh jeez, Garrett has infected JJT with his loser process talk.
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    (1:53 PM)

    Holloman might get the start at SLB. He has some playmaker potential to him

    That would be something if Holloman got a pick six Sunday.
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    CowboyJoe is Dat Star... Seriously really who would ask a question over what kinda hat Romo wears? I have plenty of pics of Tomo wearing Cowboys hats SMH at this fan base
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  5. Chocolate Lab

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    He's a huge Garrett homer whether he admits it or not here. He's the same guy who has defended JG a hundred times in print and on radio. He's the same idiot who last year wrote a column that Garrett should be given an extension. LOL
  6. ScipioCowboy

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    Yea, he is all over Garrett's jock for some mystical reason......................................I guess he loves being 500 every year..................only explanation for wanting to keep Opie.
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    Your signature pic looks like JG taking the eye exam.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    I kinda think it looks like this guy....

  10. CaptainMorgan

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    JJT has a way of saying so much without really saying anything at all.

    I just wasted 6 minutes of my life on that crap.
  11. JoeyBoy718

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    Isn't that the head doctor from Scrubs?

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